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How To Declutter Kitchen Cabinets

It is the wood and white one holding the 3 containers.. I love it and was wondering where you purchased it… Thanks so Much, Jacky. Such a great post at the right time. Jenn has now become a household name in my house! Absolutely lovely place to be and enjoy cooking! I like this list you created, but I love the mindset even more.

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When you said to start with a couple of boxes and timer, it really makes sense to me. I think I were missing on that initial trigger, so each of my intentions to declutter our kitchen ended as one-item session. Now I know how to do it properly the next time. Thanks for sharing these tips! Jenn, awesome list of kitchen disorganization that we sometimes go blind to but that definitely does slow us down and make our space more cluttered!

I recently attacked the refuse in my fridge and junk drawer, but your post has inspired me for my next task — purging the infrequently-used STUFF from my counters. I DO dread cleaning the appliance-laden countertops. Really very informative article. I agree with most people that house organization is a tough job, so sometimes a little help or advice is welcomed.

Thanks for writing this detailed and so enlightening article! Thank you for this post! This is good stuff! This is fantastic! This is just the article I needed, perfect!! Great tips for all of us to follow. Beautiful kitchen, love your countertop and white cabinets. I hope you enjoy it! So funny. Thanks for linking up at SaucySaturdays. I have a few people I wish I could give this to, lol! Great tips! Jenn—Why get rid of Corning ware? To store and organize those items, create a family communications center.

It may be as simple as a reminder of what's for dinner this week, or as complex as a weekly schedule with key rings, smartphone plugs, and more. Keep it in a central spot so decluttering the kitchen becomes part of the daily routine.

6 Golden Rules for Decluttering Your Kitchen

Many big cooking pieces, such as pots and pans, aren't used with daily frequency. But still, they're good to have when the need arises. A good storage solution that can help declutter a drawer is to install a hanging rod -- here, a simple length of pipe. If you don't have room to suspend it over an island or sink, consider a near-the-ceiling spot in an open kitchen eating space -- here, in a seating nook adjacent to the kitchen.

Be honest: When's the last time you used that fancy mixer, or food processor, or juicer? Those pieces can quickly gobble precious counter and cabinet space, even as they gather dust. It's time to declutter: If you haven't used an appliance in a year, find it a new home.

If you use it several times a year, find a spot other than the countertop to store it. A cracked lid, a chipped container: The wear and tear on kitchen storage equals lots of unmatched pieces. At least twice a year, pull them all out of your cabinets, pairing lids with containers and throwing away anything that doesn't have a match or has seen better days.

Replace, if necessary, with clear containers that have useable lids think flip, snap, and pourable.

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Sometimes the decluttering solution simply is more storage, especially if cabinets and counters are limited. In that case, think about options for a more flexible island -- one that you can scoot to different spots in the kitchen, or move to the dining room for an on-the-spot buffet station. Look for a piece that has a work surface and storage, and be thoughtful about how you organize it.

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Keep kitchen tools at the ready, for example, or pretty linens in baskets. Tech in the kitchen is great: It offers ways to store favorite recipes, access tips, even watch cooking shows. But tech on the counters is another story.

Step By Step Instructions For Removing Kitchen Cabinet Clutter

Spills, drips, and splatters can mess up or even ruin your tablet or smartphone. To declutter the counter and protect those spendy pieces, look for mounting hooks or hangers that get electronics up and at eye level for better viewing.


A few inches here and there can quickly add up to loads of organization-ready square feet, especially around windows and near ceilings. That, in turn, can offer space to open up cabinets and drawers by displaying pretty collections or oft-used pieces in convenient spots. Here, narrow shelves stretch around a low window and up to the ceiling; the pared-down display of wood, ceramic, and glass pieces helps the space feel open and airy.

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With only daily necessities on them, your kitchen counters are now clear — for a few minutes. Read on for counter organization ideas that will keep them clear every day. Decluttering your kitchen countertops is a quick project. Keeping them that way is a major change. To prevent your counters from being a drop zone for everyone in the family, you need to create rules and add additional kitchen counter storage.

Develop ground rules to keep the counters clear. If you can keep common kitchen items off your counters, they will be less likely to attract junk from other parts of the house. While enforcing these rules will take some work and adjustment, this is one of the best ways to permanently declutter your kitchen counters. One of the simplest ways to organize kitchen countertops is to add small storage options throughout your kitchen. Add a storage solution for any items that are taking up too much counter space, like a knife block, or things that keep winding up there, like keys or cookbooks.

Other storage solutions can also help keep your counters clear. A junk drawer is a great way to keep miscellaneous items out of sight. Adding a pocket on the inside of a cabinet door is great for storing a cutting board and baking sheet. Use these resources to get inspired:. Step 2: Choose What to Keep on Your Kitchen Counters Looking at all the items you removed from your counter, choose the appliances and items you use every day.

Items you might want to keep on your kitchen counter: Coffeemaker Toaster Dish rack Crock of cooking tools Fruit basket Microwave Be selective. Sort through the remaining items and find them all permanent homes elsewhere. Make sure everyone in your home knows where these appliances now live so they are put away after being used.

Unused Appliances Get rid of them.