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This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots that sparked the gay pride movement. Eric Carle's "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" remains a children's classic 50 years after it was published. When the Berlin Wall fell, the run-down center of the East German capital became a party hot spot.

Photographer Martin Eberle honed in on the club culture of the s. He joins Berghain DJ Fiedel and remembers dancing away the days and nights. The Argentinian cartoonist, whose trademark humorous sketches featured people and animals with large bulbous noses, has died at the age of 86, his agent confirmed on Monday.

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COM in 30 languages. Deutsche Welle. Audiotrainer Deutschtrainer Die Bienenretter. Books German Book Prize announces longlist for best novel The jury selected 20 titles from a total of to compete for the most prestigious literary award in German-language publishing. German Book Prize: loved and scorned It should just be about choosing the best novel of the year. Translated from Norwegian.

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Der Junge im gestreiften Pyjama - The boy in the striped pyjamas. Published In this unforgettable international bestseller, three women from very different circumstances around the world find their lives intertwined by a single object and discover what connects us—across cultures, across backgrounds, and across borders.

English title: "The braid". Translation from French.

  • Ροζάριο διπλό με κρυσταλλάκια;
  • Life and Times of Dionysius the Divine: and his Forty Year Journey in the Desert of Life;
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  • Der verbotene Teich.
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English title: The Meursault investigation". Here we have the story of an anorexic girl still in her teens, virtually a skeleton who is hospitalised to cure her from an illness she is often very reluctant to be cured of, seeing her battle as not so much against an illness as a battle against hunger itself, anorexia being the winner.

Translation from French: "Jour sans faim".

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Didierlaurent, Jean-Paul. English title: "The reader on the 6. English title: "Those who leave and those who stay". Enhlish title "Story of a lost child". Translation from Italian: "Storia del nuovo cognome". English title: "My brilliant Friend".

German Book Prize announces longlist for best novel

Translated from Italian: "L'amica geniale". English title: "My Brilliant Friend". English title "A horse walks into a bar". Translation from Hebrew. Girl on the train: Du kennst sie nicht, aber sie kennt dich. Consider it as 'The Magic Mountain' for the post-Brexit era. He has a girlfriend, a writing partner and a career going nowhere in particular. Yakhina's debut novel is based on the experiences of her grandmother, a Tatar. In the s, as part of dekulakization programme, the Soviets forcefully relocated many Tatars from the European part of Russia to Siberia.

English title: "The accidental further adventures of the hundred-year-old man". English title: "Hitman Anders and the meaning of it all". Translation from the Swedish. English title: "The Girl in the Woods". On the surface, Faye appears to have everything. A perfect husband, a beloved daughter and a luxurious apartment in the finest part of Stockholm. She was once a strong and ambitious woman, before she gave it all up for her husband Jack. English title: "The children of freedom".

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English title: "Who killed my father". Told with the fire of a writer determined for social justice, and with the compassion of a loving son, the book urgently and brilliantly engages with issues surrounding masculinity, class, homophobia, shame and social poverty.

How everything is connected with everything: Maja Lunde tells of loss and hope, the coexistence of the generations and the invisible bond between the history of men and the history of the bees. English title: "The history of bees". Translation from Norwegian.