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It even captivates the not so eager to read students who would rather be in PE.

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The Giver is appropriate as a class novel for grades 6, 7 and 8. It may be used as a read-aloud for mature fifth graders, but be aware that some content may make children giggle and blush, although it is not inappropriate.

YA Literature in the Classroom- Teaching The Giver

It is the winner of several awards, including the Newbery Medal. This lesson plan consists of vocabulary and discussion questions from each chapter. Many questions would be better suited as part of a class discussion, and some are designed as comprehension questions for students to answer independently. These lessons may be broken up however you feel is appropriate for the time you have for reading each day.

Pre-reading Activity : Ask the students to do some writing in their writing journals or loose leaf. First have a discussion about how Americans live, from childhood to adulthood.

Teaching “The Giver”: Lesson for Chapters 1-5

Discuss how we go to school until at least 12 th grade, or further, then go out into the world and interview for a job. This is pretty much the opposite of how things are done in The Giver. Discuss laws we have to keep people safe. Then tell your students to describe their perfect world. Think about how society works in the United States, and what you think would make it more perfect. Introduce Chapter Vocabulary. Chapter 1 : rasping, palpable, unison, distraught, apprehensive, pondered, prominent. Chapter 2 : enhance, adherence. Chapter 3 : chastise, remorse, bewildered, nondescript, tunic.

Chapter 4 : regulated, invariably, hasten, serene, chortled. Chapter 5 : recounted, vague. These memories come from the time before free will was removed from the society. Will Jonas be able to handle the memories of pain and war? Will these memories change Jonas? When reading The Giver for the first time, the Utopian community is a real shock for students.

Many thought provoking questions are asked in classroom discussions.

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Having students plan their own unique Utopian community is a natural result. Here are several links that will help you get started:. The Giver Read Aloud by Mr. In this free download , you will receive card-like foldable organizers for students to write about the symbols.

8 Creative Activities to Teach The Giver (by Lois Lowry)

The download also contains a detailed answer key. In brief:. His innocence is a symbol of hope. He stands for a brighter future, a way to change the society. In the end, Jonas finds a real sled which he rides into his new life. In The Giver, the Chief Elder explains that to have any chance of success, the Receiver must possess four essential attributes: intelligence, integrity, courage, wisdom.

For each of these four attributes, students are to explain what it is, and why it is important for the Receiver. They must also provide specific examples that show each of the attributes in Jonas. Finally, they should create a symbol to represent each attribute. I like to have my students create a four quadrant chart for each attribute, with each quadrant providing answers to the questions above.

My complete unit Read More …. For the full vocabulary list and answer key, plus many other resources, please see my full unit plan for The Giver.

The Giver: Reading Questions & Activities

Across 3. To save hours of prep time and make teaching The Giver easy, fun, and stress-free, consider downloading the full unit plan. Directions You are to write an essay about The Giver. You may choose any ONE of the four topics listed below. You are expected to write clearly, include a thesis, use examples or details from the book as appropriate, and explain your ideas fully.

Your essay is due at the end of the period. What does The Giver reveal about how much the government should Read More …. This lesson plan is a great way to really draw students into The Giver as they think about the importance of their own experiences and memories.

Start by making a list of emotions — love, fear, anxiety, joy, jealousy, gratitude, etc. Get students to call them out, and make a master list on the board for them to copy into their notes. Ask your students to then create a Memory Book describing their own memories associated with each emotion. They can include written descriptions, photos, and drawings. Students can begin in class by listing the memories they want to include.

They can then start writing their descriptions and collecting their photos and other elements at home. When the books are Read More …. I want to share a few of lesson plan ideas with you here to help you get started teaching The Giver. If you have any good lesson plans for The Giver, please feel free to share them in the comment section. And if you want to have your entire unit for The Giver planned and ready to teach, click here to try my full unit plan. Character Diary Entry — Students write a diary entry from the perspective of a character in The Giver.

Start the lesson by discussing what characterization is and how it is achieved. Letter — Students write a letter Read More ….