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Sylvia's Secret

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If you have a demonstrated allergy or sensitivity to nicotine or any combination of inhalants, consult your physician before using this product. This product is sold purely for recreational purposes — it is not a smoking cessation product and has not been tested as such. Join Sylvia as she uses her imagination, investigates the world around her, and tries to figure things out for herself Product Details About the Author.

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About the Author Sylvia M. Garrett lives with her mother in Los Angeles, where she attends and all-girls high school.

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When Sylvia was younger, her mother always encouraged her to ask questions and find the answers herself. That childhood curiosity inspired Sylvia to always seek knowledge and solutions, as she believes girls can be curious and capable explorers and experimenters, while being quintessentially female.

Growing up, Sylvia also had a red-headed accomplice, named Gracie, who was and forever will be her tree-climbing friend. Highly interested in STEM and involved in a variety of volunteer activities, Sylvia aspires to be a neurosurgeon and innovator. She was a recipient of the Dr. Sylvia also holds United States Patent No. Show More.

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After a sudden, silent, but brilliantly dazzling meteor shower one night, nothing seems very much After a sudden, silent, but brilliantly dazzling meteor shower one night, nothing seems very much different But then his cat Livingston begins acting strangely and has View Product. None of the dialogue or actions did anything to push. I often took my pen and crossed out whole sections sometimes pages because they became unnecessary to the plot.

A ridiculous amount of time is spent at restaurants deciding what food they were going to order and what they wanted to drink. There is no sense of moving towards an endpoint. Without knowing what the plan was, all of it just felt aimless.

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She has supposedly found this amazing artifact, and she does nothing except sit in countless restaurants, drink, and complain. Her character annoyed me pretty much right off the bat. Some examples of such time-wasting : -Cass and Joe essentially spend most of the book visiting different Plath attractions and pubs. They wander around the property. Then they go home. And I had to agree with her there. A whole paragraph is devoted to commenting on this and Joe taking the trash to the chute. It has nothing to do with anything.

The novel is littered with similar wastes of space, usually unnecessary dialogue. Cass is sneaking up on Joe sleeping on the couch.

Sylvia's Sylvia's Secret Seasoning, 43g

Suspense is in the air as she tiptoes through the apartment…then of course she remembers she left the coffee on and has to stop to turn it off. Resume sneaking, momentum lost. They trade inane dialogue and essentially waste all of chapter 27, since, you guessed it, nothing happens. This seemed to be relevant at first, since Cass assumes that Trevor was killed by the law firm to send her a clear warning still a stretch if you ask me.

But, I was willing to go a long for it, hoping it would up the stakes. All this having nothing to do with the Plath plot. She is hardly mentioned for this major portion of the book, other than Cass invoking her name or poetry whenever she gets overly angry.

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Again nothing to help move the Plath plot forward. So we have essentially wasted pages and erased any minor possibility for tension. And yet, Evans never uses this to create tension. They wander around London with no conflict.

Sylvia's Secret Seasoning - Sylvia's Restaurant

There is zero tension. It makes sense when we find out that Cass was making up the whole thing in her head. But, the law firm never appeared as a threat in the first place. It made me distrust Cass from the start, and consequently, the twist not that twisty. But what perplexed me the most about SS were the last 4 pages.

The theory that Joe Conrad offers up about Plath actually wanting to be saved is amazing—it changes the whole game! And the evidence that Conrad supplies is five million times more believable than the outrageous murder plot. But I could not understand why Evans would write a page shit-terrible novel about a something completely implausible, all while sitting on this amazing theory the whole time.

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  • What gives? Overdramatic and cheesey. The dialogue between Cass and Joe is often cringe-worthy. Nevermind the fact that Evans has Conrad crack terrible jokes. Ex: Pg Joe is trying to find a flight and Cass suggests KLM. Who names an airline Kill-em? Evans makes constant reference to different movie stars, poets, writers, celebrities, you name it. It was just pretentious and useless.

    It will only take a few chapters for this to bug the crap out of you.