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This rule gets the investor headed toward the right direction. Some use it as a strict metric which the investor may miss out on many deals. Thanks for reading Joseph, yes agreed. But as discussed, this is only a guide line. It becomes a little more complicated than that.

Obviously no matter what market you are in, the higher the discount you can buy at the better. But when markets get competitive its not that simply, especially when month of supply is so low right now across many market areas. Nicely said. Once sold the profit should still fall where we had wanted. Very informative and educational too. Thank you Chris for sharing the knowledge. This formula definitely helps but not in all cases.

I do sometimes feel that some investors here in DFW are over-paying for properties, but then again, depends on their exit-strategy. Although some areas throughout the US have lower rates for labor than others, materials are often the same. Many people using this formula will either get burned, or never get a deal at all as it is not an accurate way for a real estate investor to make money. The true way to do it, is to figure out a profit margin you are comfortable with, learn what things cost, take into closing costs and a comfort range of misc costs, get an accurate ARV, and make your offer accordingly.

This is great! I was looking for a simple rule-of-thumb formula like this…thanks for the article.

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  • Thanks for the explanation. Thanks again for the post. The hardest part of Flipping business is finding the house. May I recommend GreatFixer. Or did I miss something? Asking as a newbie wholesaler and was wondering in my equation am I adding an assignment fee? Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

    Notify me of new posts by email. Free eBook from BiggerPockets! Click Here to Download the eBook Now! Chris Feltus Website Facebook Twitter Chris is an active real estate investor who buys and flips houses in the Dallas real estate market. July 10, 1.

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    July 8, 0. July 7, Mike Nelson on February 14, pm. This is a very helpful article, Chris. Thanks for posting it. Sharing… Reply Report comment.

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    Chris Feltus on February 14, pm. Thanks for reading Mike, appreciate it! Reply Report comment. Jorge Caicedo on February 14, pm. Chris Feltus on February 15, pm. Keith Pinster on February 23, pm. Anthony P on February 14, pm. Well said Chris. Something my wife and I debate with new investors all the time.

    The 70/30 Rule: Breaking Down the Old School Weight Loss Plan

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Anthony Reply Report comment. Lamar Cannon on February 14, pm. Joseph Le on February 15, am. Chris on February 15, am. Thanks for reading and congrats on the rehab Chris! May you have multiple offers and low DoM. Home Buyer on February 15, am. Jorge Caicedo on February 15, am. Adam Roberts on February 15, pm. Great read, Chris.

    Thanks Adam! Ryan Miller on March 1, pm. Hugh on February 16, pm. Thanks for the helpful article, Chris. Joshua Stahl on December 7, pm. Then, throw out most cans of food from your pantry, and anything else in a bag or box crackers, chips, etc. Eat less bread for more greens, and skip the soda for a smoothie packed with flaxseeds and spinach instead. Donuts or bagels for breakfast? Scramble up some eggs along with a side of fresh fruit. After all, achieving a healthy weight is a way of life, not the destination. No matter how large of a goal you may have to lose fifty pounds, to diminish your sugar addiction nothing is outside of the rim of possibility.

    Reaching your goal is about taking the first step. Step one leads to step two. Focus your attention only on your workout for the day—not how long it will take you to reach your target weight. Then take one small step, then another. That is how people get to the top of Everest.

    Seventy-Thirty: Susie Ambrose |

    As a lifestyle and not simply the destination, losing weight is just as much learning how to treat your body with kindness and respect as it is losing inches and pounds. Eat right, exercise and be kind to your body. It will reward you in every imaginable way! Limit one per person.

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