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There was an error. I am not canadian and i guess i respect the song but its definitely about pot Flag riscoo on July 30, General Comment I think Bruce Cockburn has already explained the meaning to this song, although I forgot where I read it. Bruce, and a friend of his, were talking about some hostilities that were going on, at the time, between the USSR and China.

His friend said something like: "man, if this keeps up, we'll wake up one day and the world will be gone. When he woke up, he sort of laughed to himself and thought: "waddahya know, the world is still here. No Replies Log in to reply.

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General Comment I definitely agree with Chuckbane. It's about being at peace with the world and the wonder of being alive. A beautiful, feel-good song that brings a moment of calm clarity to the storm of life.

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On this I totally agree with you. Flag sdz on January 16, General Comment I absolutly love this song. There are some people like me that always look for the bad, even in paradise. General Comment I always thought this song was about a new christian: looking at the world in a new way but still worried about the real world Roman collosseum, feeding them to the lions.

General Comment love this song My Interpretation wonderful song That's ridiculous. There's some universal meaning and some specifically Canadian meaning in this song General Comment I think this song is fairly clear. I like the idea of a "reality trip" that chuckbane said.

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  7. But, one thing Ok, so I was quite young when I first heard this song and found the album in my brother's record collection, but it made so much sense to me for all this time that Cockburn would be wandering with the lions, like Daniel in the Lion's Den. Now I have to do a whole mind warp thing to wrap my head around why he would wonder where the lions are. It's only been a few days since this was revealed to me so maybe it hasn't processed yet, but I have to admit with the utmost deference to the man himself that I prefer my misunderstanding to the actual lyrics.


    General Comment Music is one of those universal things and as in visual art I believe it is percieved differently by each person. I've been in past relationships where all was going so well and I was so happy that it made everything in life seem better, like being in a feeling of ecstasy. It was almost like I was expecting for something to go wrong -happily it never did : --Although I believe that the song was actually written about nuclear war.

    At that time China and the Soviet Union were almost at war on their mutual border.

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    And both of them had nuclear capabilities. I had dinner with this relative of mine and he said, "We could wake up tomorrow to a nuclear war. So I woke up the next morning and it wasn't a nuclear war. And it reflected a previous dream that was a real nightmare where the lions were threatening. November " But whereas it was the start of something in the Canada, in the sense that the next few records I put out also got a lot of air-play, in the States that didn't happen, so with Rocket Launcher it was like starting all over again.

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    And that time it did take, and it's been progressively better since then. I don't know, I mean, I didn't go to any special trouble to learn the word petroglyph in my life but it just sort of came, you know, like other words like 'don't' and 'okay' and 'frankincense' and you know, whatever. Petroglyph is a rock painting, for those who haven't run across the word, and in the context of the song in which that word appears, which I'm about to do it makes sense, to me at least. A couple of people have done different versions of this song -- once in a while somebody other than me records one of my songs -- and in both cases that I'm aware of, they were not aware of the meaning of petroglyph, apparently.

    Back in the early '80s Leo Sayer -- remember Leo Sayer?

    Wondering Where The Lions are - Bruce Cockburn.m4v

    I think it's 'cause it started with P and had a few syllables and looked kind of Greek-like and so petroglyph, pterodactyl, you know it's all the same shit. And then not too long ago, a couple years ago, a younger band, who I admire very much actually, a band called Vigilantes of Love did a version of the song for a compilation record and they changed the words too. They changed it to something about a big bird flying around.

    Which at least didn't conflict as much with the rest of the verse as dinosaur, but it didn't suggest to me that, even though I came by the word petroglyph without going to any special effort, other people perhaps had not run across it. You can judge for yourself whether it makes sense or not, I guess. Submitted by Jeff McCloud. It was both very welcome and very fraught. All of a sudden, I'm in the PR machine of an American record company.