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Discussion in ' Music Corner ' started by thib , Jun 22, Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Do you remember songs in the right key? Location: Detroit, MI. How long it has been since I've listened to it doesn't seem to affect the outcome much. How about you? Location: Moscow, Idaho. I almost always remember musical pieces in the correct key.

Skip Reynolds , Jun 23, Location: California. Yeah I always remember them in their correct key. HotelYorba , Jun 23, Location: United States Of America. Michael , Jun 23, Location: Florida.

No, I don't. I tend to put songs in the key that fits my voice best, as even though I sing primarily in my upper register, many rock songs sit just a little above where I'm comfortable going.

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Yes, I nearly always do. But when singers start changing to a different key for live performances I can have problems with remembering what was the original and what's the changed version. Location: Modena, Italy. Picca , Jun 23, So what is 5 steps down from B flat? And so on and on until we get to C flat. So the sequence of our key signatures with flats but starting from C major is:. By counting 5 up every time, on the sharp side we get these major keys:. Now we need to figure out what the sharps and flats actually are. That means that C major has no sharps, G major has one sharp, D major has 2 sharps, A major has 3 sharps and so on until we get to C sharp which has 7 sharps all of its notes are sharpened.

Here are the names of the major key signatures that have sharps AND the amount of sharps they get:. Same thing happens with the flat keys.

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C major has no flats, F major has one flat, B flat major has 2 flats, E flat major has 3 flats and so on until we get to C flat major which has 7 flats all of its notes are flattened. This is our sequence of sharps. F is the first sharp, C is the second sharp, G is the third sharp and so on. From steps 1 to 4, we already know which keys get 1 sharp, 2 sharps, 3 sharps, etc. The arrangement of the flats is exactly the same but the sequence goes in reverse order of the sharps. That means that the first flat is B flat, the next is E flat, the one after that is A flat and so on.

The formula keeps going until we get to C flat major which has all 7 flats. Every one of these 15 key signatures accounts for two keys: one major and one minor. For example, G is the relative major of E minor. And E is the relative minor of G major. So once we know what the major keys are, we simply have to move the whole pattern down 3 half steps. When counting down, make sure you use 3 different letter names. For example, counting 3 half steps down from E major should get us to C sharp and not D flat.

This means that the relative minor of E major is C sharp minor. In other words, E major and C sharp minor have the same key signature that of 4 sharps. So that brings us to 15 key signatures. As the chart below shows, each one is used for a major key and a minor key.

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Notice how the sharps and flats are written on the stave. The F sharp is on the top line, the C sharp on the 3rd space and so on. If this is the very first time you went through building all key signatures from scratch, you might have found some difficulties. I assure you that this is completely normal!

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