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You might be bleary-eyed, but rising to wake with the sun - a Navajo tradition - and watching the sun rise over Monument Valley's famous mittens is the stuff of legendary road trips. Leave the hogan at least 30 minutes before sunrise and drive to The View Hotel. Bundle up, stake out a spot and ready your camera.

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You won't need to spend more than half an hour to absorb it all. Twenty minutes out, you'll look back to the mittens and recognize a very famous viewpoint. Detouring minutes north of the Forrest Gump lookout, you'll find a well-kept secret: Goosenecks State Park.

What makes this park remarkable? Here, the San Juan River meanders a whopping six miles in just a one-mile distance. That, and it's fun to look at. Before or after you check out of the hogan, you might wish to drive the rest of the Valley Drive. Its terminus is Artist's Point , which gives visitors an alternate view of the mitten-punctured landscape.

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This road trip would not be complete without touring Antelope Canyon. It's also located just off the highway as you enter Page.

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Antelope Canyon is divided into two sections: Lower and Upper. Tours are offered by a limited number of licensed operators, and you'll have to book a departure time in advance. Upper Antelope Canyon boasts more even terrain and accessibility. Lower Antelope Canyon is narrower and involves climbing steel ladders.

This is the Most Legendary 3-Day Road Trip You Can Add to Your Vegas Trip

Both are extremely popular and wait times vary from 20 minutes to three hours, despite scheduled departure times. Making your way to Orderville, you might decide to stop in Kanab. This small town is cloaked in western charm. Access it from the Hancock Road turnoff while traveling north of Kanab along U.

This immaculate tiny home is located in Orderville, just 20 minutes east of Zion National Park. That means it's close enough to make a sunset run to Canyon Overlook Trail - if you're up for it. Otherwise, take a load off. This might be a tiny home, but it's fully equipped. I'm talking air-con, washer-dryer, kitchen complete with dishwasher and coffee maker, a grill, living room and covered deck. An electronic lock means you can check-in at your own convenience.

Note : Whether you want to stay in and cook or dine out, your options are more plentiful in Kanab than quaint Orderville.

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The first leg of today's road trip is arguably the most scenic. After some premier hiking in Zion National Park, you might take a hearty meal in Springdale. From here, it's 2. An ambitious hiker could fit both in.

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Park at the visitor's center and board the Zion Shuttle free. You can also park within Springdale city limits, which is serviced by a second shuttle line also free. This 8-kilometre 5-mile trail elevates you 1, feet above the Virgin River. It starts out gently enough, before turning into a series of switchbacks that lead to Scout Lookout. The next section crosses a short, albeit narrow ridge: 28 inches at its narrowest, with drops of ft and 1,ft on either side.

Once you're across, the final ascent up the humped peak begins. The outlook at Angels Landing affords sweeping views of Zion Canyon that are simply breathtaking. The hardest part - if you're not already winded and suffering vertigo - is sharing the barely there trail with oncoming foot traffic. Tip : Hike Angels Landing as early as possible in the morning.

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It's that much more strenuous under a hot Utah sun. Bottom-Up follows the Virgin River through a canyon that has towering walls up to 1,feet tall. The canyon narrows the farther one goes, measuring just 22 feet wide at its narrowest. Orange Navajo sandstone reflects the golden sunlight and the water is milky opaque blue.

This hike is an out-and-back, in which hikers retrace their steps; hike only as far in as you'd like. I suggest allocating at least hours. A trekking pole is invaluable. The muscle-bound maniac who handed Hulk Hogan his first-ever "WrestleMania" loss died after suffering a heart attack three days after being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Yeah, blame Graham's body for Jinder Mahal.

We're not going to talk about how ridiculous the setup to his finishing move, "The ," became. This is a happy list. One of the most popular ECW wrestlers of all-time, RVD has brought his three initials to seemingly every pro-wrestling promotion with three initials. Rogers was kinda-sorta the first champion in the company.

It's complicated -- ask Killer Kowalski and Bruno Sammartino.

Oh, and look up Flair's ridiculous NWA runs too. Master of the Brogue Kick, Rocksteady in the "Ninja Turtles" movies -- which is the greater accomplishment? Backlund couldn't "Make Darren Young Great Again" -- or even keep the guy employed -- but the master of the cross-face chicken wing had a pretty incredible career of his own. Perhaps she should square off more often.

Fur Angels

Yes, yes we do. McMahon runs the damn company -- of course he made this list. Win Titles. Then again, so was Gawker at one point. Rushmore of all-time greats, and that's the bottom line.