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Check box to include out-of-stock items. View: Grid List. Meyer is on Fire! Goosebumps Series, 5. A Chinese boy rescues a starving baby panda, and, in the process, learns why pandas are endangered, and what the government is doing to save them. When Jo Jo and Magic Pickle face off against a bad legume during a class field trip to a peanut factory, it is not the fearless, dill superhero nor his video game that save the day but Jo Jo's ingenuity.

Thrilled to be reunited with their animal companions in Friendship Forest, Jess and Lily help rescue a little squirrel to free her family, which has been put under a spell by the mischievous Grizelda and her nefarious dragon team. Simultaneous eBook.

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When Akimbo and his park ranger father unintentionally capture a lion cub near an African game park when they are trying to trap a lion that has been attacking cattle on nearby farms, Akimbo wants to keep the cub. Years after being terrified by a creepy puppet show at a birthday party, twins Ben and Jenny help make a YouTube video using old puppets from a friend's attic before realizing that the puppets are starting to control their minds.

School Market Edition. Scholastic school market edition. Miss Brown is Upside Down! Miss Tracy is Spacey! A class visit to the Gross-Me-Out exhibit at the science museum inspires Stink Moody to create a variety of terrible smells to put on the sneakers he plans to enter in the World's Worst Super-Stinky Sneaker contest.

Judy definitely has a mood for every occasion. Amd now she has a mood ring to prove it! Ages: Hall Is a Goofball! School market edition. Our Principal is a Frog! Our Principal's in His Underwear! Goosebumps series, Junie B. When Geronimo's nemeses the Pirate Cats try to travel through time to the year , they accidentally end up in BC, where they meet their Neanderthal ancestors who tell them about the legend of a Giant Wooly Mammoth, inspiring them to concoct a plan to capture and bring it back to the present; Geronimo must travel to the Ice Age to stop the cats from changing history forever!

A latest Magic Tree House adventure finds Jack and Annie traveling through time back to ancient Greece, where they befriend a young Alexander the Great and learn about his famous stallion, Bucephalus. Eight--year-old Emma and her little dog, Tristan, take a magic carpet ride to the distant land of Barakash to help a genie recover his stolen magical nose ring. Goosebumps:The Movie By R. Complemented by an exclusive author interview, a novelization of the Summer film depicts the experiences of a teen who inadvertently unleashes monsters in his new hometown while trying to save a friend's life.

Movie tie-in. Meet Ook and Gluk, the coolest caveboys to step out of the Stone Age! It's , B. The world's most evil coporatio nfrom the future has invaded the past, and the boys and their little dinosaur pal, Lily, are i big troubl! When a mysterious time portal takes them to the year , they find a wise new friend.

But will they find the secret to saving the day? Only a few inches tall, the members of the Little family who live in the walls of an old house encounter a myriad of dangers, especially when the new residents' house cat comes their way. Believing that he doesn't do anything particular to get the constant praise of his teacher, Jake Drake realizes that he needs to do something to stop being the teacher's pet in order for his classmates to treat him normally again.

Nicky's freckles cover his entire face, ears, and whole back of his neck. If Andrew had freckles like Nicky, his mother would never know if his neck was dirty. But how exactly do you get freckles? For fifty cents, know-it-all Sharon has the answer - a secret family freckle recipe! Secrets of Droon Special Edition 4. School Market edition. The drop of water travels from the coast of Maine, across Eu…. This informational text by Walter Wick takes readers on the journey of a drop of water. The states of water and concepts of evaporation…. Ezra Pound was one of the founders of Imagism who helped define its philosophy.

In his essay warning Imagist poets against writin…. The article gives factual information about the when, where and how the game of basketball began and how it is played. Houghton Miffli…. Judy Moody is on a mission to save the rain forest. Not only has she chosen to make this her mission, she is also determined to make it….

While cleaning the schoolyard, Louis accepts a package for Mrs. It is very large and heavy, but he carries it up 30 flights of s…. This realistic fiction story is about a young boy, Max, who is growing up on a large fruit farm in Chile and how he wants to find a fri…. This informational text by Dianna Hutts Aston uses personification to demonstrate the complex and adaptive life of a seed, offering ric….

Glashka uses her innate connection and intuition with nature to help bring together the community in hopes of trying to save the lives …. This informational text describes the ways in which trees are made up of many important parts that grow and change. Houghton Mifflin H…. In this story, several different families from other countries prepare to become US citizens.

Characters from different cultures share …. Includes: Primary source text on the Civil War Text-dependent questions Academic vocabulary list Writing prompt for writing to so…. This lesson includes scaffolded analytical writing tasks that provide examples for teaching Common Core writing. A boy and his family …. Two days after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Vice President Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as president. In this s…. Bob tells Oscar that one day he, too, will have wings! This nonfiction story…. The story is about a ….

We will learn about how pigs and their characteristics and behaviors relate to humans as we learn about the world around us. Allie has a new basketball. In the story, Grace wants to try out for the lead role of Peter Pan. Classmates discourage Grace by saying that Peter Pan was not…. Pilot Amelia Earhart and first lady Eleanor Roosevelt are good friends and one night, after dinner at the White House, Amelia then offe…. This picture book celebrates the pioneering spirit of two friends whose passion for life gave them the courage to defy convention in th….

Amelia Bedelia is a literal-minded but charming housekeeper who confounds her employers, the Rogers, by following their list of things …. In , pilot Amelia…. The Lewis and Clark expedition explored unmapped territory from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean from The expedition …. Seventeen-year-old best friends dream of becoming light-weight boxing champions of the world. They train together until they find out t….

Seven-year old Annie Dillard enjoys playing football with the boys in her neighborhood because it requires her to play with concentrati…. The book starts with a few general statements about eggs. The author then starts giving descriptions of eggs. She pairs the description…. When the baby elephant is born, the mother cow is protective of the calf. This can be seen by the pictures. The baby is dependent on it…. Silversmith Paul Revere takes his famous midnight ride to warn Americans that British soldiers are advancing.

Houghton Mifflin Harcour…. During her first days at school in America, Ut experiences alienation and separation. Later, she finds understanding and acceptance. This research pack: Centers on a single topic i. This is a poem about love that Poe has written in memory of his wife, whom he calls Annabel Lee. Annabel Lee and the narrator were so i…. The story explains the life of animals that live in Antarctica. The author describes life for the animals as they wait for summer….

Nine-year old Anthony is proud of his history, culture, and family tradition of Mexican rodeo-style roping and riding. He also enjoys v…. Through the use of simple language and vibrant illustrations, "Are Trees Alive? This is a literary text with a poetic structure which draws in information and content specific vocabulary focusing on the saguaro cact….

Sarah and Susan are sisters who enjoy spending Sunday afternoons with their great-great Aunt Flossie. Aunt Flossie entertains her great…. The author, Helen Lester, traces her writing career from the age of three to adulthood. She shares her struggles with writing in elemen…. Diphtheria has broken out in Nome, Alaska. Teams of sled dogs carry medicine miles over snow and ice to prevent an epidemic. He describe…. This informative book by Gail Gibbons offers an intriguing look at some of the many different kinds of bats, their amazing abilities, a….

In The Bear Boy, a man neglects his son and does not teach him the ways of Pueblo life and how to transition into manhood. One day, the…. A Prince must find a girl who will love him, in spite of his frightening curse. McGraw-Hill Imagine It! Opal has just moved t…. This story, set in s Austria, is a series of letters written between a young boy, Christoph, who lives in Vienna and his uncle, a m….

Beneath Blue Waters comes from the trade book with the same title. It focuses on the layers of the ocean. This selection ta…. Bob Lemmons, an Afric…. Includes: Secondary source text on ancient Greek civilization Text-dependent questions Academic vocabulary list Writing prompt fo…. A family moves into an unpopulated area. With the ingenuity of one young girl, a town is established and grows. The idea of supply and …. Both of his parents work hard. His mother works at a sewing mach…. This biography relates the life of John Batterson Stetson as a hatting apprentice until he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and decided ….

He meets a girl named Sandra, whom he admires,…. Unit 1 delves into the …. Laura Ingalls and her family are traveling by train to meet her father in Tracy. This story describes their first train ride as t…. John is the son of a priest in a futuristic society where social class and rules are paramount. Knowledge is vital to John, and he inve…. This informational text by Brenda Z. Guiberson chronicles more than a century in the life of a saguaro cactus and shows how water and s…. In this story, Carlos and Gloria have been friends since they were young, and Carlos begins to develop feelings for Gloria, so he decid….

In this Caribbean Cinderella story, Cendrillon is treated as a servant by her step-mother and half-sister. Nannin, the godmother, uses …. Cendrillon is a Caribbean Cinderella story told from the perspective of the godmother, Nannin. Nannin has been godmother to Cendrillon …. When his fathe…. After a storm damages…. In this literary text by E. White, Wilbur, a farm pig, is saved as a little runt by an adoring young girl, Fern.

As Fern grows older …. This story of friends….

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Then one …. The text is about a mouse named Chrysanthemum who learns, with the help of her teacher, to love her name and appreciate it for its uniq…. Chuck Close is an American artist who overcomes many obstacles in his life, both unexpected and self-induced. He overcame his fir…. This classic tale tells the story of Cinderella, a girl known for her goodness, who is forced by her stepmother to work on chores and l….

The election for class president of the 5th grade shapes up as a two-way race between Cricket and Lucas, but throughout the course of t…. The cows and the chickens are cold and want electric blankets. They type letters on a typewriter to Farmer Brown telling him they need ….

The Rabbit Who Hopped Over the Hill (Creature Teachers - early readers Book 5)

In this story, Dag and his son Axel are at their climbing school in the Teton Mountains when the family dog, Grits, is stranded on Cath…. In this story, after their car crashes in a blizzard and their parents are injured, Danielle and Jake must climb to a weather station n…. In this literary text by Judi Barrett, Grandpa relives a tall-tale about a town where food falls from the sky. As the weather becomes u…. It incl…. This resource is created by New Schools for New Orleans.

All resources created by this organization may be found here. Each text…. Tess, a young girl, eagerly awaits a coming rainstorm to bring relief from the oppressive summer heat. Clouds roll in and it begi…. This unit is comprised of 5 modules, each approximately days in length. The unit asks students to read and think critically about t…. Free units plans, lesson plans, Core-aligned texts, and student materials for teaching evidence-based claims. Available for grades …. This is an illustrated collection of silly verses and rhymes that describe marine life creatures living in and around the ocean.

Includes: Secondary source text on Medieval European history Text-dependent questions Academic vocabulary list Writing prompt for…. Tom Benecke is conflicted by his career ambition and his desire to be with his wife. One night while his wife goes to the movies …. Students learn about a …. In this story, Coyote…. An absentee father takes his daughter on a hunting trip. The experience leads them to discover that that they are not strangers after a….

They enjoy the good food, beautiful dances, colorful costu…. This book is written as a letter to children from the planet earth. It describes how the earth feels about the living things on it, how…. Juno receives a letter from his grandmother who lives in Seoul, Korea. Even though he cannot read the Korean-language text, she is able…. In this literary text by Soyung Pak, a young boy and his grandmother who lives in Korea send each other pictures and gifts to tell the …. The main character, L….

LaRue sends her dog, Ike, to obedience school because of a series of inappropriate behaviors that he displays toward everyone. Ike is a spoiled dog whose owner, Mrs. LaRue, sends to obedience school. He is unhappy and writes letters to her that make it seem as i…. Parks gives advice to students on a variety of issues by answering some of the letters she has received over her lifetime. She emb…. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, Japanese-Americans on the west coast were forced to uproot themselves and move in….

This informational text by Barbara Bash focuses on the saguaro cactus in the Sonoran Desert, which provides shelter and food for a dive…. The author explains the complete water cycle and also discusses ocean currents, ocean and lake habitats, and hydroelectricity. He also …. Diego Rivera studied art abroad in Spain and France and then returned to his home country, Mexico, where he painted murals representing…. This story is about a…. This book provides a lot of facts about soil. Dogzilla is a fantasy…. Children of ….

Donovan asks his grandmother for advice as to what he should do with his collection of words in a jar, and she shows Donovan how he can…. Since ancient times, people have used bones and fossils to imagine what animals that lived in the past were like. When scientists and p…. In the Drive-In Movies, young Gary Soto wants his mother to take him and his siblings to the drive-in movies, a special treat. Duck is unhappy with the work he is responsible for doing on the farm.

He decides to run for farmer and wins the election. He goes on t…. This is the story of how year-old Jonathan protects his younger sister, Abby, during an earthquake. Jonathan, Abby, and their …. In this informational text by April Pulley Sayre, a grizzly bear and its eating habits are followed throughout the year. To facilitate….

Echo is a nymph that likes to gossips so a spell is cast upon her to only reiterate things that she has heard. Her spell became the cau…. Outlines the key areas in which to support struggling readers. By educators David and Meredith Liben. During the Mexican Revolution, a heroic mother, Elena, struggles to protect her family after her husband dies from an accident, and she….

Who ever heard of a girl glassblower? In Mexico, where the sun is called el sol and the moon is called la luna, a little girl called El…. Elizabeth I is the biography of Queen Elizabeth who reigned in England for 45 years from to Milton Meltzer chronologically h…. This is a biography o…. This informational narrative in the form of a play is about a group of fourth grade students who volunteer to work with rangers on Padr…. This expository nonfiction story includes photographs is divided into sections that describes the Amazon, pink river dolphins and their….

Leroy Brown, otherwise known as Encyclopedia, is a great detective and helps his father solve crimes. One night at dinner, they d…. A friendly goose shows Wilb…. As five children travel through the Florida Everglades by canoe, their guide tells them about the evolution of the landscape and life f…. Dee has…. Exploding Ants is an expository non-fiction text that explains how animals adapt to survive in their environment.

Pearson Reading Stre…. This book describes how storm chaser Warren Faidley finds storms and photographs them, as well as how he makes a living off his photogr…. Includes: Primary source text arguing for the ratification of the U. Constitution Text-dependent questions Academic vocabulary l…. We call moving air the…. Robert Ballard describes how he and his team discovered the Titanic in Through a flashback to the story of year old Ruth…. In this text, students learn about the daily role of a firefighter and the importance of firefighters in communities past and present.

A boy catches fireflies in a jar. He wants to keep them, but soon realizes that they will die in the jar. Though it makes him very sad,…. When Axel and his family take a rafting trip down the swift Salmon River, they sense little risk when smoke appears in the quiet, dry w…. A mentally challenged man is presented with an opportunity to have an operation that will triple his intelligence. The story chronicles…. Quick reference chart helps teachers identify readers who need fluency support, set goals, and track progress. Webpage by education researcher Tim Rasinski.

After a stormy night, a farmer searching for his lost calf finds a baby eagle that has been blown out of its nest. He takes it home and…. These tales, from Vietnam, Thailand, and China, all demonstrate how it takes the strengths of many to accomplish goals and make a diffe…. This literary text by Kelly Cunnane tells the story of a Kenyan child who is easily distracted from his daily work and has forgotten hi….

In this tall tale story, deadbeat Shorty Long has to avoid the people to whom he owes money. Franklin R. Chang-Diaz is an immigrant from Costa Rica who began thinking about space at age seven when the Soviet Union launched the f…. This is a narrative-structured text in which a young frog is fascinated with weather, including watching weather clues and following th…. This non-fiction text provides interesting and amazing facts and information about different species of frogs around the world. The manufacturing process relies on the interdependence of human and natural resources. There is a systematic manufacturing process tha….

In this personal essay by Isaac Asimov, the author relates his journey of becoming a science fiction writer. Asimov explains disc…. From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons is an informational text on the life cycle of plants and how the plants are used. This informational…. This selection provides an overview of two laws dealing with fugitives from slavery. The Fugitive Slave Act of establishes monetar…. Galileo refines the t…. In this story Gertrude Ederle overcomes obstacles, both physical and social, in order to prevail at her lifelong dream of being the fir…. This text depicts how the Westward Expansion left a lasting impact on America.

The massive migration of people to the American West dur…. In this piece of fiction, a boy named Gilberto makes Wind his playmate. Along the way, Gilberto discovers that the wind can be an unpre…. Along with her worldwide musical fame, Gloria Estefan also experienced tragedy, but continued to help others in unfortunate situations. Tricia Ann begs her grandmother to be allowed to go to Someplace Special all on her own, and reluctantly, her grandmother agrees, telli…. A typical day in the life of a 's pioneer began early in the morning and involved a great deal of hard work and persistence from ea….

In this story, Jangmi moves from her home in Korea to a new home in the United States. At first she is sad about leaving behind her fri…. This nonfiction narrative is about the Grand Canyon, its many landforms, and the animals that live there. It explores how the Col…. In this excerpt, thirteen-year-old Brian Robeson overcomes the initial hurdles of survival in the Canadian wilderness.

As he ward…. Seventy-four years ago, Spencer gave his sister Hattie a wooden box as a wedding gift, and though it was empty, told her there was some…. Two men are handcuffed together board a train. Miss Fairchild, a young and elegant woman, recognizes the younger of the two men, …. A fantastic heat wave hits a Kansas farm, roasting the geese, popping the corn in the fields, and causing other distressing events. In Wendi Kaufman's story, Vita, the narrator, lives in an apartment with her single mother.

She deeply misses her father who left them,…. In this rhyming text, a young girl describes her journey of discovery as she experiences ocean treasures through each of her five sense…. This informational text by Madeleine Dunphy is a cumulative tale listing animals of the African savanna and their relationships to each….

Angel Arrellano, a nine-year-old girl from Fresno, CA. Her enthus…. Hewitt is quite extraordinary--though he is a son of giants, he is small in stature, yet quite adept at taking care of himself and, wor…. This nonfiction piece tells about Barbara del Colorado, a village in Costa Rica. People needed a way to make money; a scientist suggest…. On the date of the visit, Mrs. Houdini tells Victor t…. In this nonfiction text, orphaned orangutans are cared for and raised at Camp Leakey on the island of Borneo, including the skills the …. In this literary text by Mordicai Gerstein, a young boy creates a plan to travel to the moon on his bicycle in order to plant sunflower….

This nonfiction story presents facts and details about how and where hurricanes are formed, the ways in which people are warned of hurr…. In this reflective essay, Chief Dan George compares his native North American culture with that of white culture and expresses his view…. Three-day series of sample lessons includes: Text dependent questions Readings with teacher and student instructions Student discu…. First Angelou describes the im…. Saturdays and Sundays are very special days for the young girl in this story. On Saturdays, she visits Grandma and Grandpa, who come fr….

Dusty Whittemore faces several challenges and below-freezing weather during the Junior Iditarod race in Alaska. Two tangles, a snowmobi…. A little boy describes his journey to the moon and what he needs to survive the trip. He gives an accurate account of the effects of th…. In this expository text, the author provides important factual highpoints, influential people, and interesting morsels of information a…. This text explains the nuts and bolts of how different types of coins, bills, and checks; how they are connected; and how your dollars …. This is a poem was written in letter format, addressed to the U.

Executive Order 90…. In this autobiographical text, Gary Paulson narrates experiences he had in the bitter cold of the North which taught him to respect all…. In this story, Francisco comes from Mexico to a new school, and he has difficulty understanding the English language and communicating …. He invokes …. Karana is a Native Am…. Jabberwocky is an epic poem told through nonsense words. In the s,…. This poem by Byrd Baylor conveys physical traits and characteristics that help a jackrabbit survive. After the Revo…. In this literary text by Susan Ebbers, Jamie is interested in learning more about Africa.

Reading books and using his imagination, he s…. Internationally known scientist and conservationist Jane Goodall offers ten suggestions for ways we can all help save wildlife. From th…. John Henry competes against a steam drill in driving steel and proudly claims that he would sooner die than let a steam drill beat him. In , three astronauts Neil Armstrong, Bu….

A wealthy rancher is proud of his foreman and says he cannot tell a lie. Another rancher makes a bet with him that he can get his forem…. In this story, Michael Jordan is a very active child. His family helps him to channel his energy into positive activities and eventuall….

But when an sh…. Justin is upset that …. In , year-old Kai travels alone by steamship from China to Gold Mountain United States to live with his father. When Kai arriv…. Katie, whose family i…. At a time when it was unusual for women to travel alone to Alaska, Kate Ryan leaves her home in Canada and travels to the Alaskan front…. This autobiographical piece tells what a neat, tidy rule-follower this author was in his youth.

Once he was unfairly given a dete…. Manuel, a fifth grader, feels average and lacks confidence in himself.

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He has doubts about volunteering for the elementary school talen…. Mary Maloney's husband Patrick tells his wife that that he is leaving her, and shocked beyond reply, she grabs a large leg of lamb from…. One definition of a protagonist is a character that goes through change.

And part of the definition is that the antagonist is the…. This story takes place in the s in the Great Plains region of the United States devastated by a great drought. Leah had been given …. This selection is a narrative nonfiction story about supply and demand. It gives readers information about the basics of starting…. This narrative nonfic…. Includes: Primary source text on early American history Text-dependent questions Academic vocabulary list Writing prompt for writ…. WWII has started and Jimbo Kurasaki and his mother and brother have been confined to an internment camp because they are Japanese.

He i…. In this nonfiction story, readers learn how and why scientists brave the extreme conditions of both poles in order to do research that …. Life in the Grunt tribe changes when a baby dinosaur hatches from the huge egg that Little Grunt drags home for brunch. Houghton Miffl…. This research pack focuses on: Centers on a single topic i. An adventurous mouse named Livingstone is faced with the task of finding a place to build his own nest.

In the story, the mother leaves 3 children home alone as she goes to visit…. In this essay, Mandela explains his shifting understandings of freedom based on different stages in his life. Mandela explain how his p…. The story follows the lives of three new-born wolves over a ten and one half month period. It encompasses the various stages thro…. The students will lea…. In this story, a young girl shares what it is like to spend time with her grandmother at her home and at her job at the crab chong wher….

Throughout her life, …. Mahalia Jackson begins with the grandfather sharing the historical underpinnings of the blues, including a brief history of the African…. This literary text by Mary and Rich Chamberlin tells a tale of community, friendship and sharing. As a mother and son go to the market …. With the help of her friends and family, Mariah plans a surprise party for her sister Lynn.

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After many close calls, the party is succes…. This play takes place in South Carolina in during the American Revolution, when a mother and her daughter are going about their da…. This award winning, beautifully illustrated picture book biography introduces children to the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. He grew …. To keep their only so…. This is an informational article about a woman named Maya Lin who has designed monuments around the country honoring historic events. In this tall tale, Jo…. Major medical discoveries are detailed over time. Diverse individuals, using scientific methods and innovation, determined causes for d….

Scientists Dr. Roger Payne and Dr. Katherine Payne have discovered that the use of infrasonic sounds is a method of communication used …. It details her transformation from a novice t…. For as long as she co…. This expository nonfiction text is about how living things have adapted traits of mimicry or camouflage to either fool or attract prey ….

This is a narrative depicting the journey of small seeds preparing to take root and begin their life cycle. The main character, Miss Ma…. Leslie and her family learn to adjust to life without their mother when she is away training her new dog guide, Ursula, after the passi…. This article examines what happens when a sugar planter tries to save his sugar crops by importing a few mongooses to eat the rats.

When a sudden and inexplicable force causes everything to stop working on Maple Street, the people there begin to wonder who or what is…. In this literary text by David and Phillis Gershator, a rooster notices that the sky is dark and realizes there is no one to help it co…. In this informational text the author describes mountains in different parts of the world. He tells about the effects of erosion on mou…. This literary text by Richard and Florence Atwater tells the story of Mr.

Popper, a seasonal house painter who is faced with making a d…. In Mrs. In this fantasy story…. This text describes and illustrates with labeled pictures the purpose and process for making mummies in Ancient Egypt. It begins with t…. Each : text set Centers on a single topic i. This personal narrative introduces the genre of a diary to the students.

This story is based upon the life of Arizona Houston Hughes, a teacher who taught generations of children in a one-room schoolhouse tha…. More than one Maria in class causes Maria Isabel to worry for weeks about not being in the pageant, when the teacher confuses their nam…. Through d…. This is a story about Saruni, a young boy, and his family, who are both consumers and sellers in a market in Tanzania. There are many e…. Sam Gribley has been living alone in the woods all summer, but fall has arrived and the fear of winter has forced Sam to think of new w….

As a child, the narrator describes how his magnificent career as an artist was ended at an early age by adults who lacked imagination, …. In this legend, the author uses the struggles of a poverty stricken boy and his grandmother to show how even in their trials, the decis…. A young Bedouin girl has earned the nickname Nadia the Willful because of her quick temper. Her brother, Hamed, is the only one who can…. She describes her reactions to the mispronunci…. Detective Nate the Great searches San Francisco for a lost joke book.

He discovers that the wrong place can be the best place to look f…. This informational text by Jonathan Alderfer includes pictures and information concerning birds and their habitats. To facilitate the …. This lesson was initially created through the Basal Alignment Project and was then further developed by the 4th grade team from Pleasan…. Puffins raise their y…. This is a beautifully illustrated story of a young bat, Chiro, who is sent out on his very first solo adventure into the dark night. The poem describes the victorious homecoming of a ship.

The Captain responsible for the safe return of his ship and crew has died befor….

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This excerpt describes how oceans work: the relationship between the phases of the moon and tides, and the dangers of deadly tidal wave…. This is a letter from President Barack Obama to his daughters, where he poses reflective questions regarding the character of his daugh…. Police Officer Buckle gives safety speeches that no one listens to until a police dog, Gloria, joins him. Because Gloria acts out the s…. War is happening in Spain and the civilians are asked to leave the war zone. At the side of the road, the narrator, presumably a ….

With Papa away on a cattle drive, fourteen-year-old Travis is in charge of looking after the family homestead on the Texas plains, mile…. Lorraine Hansberry uses elements of narrative, and persuasive and reflective essays to highlight memorable moments in her life where sh…. In this historical fi…. In summer, the grasshopper runs among the h…. This informational text by Gail Marilyn Singer displays the lives of local people and wildlife on the same day in March, from the Arcti…. A raja decrees that the villagers must give most of the rice they harvest to him.

He promises to store it safely and distribute it in t…. This is a story of how changes happen in the world, one person, one family, one community at a time. The story takes place in Ghana, We….

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In this speech, Rudolfo Anaya celebrates the purchase of the 1 millionth library volume by the University of New Mexico. He begin….