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Brain wakes Penny up and the conductor tells Gadget that they made it.

What Army Basic Training is Really Like

He sends Gadget to Claw with some boxes. Claw turns as Gadget comes in and he thanks the inspector for his work. Gadget steps into the elevator, and Claw plunges Gadget to his death, but Penny fights Claw and saves her uncle, who turns out to be all right. Penny then re-hijacks the train and gets out.

Later, Chief Quimby congratulates Inspector Gadget for saving computer parts.

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Penny tells Quimby that Gadget tricked Claw by giving him the wrong boxes; it is revealed that the boxes have cat food in them. On the train, Gadget gives Penny, Brain, everybody at home some safety tips for being on a train: He says not to bother people when they're walking and if the viewers have to bring their dog, make sure he stays still.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Synopsis The episode opens up on a train. Trivia This is the second of four episodes where Dr.

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Claw is voiced by Don Francks. And how do you excel once you are there? You will be challenged in more ways than one once basic training begins.

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To truly understand the military, you need to think about the psychological aspects of warfare as well as the physical ones. It is a good idea to read up on basic training before you go. However, most of these are great for reading while you are there, too. Even if you are as tough as nails, basic training will be a whole new adventure that promises to ravish your body, mind and even spirit. In addition to the new grueling workouts, he was facing a daunting number of rules and military jargon.

Thankfully, Volkin did not suffer in vain: he kept a detailed record of everything that he was learning to help future recruits get a leg up on the challenge they face. If you have a lot of questions and concerns about enlisting, this is the go-to book to get your questions answered. Authored by two veterans, this book combines stories about every part of basic training, from drill instructors to triumphant moments every recruit will get to experience during the eight intense weeks of boot camp.

It touches on the mind games that are played during training.

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It will help you understand why the drill sergeants do what they do. Having a deeper understanding of what to expect can make your time training a little less stressful. As the U. Well done, gentlemen and patriots! This book is a classic novel about the Civil War and follows the story of a young man who enlists to fight in the Civil War and then abandons his post. It is on the Marines official reading list because its battle scenes are super realistic, even though the author never saw any real battles himself — perhaps because the author is thought to have conducted several interviews with veterans of the Civil War.

The book was originally serialized in newspapers in the late s before becoming the novel we know and love today.

How Hard Is Army Basic Training? One Ex-Soldier Tells His Story

This book has been a classic for literally thousands of years — and once you have read it, you will understand why. It is simple and disarming, and it provides insights for anyone who needs to start thinking like a military strategist. The philosophies of speed, covert action and in-depth knowledge of your enemy align nicely with the skills you will be taught in your military career today, and this book will help you genuinely understand military tactics. Each chapter includes lessons on a different aspect of battle strategy, making it a near-definitive read.

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You can see with your eyes how basic training prepares you physically to be a soldier, but it is harder to tell if you are mentally fit for war.