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The regulations define an appropriate length of shorts as well and bluejeans are blamed.

Members, Guests and Vistors Code of Conduct

To play with diving-range balls at the golf course is strictly forbidden as well as playing together with only one bag. This is only approved if golfers are playing together in a team with only one golfball. As the etiquette is highly relevant for golfsports because it guarantees a fair interaction, a player can gets disqualified by repeatedly violating against the "etiquette of golfing". The disqualification can for example mean a prohibition of playing at the golf course for a certain time period or blocking for several matches.

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Thai-Ger Line Golf was established in in Pattaya. Premier Specialists in custom fitted golf clubs, club repairs and equipment. Join us on the Thai-Ger Line golf bus- we'll take you to different golf courses.

Daily golf tours start from our golf shop from October 17th through March 31st. At the French court people used a little etiquette as "cheat sheet" to correctly know and use the hierarchy there. That's the reason why the meaning of the word changed to today's: manners "rules of etiquette"? In detail, the etiquette is divided as followed: Savety has greatest Importance in Golfsports: To minimize the risk of injury, it is part of the etiquette of golfing to show consideration for that no players or spectators are in danger of getting hurt by the ball or the golf club at the shot.

Reasons of Fairness imply the Consideration of other Players It is very important to be highly concentrated while playing golf. The Speed of playing at the Golf Course is also an important Subject of the "Etiquette of playing Golf" Golfers prefer a fast game, so if a player expects his ball to be lost in a water hazard, he is allowed to continue with another provisional ball. Prerogative at the Golf Course - Whose is it? Protection of the Golf Course As the golf course has top priority in golfsports, the protection of the golf course gains a high weighting.

Politeness and Fairness of the Golf Course Politeness at the golf course means for example to respect the "honour", thus who is allowed to tee off first and also to comply with the order during the game. Other uses - texting, emailing, Internet, diary, etc.

Code of Conduct and Rules | Shires Junior Golf Tour

The Professional, the Bar Supervisor and their staff, the Secretary and Committee members have authority to ensure compliance to this policy. Etiquette and Dress Code. Smart denim wear is permitted within the clubhouse and its immediate vicinity but only if they are clean, and are free of any fraying, holes, rips or tears. Dirty, muddy or wet clothing is not permitted in the Clubhouse.

Golf Etiquette and behavior on the course

Rackets wear, outdoor wear and sandals are only acceptable in the Casual Bar, Foyer and on the patio In addition, members and their guests are expected to observe any, more formal, dress code requirements at particular Club functions and presentations, details of which will be publicised fully beforehand. Note: all comments regarding the 1st apply to the 10th, etc.

Please read and comply with the sign behind the 1st tee. A public footpath crosses the 1st and 6th fairways from the end of the fence in front of the cottage on the right to the small gate giving access to the cricket field.

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Do not play if there is anyone on the footpath. There is also a footpath down the right hand side of the 1st fairway from the large fence to the Cadsden Road. The 1st and the 6th holes run in opposite directions with neighbouring fairways.

Care of The Course

Be alert and careful. Do not drive from the 1st while golfers are playing their shots to the 6th green.

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Do not play shots to the 6th green while players are walking off the 1st tee. Remain short of the 6th fairway while players are driving from the 1st tee. Wait for the bell before playing blind shots to the 1st green and remember to ring the bell when leaving the 1st green.