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Just another dead veteran, right? Leadership that speaks truth publicly about how bad things have really gotten for the veterans they are supposed to be serving. The Department of Veterans Affairs has one of the largest budgets within our federal government. This is used to provide veterans less than third-world medical care and benefits.

It is about twenty years past time to seriously address the corruption, malfeasance, and incompetence that infest the Veterans Administration. Immediately recognize the problems inherent in the Veterans Administration are system-wide, not just limited to a few discrete locations. Fire all the incompetent and corrupt Workers. The VA prides itself on service to the veteran.

However, the American Federation of Government Employees Union makes it nearly impossible to rid the VA of corrupt, incompetent employees. Sell off all the VA facilities. Alternatively, they may be converted into military barracks-style housing for homeless veterans. These will be run with military-style rules to promote good order and discipline. Issue all veterans a card that allows them to choose their own doctors within their community that they can trust. The United States Government will pay those doctors promptly Within 45 days for the care they provide veterans.

Going to practice medicine in each state? You need to be properly medically licensed in that state. Rapidly reduce the years long backlog of Veterans Disability Claims. Any claim a veteran submits to the Veterans Benefit Administration that requires more than 90 days to adjudicate, is automatically found to be in favor of the veteran. Should a veteran file a false claim to defraud the system, the Veterans Administration will be required to prove in civil court that the claim was falsely submitted.

For filing a false claim, the veteran will be mandatorily subject to all the following:. The claim shall be denied. If the veteran has received any form of benefits due to filing of a false claim, they will be required to fully repay those benefits with interest. The veteran will be banned from all VA facilities for the remainder of their life. The veteran will lose any benefits they have and will not be allowed to file for further benefits. This will help to protect the legal rights of veterans against corrupt, incompetent VA employees.

No AFGE, or any other labor union business will be allowed to take place in any federal workplace. Conducting union business during working hours will be strictly prohibited and enforced. Should any government employee be found violating this provision, it will result in immediate lifetime dismissal from all federal, state, city and county government employment. It is my belief that were the above ten measures placed into rigorous ethical practice, these would over the next few years ensure major performance improvements within the Department of Veteran Affairs. The veteran suicide statistics.

Comparative: 29 per , per year. The 29 per , is nearly 5 times the rate 6 per , for white collar workers of which the Colonel was probably one. By my calculations that is less than one per day approximately 0. So veterans account for a very high percentage of the suicides in the United States. Much higher than the 22 per day indicates or the 29 per , indicate because none of the other stats have the veteran suicides subtracted from their rate.

Focused treatment of suicide prevention on the population where it occurs most would discover the markers and place a greater watchfulness on those at risk. Including the amounts of suicides and lacks of care in rural areas including vets or not having net access in rural areas for tele-junk. Their cure-all is 5G and more high tech tele-crap. No other suicides or further investigations or facts to be shared for the public knowledge, just more censoring, excuses, fake news, cover-ups and BS. I go out and try to talk to others and most of it is about suffering and wanting to end it all to being totally fed up with the DC crowd, media, LEOs, and medical clowns and their boards.

Even kids and teens committing suicide are up dramatically, why? People with chronic pain issues, true victims or the medical establishments, to those with lousy care for PTSD are losing it.

Tips: Cash Cow or Money Pit?

IF any MSM to all those two-faced lying veteran groups, Congress critters, out there would disallow these stories to be flushed down the memory hole things might change. Doubtful though. More attention goes to kitty cat and puppy stories instead, along with other distractions. So those like me are negative and should be shunned like this story should be… shunned or kept out of the news as well. Then to consider the ones targeted by the VA and civy care for denials, targeting, to being ignored…to death. All those who our fearless leaders and state agencies ignore too?

Total BS. Beyond sad. Condolences to his family. It is the politicians, it is the administrators and it is actually the people of this country that are to blame. I can and did and will continue to do so. Standing by and putting your hands in your pockets is just as guilty as those actually robbing the cookie jar. If good people speak up and get fired so be it. Todd makes an interesting and often neglected point, e. The negligence of the VA in providing adequate and timely care.

That gets broken down into subsets of focus — anger toward the docs, anger toward the unions, anger towards the VA leadership, and then Congress. Trickle-up theory? Lately, I often wonder about the whole concept of betrayal and how that plays into suicide rates. Betrayal by the military, the VA at the local level, VA leadership etc. Are there divots in my VA experiences? Fuck if I know. But I have tried to take names and faces and institutions off my anger list, and have dumped it on the larger population of sheeple who believe in liberalism, conservatism or the fucking Kardashians.

It is an interesting point and ultimately the American people are responsible. As another commented nobody gives a fuck because their off in lala land living a fantasy dream. Up yours fuckheads. Disconnected head from ass and listen for the popping and sucking sound of your empty head reinflating. This nation is in total decay and disgrace. Those who fought so hard and gave so much to build this nation would be disgusted to see the spoiled, entitled narcissistic slobs who run things into the ground now.

Shame on America. This is an injustice! Ben help us please form a class action to help us suffering and to honor the memories of those lost battling the criminal enterprise known as the VA!!!!!!!! I told them they need to start caring for our Veterans and give them access to the outside for help.

We are number 37 in the World Health Organization ratings. Did you read the article about the death from gangrene in gentiles? That was private care. There are too few psychiatrists because of the cost of medical school, neurology residency, and then the psychiatric residency. They stop at neurology because neurologists make a lot more. Only the drop outs from medical mal practice go on to become psychiatrists. Most never see an MD anymore. Where the hell are you going to find private care for Medicare Prices? The price limitations on the Choice Program and TriCare.

On the 3 Director in 5 years. But improvements have happened. But she was nice and listened and promised to get something done by the end of the year. But a year ago I would have been hung up on and ignored. And I still may be ignored but it was a much nicer person who talked me down from my rage. We get lectures and their groups telling us stress and stressors are some main killers or destroyers of our health or sleep issues. Then go about dishing out all the stressors and chaos they can. Going from 0. All fixed and fine thanks to Wilkie and present DC shit-heads. Ahhhh everything is fixed… move along disgruntled vets, nothing to see or report about the VA now.

Just more BS and propaganda. Great tactic during contract negotiations. Putting the other 80 or so percent on hurting status having to call in office or health care temps to cover for the losses and pretend to be taking care of vets or patients. And NOT knowing shit about how the VA, Kiosks, how to file for travel pay, look us up on their pc, or how the systems function at all.

While all most of them can do is take names of complainers, type, and give scowling looks at us, smile at our misery, make jokes, eat their snacks. While telling other staff or temps they really appreciate the extra money from the activism and time at the VA or other health care joints. This shit is not rocket science people and been around for generations.

Evil triumphs when good people do nothing? Sacrifice and stand up to the VA group-think unions, the scum directors, idiotic claims for so-called patriot watch dog groups wanting more money to the corrupt and PC herds and cliques. Including the scum-sucking contractors and insurance types. Good idea and would work. Hell no of course not. RUMINT has it that on January 1st new rules for military tribunals and martial law go in effect which will allow POTUS to drop the 60, strong sealed indictment ban hammer on a number of these democrat traitors and make it stick.

Deus vult. If God wills it I wonder how many of said traitors will be cross referenced with being responsible for not only what gets them hemmed up but sabotaging veteran care and benefits. Never lose hope or you lose the war. Pray for salvation and the return of the republic and sovereignty to American patriots. God bless and merry Christmas and happy New year. After two local Veterans attempted suicide one successful I sent Roseburg VA Director Whitmer an email informing him of these veterans and asked what specifically the Roseburg VA was doing to reach out to its Veterans and identify those at risk?

In his email reply, Whitmer promised he would address this at the Brookings Oregon town hall. He did not. Curry County Oregon has one of if not the highest Veterans populations per capita in the state. I was recently informed Curry County has the highest veterans suicide rate in the state. Now Jim Turners story at Bay Pines. I had an Email TownHall meeting with Whitmer about this.

There is a lot more to this story and am thankful the Curry County Sheriffs Deputy and Oregon State Police, after meeting with me down the road from this Veterans house, made the wise decision to stop short of escalating this situation which could have ended much differently. Please be advised Sir, you pointed your rifle in the wrong direction. You did exactly what they wanted you to do. They want the money for themselves and to get rid of as many real Americans as they can. I blame congress, the senate, the new and improved VA Mission Act changes nothing, just more platitudes.

My advise is to stay close to God. Sadly, this is going to get much worse in the coming months now because of the bull behind the opioid changes too…. Veterans are now committing suicide due to loss of pain management.. More stories are coming out every day about that.. So now it is not just PTSD or lack of other kinds of care.. I have no issue going after those that abuse them..

I have a HUGE issue about just taking them away period.


AND one of the reasons I have held off on my next jaw reconstructive surgery, besides not liking dentists, is because my last one.. Not codiene version.. I ended up in the emergency room after not being able to eat or anything else for 4 days. While I believe the negative remarks about VA have some truth in them, there are some great doctors and other medical workers in the VA system. I have received excellent care from the VA in Florida and here in Georgia. Each primary care physician I have had has been fantastic, and even though it took me over 25 years to have my claims approved, I am thankful for the great compensation I am receiving.

I am very sad about Colonel Turner taking his life, and am also heartbroken about his children. It is so sad that he was in the condition where he focused on himself instead of the ones he is leaving behind. As sad as it is, Suicide is the most selfish act that one can commit in this life. No body wins, and everybody loses. His suicide will make no positive impact on suicide prevention within the VA system.

Now that he is dead, his pension will stop and there will be no money to support his family after his long military service. If he had life insurance, there is probably a suicide clause which will prevent his family from getting anything, or if so, a very reduced amount.

Cash Cow: The point at which business revenue exceeds owner effort.

Suicide is never the answer. I have been there. Part of the answer is knowing Jesus Christ as personal Savior; good positive loving support from family, and a competent, caring professional while going through the episodes of suffering. I am still in treatment;however, I am doing quite well in light of the fact that I benefiting from the three areas I have mentioned. What a piece of shit typical response. Calling a suffering veteran selfish because they opt out of suffering.

ALL while the rest of us are fighting for benefits fuck us because your getting paid, right? Setting on his records blowing his brains out accomplished nothing? It clearly accomplished a case and point example that the system is still failing. Get off your high and mighty horse you fuck. You should take some serious time to ponder how privileged and lucky you are ya fuckin bastard. Blue falcon privileged shitstain. What kind of piece of shit shows up to this kind of shit show and then brags about how great they are doing and how rich their getting? Your uncalled for foul language really distracts from anything you are trying to submit that might be helpful.

I hope you will get the help you need. Do not give up; it takes much longer than it should. May the Prince of Peace Jesus strengthen you at this special time of the year. I do not intend to turn this into a negative back and forth dialogue, so I have said all that I sensed I should say. That will be it from here. Gene Snelling — — — While I respect the fact that you were a former Sergeant Major, who then received a direct commission as a 1st LT in the Medical Service Corps, I can quite readily see that you have forgotten how to ignore the salt that comes out of a grunts or sailors mouth and to empathize with the frustration, ignoring the rage of the human beneath.

Since he did it in an Honorable Marine Corps manner, causing zero collateral damage to innocent bystanders — — — I will not stand in judgement over him. When my time comes, I only hope I can be as fortunate. And I hope no blathering fuckheads like you are around. Should there be, the code I exit under may not be as honorable as the Colonels. Oh bull shit PHD Doc. A PHD and Doc should be able to write better than I do and have more heart, less religious bull shit, judgements, on top of misery.

PHD in activism or blowing smoke is it? Logical, healthy or not. Yeah, that guy reeks of self Important grandeur delusions of narcissism and selfishness. What a fucking wad of shit if I ever smelled one. If anything it serves a great purpose: to weed out all touchy feely non action pussy vets like you. It reminds me of that scene from Apocalypse Now with Colonel Kurtz. Did it hurt your feelings when I wrote fuck on my airplane and born to kill on my helmet? Did you hide in tradoc? I have to make that choice also.

I know exactly how he felt. I have told shrinks suicidal, 3 attempts, they have sent police on welfare checks and hauled my ass in after they were spying on me on Facebook. Yet if looking my medical notes says no plan and ok. Said suicidal ideation but no plans and ok. Have a lot of these stories, no one wants suicide on their desk. How can they do this, no one smiles, has compassion and want nothing to do with their names going upstairs.

A federal job is like winning the lottery, great pay, benefits and pension. They know this and sit on their hands all day because the job is number one, they do what told knowing shady or wrong sometimes. There is no attempt to find qualified as long as they have a degree. Tragic a life is lost because of the umbrella care and are more interested in percentages where we have become numbers and no people. I went in my notes after my first visit with a shrink, going through notes after visits is a bad idea and would advise not to do, I read he wrote that I looked younger than expected.

Wtf does that have to do with anything, checking around found he specializes in geriatric care. How do people turn off compassion and feelings that someone took their life because they failed to care. It is disgusting and other than entertaining themselves with gossip of a someone who took their life. These horrific stories about death, abuse and people not qualified anywhere else is not mainstream news.

I have no idea when my number will be called, but without any doubt the VA will be the reason. I wish could help but it took a long time to see how these scumbags operate and was only worried about me. God Bless. I have had positive and negative experiences with my VA healthcare and in seeking disability benefits. However with that being said, I think the strategy plan posted above is a great beginning to remedying this issue with the VA.

Give them a card in order to receive care outside the VA and if they are happy with the care they receive within the VA, that is an option as well. I would use both. So now my only options are to pay for it myself or not seek the medical attention I need. It is this exhaustion and hopelessness the creates the tragedy which we are all upset about today. There is a solution, let veterans choose their healthcare source. Snelling, glad you took the PhD off your name on second pitiful comment. For unsure reasons, this suicide is a result of what many Veterans have said on this site.

This is. It hits home. I actually saw myself stacking up my records. As I see it. THE VA is responsible for the his death.

I feel like we are leaving a man behind and Something needs to be done.. God bless the Veterans and their families at this pressurized time of year. This is why that law exists. This was not a selfish act. James, good find, curious read and info. And very mainstreamish and traditional. With all due respect to him for the souls he may have saved or helped along their journeys of hell on Earth. Which is dulled by the cans that generation and the traditions of man that got kicked down the road to my generation. I better stop there. My sleepless nights ponderings; 1. Why do families go silent or refrain from giving out more info or answer some questions?

Like some closing down some suffering vets website or blogs trying to get attention or give others some info about dealing with government, medical fraud, mis-conduct, abuses, and corrupt officials? Trying to group up with others which is forbidden and unwanted by many. Or something that makes others refrain from giving you copies of your own or refuse to pass them along to other MDs for better treatment but for the medical cabals protection? Things that may shine a light on VA or civy incompetence or for targeting?

A bit too late for any privacy issues so we are left again with more questions than answers. Greg Abbott. The bill unanimously passed the lower House by a vote of , and then the Senate by a vote of Do people — get it? Or care? And of needless suicides on my B-day or holidays and the traditions of so-called civilized human-kind. The ones claiming some church is needed is lame. Seen to much of all this crap full circle. Being told they are not giving more to the church or dumping all they have in the pass a-round plate for public show… is not enough and sick.

To that God is punishing us and we deserve the pain and torment, we are here to suffer, is really over the line. Blast away. That is my sleepy pissed off rant for Xmas. Now point me to someone, some church, some vet group, etc. Any of them really concerned over us, the vast difference in treatment, or care, or being targets while the faithful seem totally silent over it all?

Keep in mind that all donors, regardless of age, must weigh at least 50 kg lbs to be considered eligible to donate blood. You are eligible to donate as long as you are feeling well at the time of your appointment. Remember to bring any prescription medication with you to your appointment. If you have an infection, you should not donate blood. When taking medication for an infection, you may temporarily be unable to donate. Learn more about acceptable and unacceptable medication under our Medication tab below. If you are on medication and wish to donate, please call to speak with one of our trained health professionals at 1 2 DONATE You are eligible to donate as long as you are not experiencing difficulty breathing and generally feeling well at the time of your appointment.

We check your blood pressure at each donor appointment. You are not eligible to donate if your systolic pressure the top number is below 90 mm Hg or above mm Hg, or if your diastolic pressure the bottom number is below 50 mm Hg or above mm Hg. Eligibility to donate blood after receiving a transfusion varies. Typically, you must wait six months after receiving a blood transfusion from another person before you can donate blood. If you have had a transfusion, please call to speak with one of our trained health professionals at 1 2 DONATE These include:.

We defer donors with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome — even if their condition is not active — out of concern for their health. More information. If you have type 2 diabetes and are treated with diet or pills to lower your blood sugar, you can donate. If you have type 2 diabetes and are treated with insulin, you may be able to donate. This depends on when you started insulin, and if your sugars are stable. Type 1 diabetics are currently deferred. If you are unsure about your eligibility, please call to speak with one of our trained health professionals at 1 2 DONATE For your safety and the safety of the patients who receive blood transfusions, donations are not taken from people with certain medical conditions.

One of our trained professionals will be able to determine your eligibility. Anyone who has been told by public health authorities that they have been exposed to the Ebola virus is advised not to donate blood for 56 days following their last contact with the infected person s or area. West African countries with confirmed cases of Ebola are also a risk for malaria. Travelers who have visited malaria-risk countries are deferred from giving blood for one year.

You may be eligible to donate if you have been seizure-free for six months. If you are taking medication to treat epilepsy, please call to speak with one of our trained health professionals at 1 2 DONATE to discuss your eligibility. Our tests are designed to detect donations with even the smallest levels of infection. This ultra-sensitive means of testing can sometimes create a reaction with proteins in the blood and produce a "reactive" i.

We then check the result using a more specific test with a different standard of sensitivity. If that test does not produce the same positive result, we consider the first result to have been a "false reactive" or "false positive. In the past, a false reactive result meant that a donor was indefinitely deferred from giving blood.

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If you have received a false reactive result in the past and would like to set up an appointment to be re-tested, call 1 2 DONATE to speak with one of our trained health professionals. Learn more about false reactive test results. Some people are deferred from giving blood because of where they lived or places they visited. For instance, donors who have travelled to locations outside of Canada, the continental U. Because the risk of infection diminishes over time, people who have lived for six months or longer in a country where malaria is prevalent are deferred for three years after departure from the country.

Those who have visited a malaria risk area are deferred for one year after leaving that area. If your visit lasted less than 24 hours, please call use at 1 2 DONATE to discuss your eligibility. Because of the theoretical risk of vcJD, Health Canada concluded that deferring donors who had spent time in the following places balances the safety of Canada's blood supply with the need for donors:.

Donor screening deferrals are based on risk factors. It has nothing to do with race or ethnicity. Learn more about geographic deferrals. You must be in good general heath to donate blood. This means feeling well and able to perform normal activities. On the day of your donation appointment, you should be well hydrated, have had something to eat and had a good night's sleep the night before.

With some heart conditions such as a heart attack or coronary heart disease, you may be eligible to donate. Hereditary hemochromatosis is a common genetic disorder. Individuals with hemochromatosis absorb too much iron from their diet and may accumulate extra iron in their vital organs. If you are otherwise eligible to donate, you can donate whole blood every 56 days for males and every 84 days for females. In between your Canadian Blood Services donations, there should be at least one week between an outpatient phlebotomy and your next donation.

If you have late complications from hemochromatosis such as liver cirrhosis or heart failure, you are not eligible to donate. Learn more about hemoglobin. You may be eligible to donate with a history of jaundice or hepatitis six months after you have fully recovered, unless the cause was due to hepatitis B or C. If you ever tested positive for hepatitis B or hepatitis C, you are not eligible to donate, even if you have never been sick or jaundiced from the infection. If you live with or have had sexual contact with a person who has or had hepatitis, call us to speak with one of our trained professionals at 1 2 DONATE to discuss your eligibility.

These can indefinitely defer a person from giving blood. Examples of HIV high-risk activities include, but are not limited to:. If you have participated in any of the above-mentioned examples of high-risk activities, you are not eligible to donate blood. Men who have had sex with a man more than 3 months ago, and who meet other screening criteria, may now be eligible to give blood.

A diet rich in iron is advised for all donors. A decrease in iron stores ferritin may occur in frequent donors. If you donate regularly, speak with your pharmacist or doctor about taking iron supplements to prevent low iron stores. Ask your doctor to check your iron stores ferritin. Learn more about iron. If you spend time in a region affected by malaria you will be temporarily ineligible to donate blood. Depending on how long you were in the affected region, the waiting period to donate again can be one to three years.

Popular tourist destinations like the Dominican Republic and Mexico have some areas where malaria exposure is a risk. Individuals who use cannabis or marijuana may be eligible to donate, however, any evidence of intoxication or inability to give an informed consent will prevent you from donating.