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1. “There is no command that says I need to go to church every Sunday.”
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That is when I feel a true shift in my attitude, in my heart, and in my soul. That is when I see miraculous things unfold.

Research: Church Relationships Are Missing Something

That is when I feel true happiness enter my life. I can think of times when I reluctantly agreed to do a service project, only to have my heart softened and changed after the experience. Or when I got a calling and complained about it taking too much of my time, only for me to break down in bittersweet tears when I was released because I had learned to love it.

Carolyn Custis James - Half the Church: Recapturing God's Global Vision for Women

We can share light, fulfill our responsibilities, and receive answers to our prayers most effectively if our hearts are in the right place. Entire Book PDF. Those are hard mentalities to shift in just one generation. In her book, she offers eight easy-to-implement solutions to some of the barriers facing women in churches across the theological spectrum.

Active vs. Busy

The first step toward achieving lasting change is simply making an effort to understand one another better, Cole contended. Anytime we can lean into understanding another person's perspective, we're going to help move this conversation forward and we are going to become better leaders in the process. Second, Cole encouraged church leaders to seek out and recognize the skills and positive qualities of women in their congregations. How many women do we have in membership?

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How many women do we have serving? How many women do we have in leadership at all levels? How do we make it better next year than it is this year? So does the other half.

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Otherwise both halves are the tragic losers. Nor can any thoughtful Christian man remain unmoved by the vision of the Blessed Alliance so skillfully sketched in these pages.

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We are more aware of the scope of violent injustice in our world today than in any other time of human history; brutal abuse is committed against our neighbors— neighbors next door and neighbors across the globe. Jesus makes it perfectly clear what our roles are: preaching good news to the poor and oppressed. The issues that can arise around women in the church is of particular interest for me. So I was a bit nervous when I received the book for review, concerned that it would just be more of the same although the title gave me reason to hope.