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Each class card also has a unique background color. Neutral cards are gray, and have no class icon in the center bar. Each class has a different gameplay style, and players are encouraged to find their favorite classes and build custom decks to suit their play preferences. The Wanderer class is provided for draft play, but players are welcome to use it in prime play. A Wanderer-class deck may consist entirely of Neutral cards, entirely of class cards, or any mixture of the two. The class cards used in a Wanderer-class deck must all be of the same class multi-class decks are not allowed in prime play.

These rules are intended to provide clarity during gameplay. If there is a dispute over a rule or ability, players are encouraged to keep the intended friendly spirit of the game in mind when considering the possible resolutions. Players must be given a fair opportunity to respond to any action taken by their opponent. Playing quickly with the intent of reducing an opponent's opportunity to respond is a clear violation of the intended spirit of the game. With the exception of direct references to your Hero card, there is no distinction between the player and their Hero during play.

Either player may activate abilities during any player's turn after the unzap step is complete. Abilities may not be activated prior to the active player's unzap step or during any cooldown phase, though some may trigger automatically. An ability is resolved when its effect has been completed to the fullest extent possible.

If an ability cannot resolve completely, any unresolved portion of that ability has no effect. Other abilities such as interrupts may prevent an ability from resolving or modify the extent to which that ability resolves. Abilities are resolved in the order played.

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An ability must fully resolve before another card or ability can be played. In the event of simultaneous resolution, the active player decides which ability resolves first. No card may be played and no ability may be activated while another ability is resolving, unless that card or ability is an interrupt as specified by the card type or ability text.

Interrupt abilities can be played even if another ability has been paid for and is in the process of resolving. If an ability cannot resolve completely, all aspects of the ability that can legally do so are resolved, and then any unresolved portion of that ability is ignored. At this point, the ability is considered fully resolved.

Abilities that modify the amount of damage being dealt are resolved prior to the tokens being physically placed on the card. If an ability was activated as a result of a card that was played and that ability cannot fully resolve, the card is still considered to have been played. Multiple Instances of an Ability. If a card gains an ability that is already present on that card, treat the gained ability as a new, unique instance of that ability. For example, when a card with Life-O-Suction 2 gains Life-O-Suction 1 , each instance of Life-O-Suction is triggered separately the abilities do not combine to form Life-O-Suction 3 , although the resolution of the abilities may have a similar result.

Some abilities require the controller to choose one or more targets. A target is the Hero es or card s that particular ability will affect. If there is no available target, a card that requires a target may not be played. Similarly, if there is no available target, an ability that requires a target may not be activated.

If the ability on a hired Monster requires a target and there are no valid targets available, the ability still triggers and the Monster is still hired but its ability cannot resolve. If an ability has a valid target and that target becomes invalid before the card or ability fully resolves due to an interrupt, for example , the original ability then cannot fully resolve. Some abilities have ongoing effects that last for an extended period of time, as specified by that ability. If such an ability is not interrupted by another ability, it is considered resolved as soon as the ability is played, even though the ongoing effect is still active.

Players are not required to wait until the ongoing effect is complete before playing further cards or abilities. When a card leaves play, it is no longer affected by any abilities that had affected it while in play. All tokens on that card are returned to the stockpile, and all Curses that were stuck to that card are moved to their owner's discard pile. The player currently taking their turn is the active player for the duration of that turn. When the active player's turn ends, their opponent starts their next turn, becoming the new active player.

Each player makes the decisions for elements under their control, but if multiple abilities would resolve simultaneously, the active player chooses the order in which those abilities resolve. In the event that abilities would activate simultaneously, the active player decides which ability activates first. All references to cheating in official Munchkin Collectible Card Game documentation, including these rules, refer to this gameplay mechanic. Intentional rules violations outside of this definition are not allowed.

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A player controls and may be referred to as the controller of their deck, discard pile, hand, Hero Zone, hoard, purse, and stash, along with everything in those zones. A player also controls any gold they've committed to a fight, until it is paid. A player makes all decisions for elements under their control. The stockpile and DMZ are shared spaces and are not under any player's control. When a card such as a Curse is played to a zone controlled by an opponent, that opponent becomes the controller of that card, though ownership of the card does not change.

When a card leaves play, control of that card reverts to its owner. Abilities may modify combat damage. Non-combat damage may occur at any time, including during a fight. A hired Monster's ability always activates, unless a condition described within that ability is not met even if that Monster would otherwise be squished. A hired Monster's ability activates immediately upon hiring that Monster, unless the ability itself specifies different timing.

Numerical values in the Munchkin Collectible Card Game cannot be reduced below 0 there are no negative numbers in this game. If a value would be reduced below 0, reduce it to 0 and ignore any further reduction. A player is considered the owner of all cards they control at the start of the game. Control of cards may change over the course of a game, but ownership does not. Monsters that survive fights are stashed face-up. When a card is stashed for any other reason, it is stashed face-down unless an ability says otherwise. Face-up cards in the stash are in play; face-down cards in the stash are out of play.

The purpose of a token is not defined until that token is placed. While a player is in the act of moving a token, that token retains its previously determined purpose if any , though its purpose may change based on where it is next placed. When a token leaves play, it loses any previously determined purpose.

A token in a player's purse or committed to a fight represents gold. A token on a Hero card, Ally, or Monster represents damage. Any other purpose of a token will be specified by a card or ability. Players may use tokens of higher value for bookkeeping convenience, but any game text regarding tokens is referring to tokens with a value of 1. To zap a card, rotate it 90 degrees to one side. If the ability on a card requires zapping that card, the ability may not be used if the card is zapped — it must be unzapped first.

A zapped card remains zapped until its controller's next unzap step, unless an ability allows the card to be unzapped sooner. To unzap a card, rotate the card back to its original upright orientation.

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If an ability does not require zapping as part of its cost, that ability continues to function normally, even if the card is zapped. Players should sit across from one another with enough space between them to place several rows of cards. This space is divided into multiple zones, as described below. This area may be referred to as either the game area or the table, even if the game is not being played on a literal table. Many aspects of gameplay are resolved in this space, and it is shared between both players. All tokens should be placed to one side of the DMZ, within easy reach of both players.

Place the die near the tokens. This area is the stockpile, and it is shared between both players. The stockpile is not limited, and players can agree to substitute counters for tokens, if necessary. Players are not required to share the same token supply — if they prefer, players may keep their components separate, as long as each player's stockpile is clearly identifiable, in plain view of both players, and separate from other zones in the game area. The purse is a zone in the game area where a player stores their gold.

It is considered part of a player's Hero Zone. During setup, each player's purse will be empty until after the first player is determined. To the right of the DMZ is a player's stash. Cards and tokens that are placed on or removed from those cards will enter and leave each player's stash during play, but both stashes will be empty at the start of the game. Below the DMZ is a player's hoard. Allies, Locations, and Loot will be played here.

Each player's hoard will be empty at the start of the game. A player's deck and discard pile are placed to the left of that player's hoard. The discard pile will be empty at the start of the game. Each player shuffles their deck and draws six cards from the top of their deck to form their hand. Players begin the game with six cards, but there is no minimum or maximum number of cards a player may have in their hand. After drawing and looking at the cards in their hands, players have the option to mulligan. If a player wishes to mulligan, that player must first announce their intent to mulligan.

That player then shuffles their entire hand into their deck and draws a new hand of six cards. It makes no difference which player, if any, decides to mulligan first. Players may only mulligan at this point during setup, and each player may only do so once. A player that takes a mulligan must keep the new hand. Each player then rolls the die one time.

The player with the highest roll both players roll again if there is a tie must choose which player will take the first turn of the game. The placement of each zone as described above may be modified to suit players' preferences, but the gameplay function of each zone must remain as described in these rules.

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Allies are always played to the hoard, for example, wherever a player's hoard may be positioned in the game area. If a player is using a modified setup, the layout and functions of the modified setup must be clearly understood by their opponent. If there is a dispute about a modified setup, players must defer to the setup specified in these rules. After setup is complete, the first player becomes the active player and takes the first turn of the game. A complete turn begins with the warmup phase, is followed by the munchkining phase, and concludes with the cooldown phase.

Once a player's cooldown phase is complete, that player's opponent becomes the active player and takes the next turn, completing the three turn phases in order. Players continue to alternate turns in this manner until the game ends. The three phases of a turn are described in detail below. During the warmup phase, a player must follow the steps described below in sequence. If a player cannot perform all of the actions described within one step, they must complete the step a fully as possible, and then proceed to the next step. Each step occurs even if no action is taken during that step.

For example, an ability that triggers during a player's flip step will still trigger, even if the active player did not need to flip their Run Away marker. After you have completed the steps below, your warmup phase is over and your munchkining phase begins. Mischief cards and abilities may not be played during this step. If you control any zapped cards, unzap them. Either player may play Mischief cards and activate abilities once this step is complete.

The process described below represents the entire unstash step, and is considered to be one single action. Draw one card. If you must draw a card and there are no cards left to draw, you are eliminated from the game. During the munchkining phase, the active player may take any of the actions listed below, as many times they are able, in any order.

Once all players have completed taking actions during a munchkining phase no player wishes to play any additional cards or activate any further abilities , the current munchkining phase is over and that player's cooldown phase begins. See III. Play a Loot card from your hand to your hoard. If playing a Loot card would cause you to exceed your rank limit, that Loot may not be played.

Mainlining the Monster

If an ability causes the Loot in a your hoard to exceed your rank limit, you may not play any additional Loot including Loot with a rank of 0 until your rank limit is no longer exceeded. Zap an unzapped Loot card in your hoard and move it to its owner's discard pile. A zapped Loot card may not be squished in this way.

Play a Location card from your hand to your hoard. Move an unzapped Location from your hoard to your discard pile. A zapped Location card may not be squished in this way. Play an Ally card from your hand to your hoard by paying its cost. You may have any number of Allies in play. Declare that you are starting a fight with your opponent. When you start a fight, you are the attacker and your opponent is the defender until the end of that fight. Choose any card from your hand and move it to the DMZ, face-down. Then move any amount of gold or none from your purse to the DMZ, next to the face-down card.

This signifies the start of a fight. If at any point during a fight the attacker does not have a card committed to that fight, the fight ends.

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Go to III. F — End of the Fight. The defender must now choose to either run away or face the Monster. If the defender decides to face the Monster, go to III. If the defender runs away, go to III. If a committed Weapon or Ally becomes unzapped during a fight, it is still committed to that fight unless an ability specifically moves it out of the DMZ. If the attacker reveals a Monster, players may play any cards or activate any abilities to affect the gold cost of that Monster.

Once all players have had the chance to modify the gold cost of the Monster, proceed to the second question. If the answer to both of these questions is YES, the attacker is not cheating and the Monster is hired. C — Hire the Monster. All of the defender's committed Weapons simultaneously deal damage to the Monster. Mitch realizes that the man's boots are protecting him.

The patrolman, seeing Jonah's and Ronnie's injuries and Gilbert stuck in the trash barrel, assumes the group is on drugs and taunts them. But the patrolman drops his keys in the sand, and when he reaches to pick them up, his hand is captured. He uses his pepper spray, which temporarily saves him, but in the process, his lower arm has been consumed; the shock causes him to fall, and he is sucked into the sand.

Kaylee, however, manages to retrieve his pepper spray. The pepper spray gives Mitch an idea: he thinks he can get to the truck by putting his flip-flops on and wrapping his feet with towels soaked in pepper spray. Chanda throws him a towel from the car, but when Mitch attempts to catch the second towel the banister breaks and he falls to the sand and the sand creature pulls out his guts, therefore killing him and he is sucked into the sand with just a bloody spot left on the sand. Kaylee, after a brief moment of sadness, takes charge. She frees Ronnie's fingers from the car trunk, then has Chanda take the broken pieces of the boardwalk and use them as a bridge to get to Jonah on the picnic table.

Meanwhile, Gilbert discovers that he has cut his stomach on the edge of the trash barrel during his attempts to escape, thus alerting the creature. Kaylee and Ronnie each make their way across the makeshift bridge to Chanda and Jonah. At the last step, Ronnie trips and, despite Kaylee's efforts with the pepper spray, she dies and sucked into the sand by the creature. Chanda, in desperation, follows through with Mitch's plan and runs across the sand to the truck with pepper-sprayed towels wrapping her feet. The group celebrates for a brief moment as she succeeds.

But just then, Gilbert is attacked by the creature, and sucked down through the bottom of the barrel and is killed. The creature, having grown much larger tentacles, bangs against the patrol car, knocking Chanda unconscious. At nightfall, Chanda wakes up and recuperates. She gets to the back of the truck and finds a self-inflatable raft. Chanda inflates the raft, and Kaylee and Jonah use it to reach the patrolman's car.

However, the ground erupts, knocking Kaylee out of the open door and onto the raft. A huge glowing tentacle shoots out from the ground and assaults her. She manages to get on top of the car and, finding two gas cans on the rear rack, uses them to set one of the large tentacles on fire. Game info Buy digital. Platform Nintendo Switch.

Release Date Apr 05, Category Role-Playing , Adventure. Publisher Digerati. Blood , Violence. Questions about buying digital games? How can I purchase a game on Nintendo. What do I need to download a game? Does my purchase qualify for My Nintendo Points?

Gold Hunter , gold monster blood moon debut .

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