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We love you. Beloved ones in America, be not discouraged when the seeming dark clouds hang low. Everyone of them shall show you its golden lining. Again I say, 'America, we love you. Two of the main organizations that give accurate teachings on the rays are given below:. Started by Mark Prophet in and joined by Elizabeth around They married and became Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. This organization has teaching centers and study groups all over the world. Telephone from outside the USA:. She has brought to humanity a great and living lesson in joyful and selfless dedication.

Just scroll down to the Google Translator or other translators, click on the translator link, and type in the appropriate information in the boxes. The Spiritual Transformation Network!

Seven rays

For practical exercises of the light and the violet flame. Gene Vosseler. From modest beginnings, Elizabeth Clare Prophet rose to become one of the world's most compelling, charismatic and controversial spiritual leaders. Her life and accomplishments have been chronicled by others. But never, For more understanding. And where you stand for the light of God, there I stand with you. And the center of the cosmic cross is at the spiritual heart center of your temple where your heart is a flaming sun center of devotion unto God. In the fiery vortex of the cosmic cross, there do I place my heart center that we may be one for the elevation of worlds.

Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. May you pass every test! Always Victory! Love is the Key! Learn to love to do well, and you shall. The Hearts Center Community. Experience the Masters Daily. What Is The Hearts Center? With the ascended masters as our elder brothers and sisters on the path and as godly examples of selfless living, each of us has an opportunity to advance in personal discipleship toward the goal of the ascension through advanced studies of the wisdom teachings and in service to life through loving acts of mercy and compassion.

We are a dynamic movement. We meditate and pray. We breathe spiritual fire. We dance and sing. We gaze at the morning sun and feel its radiance. We live for the light. Our services, prayer sessions and Meru University classes are never staid or wanting of inspiration. Everyone contributes in some way. We are a worldwide community of heartfriends, tied together by our love for God and the God-flame within each one.

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As a messenger, I, David Lewis, have a job to do, and that is to bring up-to-the-minute teaching, directives and inspiration from the masters to their students—supercharged with their cosmic energy which is always impelling us higher. Although the masters have a plan, they never seem to reveal too much in advance. This is to keep us on our toes but also because, by free will, we may choose to fulfill their assignments and projects or we may not, based on our availability, resources and desire. Address: The Hearts Center P. They are free and open to all.

We may look under "Heartstreams" on the navigation bar. There is a large amount of prayers and music that is free and open to all. We may look on the navigation bar under "Media Center", then "Prayers and Songs" There are free Internet broadcast services most mornings and evenings. There is usually a "broadcast box" to click on the right side of the homepage during the time for services, although we may have to scroll down to see it.

Then we may have to click on various things about three more times. If we need help, call the number above, although help may not be available right away, so we can leave a message. Teachings from The Hearts Center: Beloved ones, there is always new thought, new understanding, and new wisdom. May the Buddha be with you. For there must be the expression of love through the particular flame that you are and that you bear, if earth is to see a Golden Age.

When the golden rule is embodied and practiced fully by a majority of earth's evolutions, you will see the dawn of eternal joy. And God's joy will be reflected through the aperture of self of you as you become God through oneness, through acceptance and through that love that springs eternal as the flame within. Important Note: The menu bar at the top of the page may not work, but the "menu bar" at the bottom of the page may work. Opportunities for You. An Opportunity to Sign Up for.

Our Free Newsletter,. An Open Letter of Love. This newsletter can help us understand better the path of divine love, the world religions, the teachings of the ascended masters, yoga, Chi kung Qi gong energy exercises , music, dance, spiritual practices, the rainbow rays, health and healing, and far more. This newsletter is a great opportunity for all of us. It is dedicated and devoted to us. To learn more about our free newsletter. We love you, we thank you, and we bless you. William Star. An Opportunity to Use These Teachings:. A Sharing and Caring Copyright.

The teachings on this website, that come from An Open Door of Love , are God's teachings, and are a glad-free gift of love to all. You may copy them and use them in any good way. If you copy these teachings, you are simply asked to keep the "five" copyright lines above, and preferably, not necessarily, this paragraph.

It is our desire that many more people find this website, where these teachings come from, and learn more about the many other good teachings on the website, and be blessed by the website.

A Comprehensive Discourse on the Seventh Ray

So, you are encouraged to share these teachings, and the website, with as many people as possible so that they may receive the blessings and benefit. Our desire is to work in a cooperative and complimentary Christ love with all who are doing God's will and God's work. In God's love and light. Victory Star -- which we all are. I AM a helpful heart and a Good Samaritan. To God be the Glory. More Opportunities:. You may save or bookmark this page as a favorite place,. You may share this website with your friends or email list by giving them the website address,. You may translate this page into about languages, using the Google translator, or other translators at the top of many of the pages or at the following link:.

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To share a teaching on this topic, or to help develop this topic, or any other topic on this website. To ask a question. Surround and enfold yourself in the burning Violet Flame. Feel how good it is to be working in the situation in its highest form. This is important. Take the time to really get the feeling of what you are bringing into manifestation: your soul service, healing, right relationship, prosperity, etc. Give thanks. Release the Violet Flame and those who have helped.

It is done. Live in your new Truth. Invocations really work. Using the above instructions, say the invocation below three times while visualizing the violet flame coming into and through you. Feel the violet flame transmuting darkness into Light. I Invoke the Violet Flame. Burn, Violet Flame, Burn. A Summary of the Seven Rays.

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There are differing philosophies on the rays. My intent is to share general information on the rays while avoiding some of the dogma promoted by some groups. Mark Dodich is not affiliated with any group on the rays, but he seems to resonate best with the Alice A. Bailey material. The Ascended Masters associated with each ray are commonly agreed upon; however, there are differences of opinion. If you are calling in a particular ray in your meditation, you may want to call in the Chohan leader and Archangel of the Ray and not worry if you have the correct name.

Here are a few of the basic interpretations:. Ray One: The Will of God. It is associated with the astrological signs of Aries, Libra, and Capricorn. This is the inner battle to create Oneness within yourself. You learn self-confidence, the ability to pioneer new paths, and to develop personal power that is aligned with the Highest Source. A negative trait could be misuse of power. The highest is to pioneer a new path to Source. This ray is associated with the constellation of the Great Bear. Ray Two: The Love of God. The Love of Wisdom.

Seven rays

It is associated with the astrological signs Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces. The second ray represents the creative energies. You learn unconditional love and help people to heal by enfolding them in the One Source of all that is. Jesus and Buddha are thought to have incarnated on this ray, and many believe it is the energy that must be used to exit the wheel of continuing incarnations. A negative manifestation would include difficulty in finding balance and excessive need for relationship. A positive use would be to release the suffering of humanity.

Lanto is considered to be the Chohan and Jophiel the archangel of this ray. It is associated with the star Sirius. Ray Three: Active Intelligence. Abstract Wisdom. This ray is associated with the signs Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. People with a strong third ray influence are like translators.

They translate abstract and philosophical concepts into terms that can be understood by all. These are the philosophers, astrologers, and communicators. They can become intellectually isolated if they become overly focused on the third ray. The positive side is that they can find the underlying principles of the Universe.

Paul the Venetian is thought to be the Chohan with Chamuel as the archangel. The Third Ray is associated with the Pleiades constellation. Ray Four: Harmony through Conflict. The fourth ray is associated with the signs Taurus, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. They often have artistic talents as is true of the even numbered rays and bring beauty to the world.

Fourth ray people often experience difficulties in the first half of their life. This is to teach them to find their inner source of truth and harmony. As they find their way more quickly back to center, they often become counselors for others who recognize their sense of inner peace. Negatively, they can get lost in melodrama and mood swings. The Chohan is thought to be Serapis Bey with Gabriel as the archangel.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Ray Five: Concrete Knowledge and Science. This ray is associated with the signs Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. A fifth ray person does not have to be a scientist. They are the people who use a systematic process to bring metaphysical truth into concrete reality.

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  • They help people to utilize these higher forms of energies. Negative use of the fifth ray would have the person believing only what they can see, test, and measure. Positively, they help merge the higher and lower mind. Ray Six: Devotion and Idealism. The astrological signs associated with the sixth ray are Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Sixth ray people focus on a goal, allowing nothing to get in the way of achieving that goal.

    This ray is considered to be the ray of Christianity, and the outgoing ray energy on planet earth. A negative use of sixth ray energy would be to become so focused on the to the ideal that they loose sight of the path they are taking. A number of years ago, charismatic Jim Jones killed many of his followers in order to take them to the Promised Land.

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    Positively, Martin Luther King helped people see beyond the limitations of prejudice in order to achieve higher ideals. Nada is thought to be the Chohan of this ray along with archangel Uriel. Ray Seven: The initiation of a new order. Ceremonial magic. This ray is associated with Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn. It is generally agreed upon that this is the incoming ray of the New Age on planet earth.

    The energies of transmutation and the Violet Flame are intrinsically tied to this ray. The seventh ray changes lower frequencies of energy into higher frequencies. For example, being loving to a waiter or waitress who is having a bad day can help improve the energy field of that person and all they serve that day.

    They must learn to use power, and to use it properly.