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They also collected the noise of the traffic nearby at the same time. Some of the areas they recorded in had regular hour road closures. When compiled and analyzed, the study found that birds did indeed get louder when traffic was zooming by, and they got quieter during the regular road closures, which meant a broader bandwidth and lower sounds, as well as longer singing times. Scientists are just beginning to understand the ecological effects of noise pollution.

This is important, since quite a bit of birdsong is about attracting or communicating with a mate.

Songbirds are struggling with noise pollution

When birds get louder, their song is less nuanced and shorter, and may not quite communicate what they're trying to get across. That's why, as the scientists wrote in the research paper, " Ultimately, this is both a recognition of our less-obvious impacts on wildlife and more specifically, a scientifically backed reasoning behind closing roads — even just short-term traffic calming has measurable impacts.

This kind of conservation strategy could help songbirds like the Eastern wood peewee, whose population has declined by more than 50 percent since cars have become prevalent in places like D. Birds can adapt to some of the environmental pollutants humans throw at them — including noise — but small changes like cutting traffic in certain areas at certain times can make a big difference. These road closures are enacted to create more cycling and running areas available in parks on weekends, so these car-free areas can be beneficial to both humans and wildlife.

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Harmonics that fall at or near these resonance frequencies are most efficiently radiated as sound. The two lowest frequency resonances, R1 approximately to Hz and R2 approximately to 3, Hz , play an important role in speech, providing high power for harmonics of fundamental frequencies that are close to them.

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Further, we can vary resonance frequencies by moving our tongue, lips, jaw, and so on. Thus, adjusting the configuration of the mouth alters R1 and R2, and this in turn changes which harmonics are emphasized. In singing, the fundamental frequency determines the pitch, which is specified by the composer or performer. Singers can significantly increase their loudness by adjusting the resonance frequencies of their vocal tract to closely match the fundamental frequency or harmonics of the pitch.

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Sopranos can sing with fundamental frequencies that considerably exceed the values of R1 for normal speech, but if they left R1 unaltered, they would receive little benefit from this resonance. Consequently they tune R1 above its value in normal speech to match fo and thus maintain volume and homogeneity of tone. This is often achieved by opening their mouth wide as if smiling or yawning for high notes, which helps the tract act somewhat like a megaphone.

This tuning of R1 away from its values in normal speech, as well as the large spacing between harmonics, has implications for intelligibility, and is one reason why singers can be hard to understand at very high pitch.

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Singers at lower pitch sometimes tune R1 to match harmonics for example, 2fo rather than the fundamental, but do not usually practice resonance tuning as consistently as sopranos. Although singers can generate very loud sounds, how can they compete with a large and enthusiastic symphony orchestra? One strategy is to maximize their sound output at frequencies above 2, Hz.

This is because an orchestra is typically loudest around Hz, with the sound level dropping off quickly at higher frequencies. The church existed so that life could proceed as normally as possible for the governor of the castle, the officers and their families, missionaries many of whom lived in luxury, protected by the same walls that served to confine and imprison the precious souls deemed merchandise and marked for torture and trade.

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One tour guide told us that during services the missionaries, soldiers and other attendees had to sing their hymns loudly as to block out the cries that came from the slaves starving and living in squalid conditions just below them. May those who return find their roots. May humanity never again perpetrate such injustice against humanity. We the living vow to uphold this.

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And finally, may we do our best to fight against the evil of racism, be it perpetrated intentionally or unintentionally, in innocence or in ignorance, consciously or unconsciously. May God help us all.

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