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2. Rain gives you an excuse to cuddle

Ladies, make sure you walk around in your dress! Do this at every fitting.

Also, wear your bridal shoes and undergarments. Step off of the stand so you can make sure the length is good on the regular ground. One time we had a bride need to cut off about 3 to 4 inches maybe more? Talk with your vendors about the schedule. Most photographers and DJs will be able to help you plan the ideal timeline.

We recommend an hour and a half to two hours in between the ceremony and reception for altar portraits, bridal party portraits and bride and groom portraits. You could also split the time and do daytime portraits, and then sneak away during the reception and do night shots like below. Get those engagement photos! You can use your engagement photos for a slide show during the cocktail hour, unique guest books, centerpieces, save the dates, invites, and decorations for your house!

It also allows you to bond with your photographer before the big day, which is SO beneficial for both parties.

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips - How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress |

See more of our engagement photos here. Things like photographer, DJ and venue should be at the top of the list. DJs run your entire wedding, picking an inexperienced one could potential ruin an otherwise perfect day. Photographers capture ALL the moments, small, big, emotional, hilarious. Renting is an affordable option for newbies. You can get a backup camera for the wedding day or a better lens than the one you already own.

Check our article on best lens for wedding photography for more information. Also make sure you own at least one extra battery. If you are shooting a mirrorless camera with a lower shot battery life, get at least two extras.

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Make sure accessories like the flash have extra batteries too. Is it an outdoor wedding at noon? A dimly lit church? Ensure both sides know what they are photographing. This way both photographers are not photographing the same thing. This includes the best man, bride dancing and table settings, to name a few. Remember to add any shots the bride and groom request.

1. Rain makes for one-of-a-kind wedding photos

Note that different cultural celebrations may not follow this list exactly. The time between the ceremony and reception is usually a rush. Photograph as much as possible before the wedding. The order of these shots will vary. This is because of the schedule and how the day unfolds. I usually shoot the detail shots when I have a few moments between the getting ready shots.

Looking at a wedding photo checklist takes my eyes away from the candid moments I should be shooting. That said, I still work with a mental must-haves list I have memorised from so many weddings:. At the reception, be sure to introduce yourself to the DJ. If the ceremony and reception are at the same location and you have a few minutes ahead of time, slip in to photograph the centrepieces and cake before the guests arrive.

Shooting your first wedding is nerve-wracking. Proper preparation, however, can both calm those nerves and help you get enough shots to fill an entire wedding album. Set the same exposure across multiple photos perfect for bracketing. Wedding Related course: Effortless Editing with Lightroom.

Need more advice? I also let couples know that they can talk during the session and I continue to ask them questions throughout while also telling them relevant stories about my life.

This is where you will get those fun moments with genuine smiles and laughs. Wedding photographer Thomas Clarke notes that one big problem many first-time wedding photographers come up against is not being able to anticipate the next move. This is where a photography assistant can come in handy, as you may not have time to make backups yourself while the wedding is in progress. Even after the wedding cake has been eaten and all the guests have gone home, your work is far from finished, because while the wedding day might be behind you, you now have hundreds or maybe even thousands of photos to sort through and edit.

For many wedding photographers, the process of editing and printing their photos can be just as time consuming if not more time consuming than shooting the wedding itself.

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Keep in mind that if you do want to provide your clients with a wedding photo book or album, you will need to work together with them to select of the best photos that tell the story of their wedding day. Ultimately it gives me incredible quality books that my couples love.

Devlin says she likes to design the photo book in one session to give it a consistent design, but then leaves it and comes back to it later with fresh eyes to see whether anything needs adjusting. Editing tends to be a pretty time consuming job so I like to crank up the music or listen to podcasts. Not every client wants an album from me so I deliver their images first and then they come back to me for albums and books if they want them.

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Kinchin says her favourite part about photographing weddings is getting to see different people and their relationships with each other. In general, just keep learning and keep being inspired. Good Luck. So here are some things you need to know about marketing your business, pricing your services and products, communicating with clients, and dealing with licensing and copyright agreements.

Tips to Avoid Wardrobe Malfunction at Weddings

Marketing yourself and your work is the only way to get your photography in front of potential clients in order to secure bookings and grow your business. Social media is a great way to engage with your customers and get feedback and reviews. As you know, marketing is essential to the survival of any photography business and social media is one of the most effective ways to get your work seen.

If you can manage it, blogging is also a great way to share your work and communicate with your clients and build a strong reputation as a wedding photographer. Just make sure your website is both desktop and mobile-friendly, as so many people exclusively use their smartphones these days. So be selective about what you decide to share with your audience. So be sure nobody sees them. Delete them.