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Do You Need to Work a Spell at All?

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Here's a look at a few other AI landmines. What if Microsoft had invented Android?

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There are plenty of reasons why it never could have happened, but if Microsoft had created Android, the tech world would be very different today. What's going on? It's cloud outage month, and there's nothing users can do about it. If you are in the area of effect of a spell you cast, you can target yourself.

Spells such as Burning Hands and Cone of Cold cover an area, allowing them to affect multiple creatures at once. The rules for each shape specify how you position its point of origin. Typically, a point of origin is a point in space, but some spells have an area whose origin is a creature or an object. To block one of these imaginary lines, an obstruction must provide total cover. A cone extends in a direction you choose from its point of origin.

The circle must either be on the ground or at the height of the spell effect. The energy in a cylinder expands in straight lines from the point of origin to the perimeter of the circle, forming the base of the cylinder. A line extends from its point of origin in a straight path up to its length and covers an area defined by its width. The spell specifies the ability that the target uses for the save and what happens on a success or failure. Source: Sage Advice Compendium.

Some spells require the caster to make an attack roll to determine whether the spell effect hits the intended target. Most spells that require attack rolls involve ranged attacks. The effects of different spells add together while the durations of those spells overlap. Instead, the most potent effect—such as the highest bonus—from those castings applies while their durations overlap.

Contribute on Github. The following factors can break concentration: Casting another spell that requires concentration. From personal experience, I can tell you that doing a spell that directly affects another person is never a good idea. Okay, so you are attracted to this person, and you would soooo like to date them and to be their partner.

But wait, what if you work the spell and they turn out to be the worst person in the world? What if they try to tell you what to do? What to wear? What if they want to move things along too fast? Too slow? What if they smell? What if the spell works so well that they never leave you alone? It can backfire on you and create all kinds of problems you never thought of. However tempting it is, you run the risk of the curse rebounding onto yourself. For instance, there is someone you really like.

Instead of trying to make them fall in love with you, cast a spell to bring love to you. If that person ends up liking you, great. If it turns out to be someone else more suitable, still great. When the Moon is waxing growing think of spells that involve an increase, such as money, confidence, or love.

When the Moon is waning growing smaller brainstorm spells that involve a decrease, such as getting rid of debt, acne, or bullies. However, if I were performing a more important and complex ritual, I would lay out items to represent the elements, as follows:. Use a natural wand to cast your circle and an athame blunt or wooden knife to close it afterward. Work out where your circle will be in the room or wherever you intend to work the spell. Then make sure you know the points of the four directions. Be very, very careful with candles. If you like, you can use an LED candle instead.

In fact, you can use a candle without lighting it at all. However, if you are going to light your candle and incense, do it now. As you turn, imagine a shimmering circle rising from the floor or ground and forming a half sphere around you. If you are on grass, dirt, or sand, you can draw the circle with your wand.

It can be as big or small as you like, but leave yourself enough room to move about. If you are working at a table or altar, you can include it within the boundary of the circle. When I lived in a very small apartment, my circle would extend outside the walls, which made it a little awkward, but witches are resourceful creatures.

Once you have created your circle, you will begin the spell itself. A very simple formula is this:. Mentally practice it several times, so you know what to do next after you complete each stage. To make the magick happen, you have to raise your cellular, mental, and emotional vibration.

This means getting in sync with the outcome you desire. The best way to do this is through imagination and visualization. So think about what it would mean to have this thing become real for you. Really feel it. If you want money, then feel the relief and satisfaction of having plenty of money.

If you are doing a healing ritual, imagine yourself so happy that you are healthy. Use whatever means you need to raise those emotions around the desire. If you find it difficult to do, then perhaps your passion is not as strong as you thought it was. As you are feeling the emotion, feel waves of energy pouring through you.


I tend to feel it come up from the earth, through my body and whoosh out through my upraised hands or wand. When you have reached this heightened state, read or recite the spell three times. You can find pre-written spells anywhere on the Internet and in books, but none will work as well as the one you devise yourself. So I have a couple of spellbooks, but use them for ideas only. I never use a spell created by someone else. As I say these words, this spell is done Give me the money but let it harm none. You can add them separately on the end of your chant if you want.

Often, you will see spells that require certain oils, herbs, crystals, and colors of candles. You can use them in your spells if you want to, but I rarely bother. However, you can boost your spells by using items that witches the world over have had success with. The qualities of these items are called correspondences. And one aspect of witchcraft is learning about these correspondences. For example, love spell boosts are pink or white candles. A pink rose added to the altar or work area. Perhaps a little delicate rose geranium oil and pink quartz crystal. Money spells are based on green candles and items related to the earth.

Healing is blue, so a blue gem, a healing oil, and anything to do with water. One of the best resources for learning correspondences and working with incense and oils is The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews by Scott Cunningham. I wholeheartedly recommend this and his other books too. He explains succinctly that correspondences are to help you reach the necessary state of mind and body to manifest your desired outcome.

It is not satanic, dangerous or evil; nor is it supernatural. Magical power is the power of life itself. Think about your desire. Is it worth doing a spell, or could you take action to make it happen? Go over the possible consequences of casting a spell. If it directly affects another person, you would be witchy-wise not to attempt it.

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One thing I will mention is that oh so very frequently a spell works without you even noticing. You might have longed for a new job, then a few months down the line you are talking to some random person, and they mention a job. It sounds good, you applied for it, and you got the job. How about that? Let me know how it goes for you. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Is there a spell to make someone tell the truth? I am ten-years-old, but I would really enjoy doing a spell to get some friends. Am I too young to be practicing witchcraft? Yes, you are way too young to be attempting to cast spells. You could easily attract the wrong people. You could cause all kinds of harm to yourself and others.

Please don't do it. Practice making friends in the 'muggle' way. When you are a lot older, you can look at witchcraft again. Can healing spells treat specific people with specific diseases like polymyalgia my grandmother has it? You can cast a healing spell for someone with their permission.

I would also recommend you practice connecting to earth energy and, once you get that warm tingle in your hands, place them on her shoulders or above her in a way similar to Reiki. It will take more than one spell or healing session. You might also consider reflexology best to get a professional to do this.

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  • Teach her to breathe deeply when the pain is bad. Exhale fully to expel stale air and breathe in light and healing. You may not be able to cure her, but you can do a lot to ease the problem. Why not design it yourself? Spells you create for yourself have far more power because they are yours, and unique to you. How can I be initiated into Wicca? I want to be able to perform magick. I want to be loved by everyone and become rich. I want a girl I really like to be deeply in love with me. It sounds to me that your motives and reasons are not quite in line with what the religion of Wicca is about.

    People who work magick for their own advancement don't usually do very well within the community of a tight-knit Wiccan group. Perhaps you should look into the solitary practice of Chaos Magick? Have you given it enough time? How do you know it's not working right now? Are you opening any doors to allow money to flow to you? What I mean by that is that money is like a stream and it helps if you dig a little channel for it, like looking for opportunities to earn some money. I always advise young teens not to mess around with spellcasting because they often make mistakes.

    I'm not talking about the actual ritual, but because they are unable to understand the possible consequences. One lady contacted me a while back and said she'd cast a spell to attract a certain person. He turned up on her doorstep. Of course, she was pleased and invited him in. Then he sexually assaulted her and left her traumatized. She's still dealing with fear and distrust today. An older, wiser person would understand that spells directed at specific people are never a good idea.

    I am 17 years old and want to try spell casting. Can I use a sigil in my circle? What do I use for a wand? How do I start with a spell to make water move or float? I want to do nature spells and others that can help the earth. I am confused. When I am casting a spell I feel strong energy in my hands and body. I put a lot of emotion into the spells and I seem to see the energy around me.

    Does this mean my spell is working and the results will happen? I believe very strongly my spells will work. Is this the right way? It sounds like you are working your spells really well. However, the important part is afterwards.

    The Art of Magick and Spellcasting - Bernard Alvarez

    Don't think about it. Let it go. Don't keep wondering where it is. Let the Universe do it's thing. Notice signs that relate to your desired result but don't fret over it. You could use leaves or a small paper flag. A bird or airplane ornament, perhaps? Anything that reminds you of the sky.

    Yes, I do it all the time, especially with quick written spells. I only cast a circle when it's something special or I'm working at full moon and want to celebrate esbat. There is something lovely about working within a circle, but it's not compulsory. It's not a question of your age as in the number, but in your level of maturity and life experience. As a rough guide, I would advise around seventeen or eighteen. I know a full moon spell in which I must say a spell with my black cat in the light of the moon, and she will become a magick amplifier.

    No harm is done to her. Should I do it? It's your decision. My question would be why do you need this spell, what is your intention, and have you thought it through properly? If anyone else is likely to be affected, then you might want to rethink. The cat's presence is unlikely to have any effect one way or the other as the energy comes from your own emotions. The cat is neutral. Can I fly by casting a spell on myself? Is it wise to use magick to help someone pull themselves out of a deep depression without them knowing about it?

    No, never. You shouldn't perform a healing spell without their permission. However, there is something you can do, a couple of somethings, actually. When you are thinking of them, always see them as whole, happy and healed. Don't allow thoughts of their depression encroach. When you are interacting with them, don't talk about their depression or the things that make them depressed.

    Keep changing the subject to upbeat topics. Your most important job is to keep yourself in a happy or as happy as possible place. You cannot join that person in their misery and expect to make them feel better. Remain on the upper emotional scale and if you feel yourself sliding down, leave. It's similar to the advice to put your oxygen mask on before trying to help another. There's tons of info on the web about it. How old can you be to start witchcraft?

    Is it fine being a teenager? Yes, you can ceremoniously tear it into tiny pieces and throw it in the trash or flush it. I usually keep a copy with all the details of the ritual in my journal, aka Book of Shadows. So my spell was interrupted when my dog jumped at me. Is something bad going to happen to my dog or me? No, not at all. Pets have a habit of doing this at crucial moments. Next time, ensure your dog is distracted by a toy or a chew, or make sure he is in another room. What does a witch do with ritual items they've used like water, wine, bread etc? I'm 36 and I really would like to try out a spell for the first time.

    Can I do it for wealth, or to reunite with a loved one after 11 years? How do you cast a spell with just pen, paper and a candle?

    Harry Potter Wizards Unite: Cheat for casting Masterful spells is easier than you think!

    Werewolves aren't real. The myth of the werewolf is based on old folklore tales of the Middle Ages and is aligned with the witch hunts of the same period. The modern resurgence of interest in lycanthropy is based on the increase of fiction and movies that feature werewolves. It is not possible for you to transform yourself into a werewolf. But when you are older you can choose to follow the path of witchcraft. No, it's not necessary to cast a circle before working a spell.