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Stream On. Critic Reviews. Entertainment Weekly - Marc Snetiker Oct 15, Overflowing with hyperactive charm and a spectacular sea of colors, it showcases some of the most breathtaking animation we've seen this decade. Read full review.

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TheWrap - Alonso Duralde Oct 14, The Book of Life manages to be genuinely surprising and engrossing. The Book of Life may use state-of-the-art animation, but it derives its strength from the wisdom of antiquity. Variety - Geoff Berkshire Oct 14, The Book of Life is undoubtedly stuffed with more business than its fleet, kid-friendly running time can properly handle. A flawed but intriguing new chapter in animation. Village Voice - Simon Abrams Oct 14, The film's rote right-makes-might fantasy wouldn't be so obnoxious if pandering to the lowest common denominator wasn't its default mode.

User Score. Write a Review. User Reviews. Fiftyfootgirl Oct 17, A beautiful film from the inside out!

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Visually stunning, with tons of heart and humor, excellent character design and very strong female leads! A great celebration of the art and culture of Mexico, but also accessible and enjoyable for everyone. A must-see.

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DBPirate Oct 16, Certainly not the film I was expecting which believe me, is a good thing. The Book of Life genuinely impressed me. Definitely better than some of Dreamworks' films for sure. I wasn't that big of a fan of the romance but everything else was amazing. Great film! Eliut Oct 20, The movie might be perfect if these 3 points have been taken into account: 1.

The Book Of Life

Everything else is perfect and the art of the characters are beautiful. MattBrady99 Mar 10, You know what time it is? It's Animation time. The book of Life is about a young man finds himself on a path that can go two different ways: to follow the expectations of his family or to follow his heart. But before making a momentous choice in his life, he must face his greatest fears - You know what time it is? But before making a momentous choice in his life, he must face his greatest fears - and the fantastical journey begins. What I really like about this movie is that it's different and so it's so colorful with it's animation, and the movie has some frighting scenes about death and the other world that might scare kids, but just like most kids films we see we do see scary and messed up scenes in some kids movie.

The good things in the movie: The animation in this movie is so colorful and so bright that my eyes couldn't get enough of the beautiful animation that was right in front of me. The voice acting was pretty good, the movie takes it different twist and turns which I like. The Problems: My problem with the movie is it's Jokes, the Jokes in the movie sometimes work and sometimes didn't, and they use modern music mix with old mexico music and that to me didn't really work for me.

Overall I didn't love this movie, because the movie has problems but let's not forget it has it's good parts, and that's why I do think it's a fun time a theaters and it's a harmless movie for young auditions, well for some kids. The Book of Life is charming, entertaining and lively, accessible for audiences, but disappoints slightly on the front it promises to be more than it is with a plot and moral message that's muddled. That said, the eye-popping visuals are overpowering enough to gloss over my complaints and The Book of Life is charming, entertaining and lively, accessible for audiences, but disappoints slightly on the front it promises to be more than it is with a plot and moral message that's muddled.

Of course, the really story is how fantastic The Book of Life looks. They definitely succeeded. While The Book of Life certainly looks polished and is just as visually striking as those films, it has a handmade charm that really does evoke authentic Mexican folk art.

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Del Toro and Gutierrez spoke at length about how they wanted the film to feel like a giant meal, a dish where you truly get a sampling of Mexican culture. The central love triangle is, by all appearances, handled deftly and with a great deal of warmth with the vocal talents of Diego Luna, Zoe Saldana and Channing Tatum helping thing pop just a little more.

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It also appears that, structurally speaking, the film cycles though several unique worlds and aesthetics throughout its three acts. Perhaps the biggest surprise was the use of music. After that one piece of music was secured, it became easier to get the other numbers in line including pieces by Biz Markie and Rod Stewart. You need to think in terms of food, I always think in terms of food. If you want Chinese, you go to a Chinese restaurant.

When you want Japanese Sushi, you go to one of those restaurants and everyone enjoys how different the flavor is. And storytelling needs the same diversity.

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The world is not one flavor… ultimately the final flavor of your movie needs to have a specificity. Just as the food, the feel and the music of Mexico appeals to everyone.