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A work on the library of social peace. A copy of Sauliere's work, in French. Number Two finely bound, beautifully illustrated works from the French cartoonist and writer Bertall. Bound in quarter leather with gilt lettering and spine decoration. Charles Albert d'Arnoux, who used the pseudonym Bertall, , This is a half brown leather hardback with gilt lettering on the spine.

Georges Ohnet - was a French novelist and man of New edition. With an engraved frontispiece and title page. Complete in five volumes. Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais 24 January 18 May was a French playwright, watchmaker, inventor, musician, diplomat, His two With vignette title pages. A very handsomely-bound Victorian example of 'belles-lettres' aesthete fiction; from an intriguingly rare early-modern French Protestant persepctive. A biography of Georges Brummell in which the author defends the dandy lifestyle.

With an engraved frontispiece. Third Edition. First published in , this work is not only a biography but also a philosophical essay. A mixture of historical An uncommon first edition of this historical work by Jules Michelet, in the original French. Michelet was a French historian, credited with coining and defining the word Renaissance or, re-birth as the creative peak of European history A scarce French edition of this play by Schiller. Containing the original German text with French annotations. The story focuses on the legendary Cloth spine with paper covered boards.

An epic poem by Alphonse de Lamartine. Alphonse Marie Louis de Prat de Lamartine 21 October 28 February was a French writer, poet and politician who was instrumental in the foundation of the A collection of Francois Coppee's poetry.

With a frontispiece of Coppee, and a vignette title page. Francois Coppee was a French poet and novelist. He was famed as the poet of the humble which is reflected in his verse and prose With a portrait frontispiece of Coppee to the Coppee volume, and a vignette title Bound into two volumes and with ten illustrated plates, the collection of novellas were seen as somewhat A unique collection of documents relating to the history of railway safety in France.

With many diagrams and some fold-out plates. Containing a questionnaire produced by the Ministere des Traveaux Publics and sent to each of the An early edition of Leon Gautier's Portraits Contemporains. A collection of bibliographical and biographical analysis of various contemporary authors. The authors discussed include Alphonse de Lamartine, Victor Voltaire was a versatile writer, producing works in almost every literary form, including plays, poems, novels, essays, and A scarce collection of these commentaries on the Bible, intended for use in lectures.

Fulcran Gregoire Vigouroux February 13, February 21, , was a French Catholic priest and scholar, biblical theologian, An attractively-bound copy of this work on eminent opera-lovers from Ernest Boysse. Illustrated with a frontispiece and four other engraved plates. With original paper wraps bound in. With advertisements and articles. A collection of biographies and bibliographic information on various French authors. Edited and written by Leon Gautier.

Leon Gautier was a French literary historian. He devoted his work to the study of early French A collection of eight plays by Pierre Corneille. Illustrated, with four colour plates. A charmingly illustrated two volume set of this French work in Kaufmann fine bindings. Printed in French. Illustrated throughout by A. Etincelle was the pseudonym for the Marie Henriette Biard was a French author and woman Two volumes of Alfred de Musset's poetry.

These two volumes are his Premieres Poesies and his Poesies Nouvelles. They contain many of his famous poetical works such as his Rolla and his poems La Nuit de Mai, Decembre An new edition of this morc by Honore de Balzac. It continues the story of Lucien de Rubempr, who was a main character in 'Illusions perdues', a preceding Balzac novel.

A copy of this work by Voisenon. With a colour Frontispiece. This is number from a Limited Edition of copies. An attractive edition of this work by Ludovic Halevy. This volume is in French and contains a biography of the papal candidate, Tigrane. There are two illustrations by Jean-Paul An uncommon Nineteenth Century French volume on plants. Written by Michael Brunner, a Chevalier, the volume discusses largely the fortification of French military schools and the means to go about it.

Maguerite Gourdon was a Seventeenth Century French brothel owner, the most exclusive of its day. She notably had many different classes of prostitute, A collection of the poetry of Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve. Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve 23 December in Boulogne-sur-Mer 13 October in Paris was a literary critic and one of the major figures of French literary history. Leatherbound volume with marble paper covered boards, gilt title to the spine, and marble paper pastedowns. Born in Paris, he was educated for the bar, Jean-Baptiste Louvet de Couvray June August was a French novelist, playwright, journalist, politician, and diplomat.

Born in Paris as the son of a stationer, he became a bookseller's clerk, and first attracted attention Featuring engraved head and tail pieces by Meaulle, including twelve in chromolithography. With decorative Nineteenth edition. One volume of the Oeuvres Completes.

Written as part of the 'Les Anglais au Moyen Age'. One volume bound in decorated red cloth, illustrated by V. Please note this volume is in French. Profusely illustrated and very collectable. A history of the origins of France post-Revolution in three volumes, complete with supplementary volume, L'Ancien Regime. An illustrated voyage along two of South America's most famous rivers. This Hachette edition was probably intended for children. With numerous illustrations throughout. Avec un Preface de Champfleury. He was a French journalist, A first edition of this novel from Alphonse Daudet abou the adventures of the eponymous protagonist Tartarin in the Alpes.

Daudet wrote three novels featuring the character Tartarin, of which this is the second. Two volumes of works by two famous French sixteenth and seventeenth century writers. Containing the poetry of Boileau and the plays of Beaumarchais. Both volumes are illustrated with four colour plates. In the original Two leatherbound volumes with gilt titles to the spine, marble paper covered boards and marble paper pastedowns. Victorien Sardou was a French dramatist. He is best remembered today for his development, along with Eugne The first volume of Felicite de Choiseul-Meuse's novel Amelie. Volume I of II only.

This work The letters of Henri Perreyve dating from Cinquieme edition. With a portrait of Perreyve to frontispiece. A history of French poetry, collected and arranged by Eugene Crepet. Volume I covers the first period, from the twelfth to sixteenth centuries. Volume II covers the third period, from Boileu to Lamartine. A study of French ecclesiastical architecture from historian and archaeologist Arcisse de Caumont.

Fifth edition. Illustrated throughout with numerous vignette engravings. Halvy was multi-talented in the arts, writing novels, plays, and even operatic libretti throughout most of the 19th century. Lanessan travelled on missions to the French Colonies Published as a part of a wider set of de Lamartine's works. With a vignette title page. This novel is a lesser known work by Georges Ohnet's most popular novel, Noir et Rose.

Bound by Bickers and Son binder's stamp to front free-endpaper. A collection of four short stories from Ludovic Halevy. Twenty-eighth edition. Ludovic Halvy 1 January 7 May was a French author and playwright. A beautifully bound copy of Alphonse de Lamartine's Raphael. This edition is numbered of copies numbered. Illustrated, with nine full page plates and a portrait of de Lamartine loosely inserted.

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A scarce pair of volumes of notes on American wines from A. Containing the second and third series. Observations sur la resistance au phylloxera de diverses vignes americaines Three leatherbound volumes with gilt titles to the spines, marble paper covered boards, and marble paper pastedowns. Tartarin de Tarascon and L'Obstacle are beautifully illustrated throughout. Alphonse Daudet 13 May 16 December Seven half cloth hardbacks with marbled boards. The definitive history of the July Monarchy. The July Monarchy A colour illustrated edition of the popular work by Halevy, L'Abbe Constantin in a rather fine, presentation binding.

Bound in leather with gilt lettering and decoration. A scarce volume on female travellers in the nineteenth century. With frontispiece and numerous other plates throughout. Roughly translated as 'The gossip of the new mother', the book satirises Fifteenth Century customs and attitudes One of the sources for Puccini's Madame Butterfly. Madame Chrysanthme is a novel Daudet was a novelist and journalist in Nineteenth Century France, known at the time for his Monarchist and fervant anti-republican views. His sons, Leon and Lucien, would become Ninth edition. A copy of 'Oeuvres de J. D'Aurevilly; L'Ensorcellee'.

Includes a bookplate from the private library of one 'William Barclay Squire' and a frontispiece of the author. Four French Works finely bound into one volume. Bound in quarter leather with marbled paper-covered boards, with gilt lettering. With an armorial nameplate for Ronald Lindsay on the front pastedown. Anne 'Ninon' de l'Enclos, A selection of the plays of Alexandre Dumas, fils. Alexandre Dumas, fils 27 July 27 November was a French author and dramatist.

An uncommon work on Italian architecture. Illustrated throughout with numerous vignettes. An uncommon edition of this work by Octave Uzanne. A novel, illustrated throughout. With original illustrated paper wraps bound in. By Edmond and Jules de Goncourt, French brothers who frequently collaborated as writers. Edmond de Goncourt and Jules de Goncourt A collection of four volumes of the poetical works of Victor Hugo. A collection of Henri Didon's lectures on Jesus Christ. With four folding plates, collated complete. He was Leatherbound volume with gilt title to the spine, marble paper covered boards and marble paper pastedowns.

Eugene Marcel Prvost 1 May was a French author and dramatist. He was born in Paris, and educated at Jesuit A copy of 'Nouvelles Genevoises' by Rodolphe Topffer. Includes a binders stamp from 'R. A scarce work on the life and work of Octave Feuillet. Octave Feuillet August 11, December 29, was a French novelist and dramatist.

Jean Erdic was the pseudonym of the French economist Eumen Quielle. A late nineteenth century collection of plays by Feuillet in a decorative binding. Octave Feuillet, , was a French novelist and dramatist. A scarce collection of views of the historical sights of Belgium. Containing forty-nine of the original fifty coloured plates. Catherine a Bruxelles, Tour Ste. Cecile a Furnes The third series of these recollections of the court of Tuileries Palace in France. It was the usual Parisian residence Anatole France 16 April 12 October , A two volume set of the theatrical works of Jean Racine in Mudie bindings.

Complete in three volumes.. Jean racine was a French dramatist considered one of the three great playwrights of 17th century France alongside Moliere and Corneille An uncommon illustrated French langauage novel by Paul Armand Silvestre. Silvestre was a poet and conteur, or storyteller, who had a successful career in the department of finance and was decorated with the Legion of Honour.

A history of the tradition of lace making from Mrs Bury Palliser. Illustrated throughout with vignettes and sixteen coloured plates collated complete. Containing chapters on the making of lace in many different countries A collection of the plays of French dramatist, Pierre Corneille. Illustrated throughout with numerous engraved plates. Including plays such as Cinna, Le Menteur, Heraclius and many others. Pierre Corneille 6 June 1 October A collection of French essays on art from Hippolyte Taine. He was the chief theoretical influence of French naturalism, a major A geopgraphical and scientific guide to meterology, geography and volcanology, from French science writer Amedee Guillemin.

Part of the Bibliotheque des Ecoles et des Familles collection. Guillemin wrote books of physics and astronomy A collection of short stories from Francois Coppee. Illustrated with engravings in the text by Myrbach. He was the eleventh member elected to occupy seat 3 of the Acadmie franaise in Includes a publishers advert A comprehensive history of France. A novel and a historical account of the life of Catalina de Erauso. First editions. Two volumes, uniformly bound. With delicate in-text illustrations to both volumes. The sixth edition of this play by Mauriece Maeterlinck.

Published the same year as the first, this is the sixth edition of this sought after play. All editions in the first year are uncommonIn the original French. Maurice Maeterlinck A collection of short stories in French from E. De Vogue. A didactic piece of prose from French historian and author Jules Michelet, first written in The scarce twenty-first edition. Daugin and Ch.

Mauritius North Port Louis, Pamplemousses and Riviere du Rempart (Photo Albums. Book 11)

BardiesWith original paper-wraps bound in. Illustrated throughout with many coloured maps and folding plates. Bookplate of Heraldry Today to rear Including his works Severin and Autour D'un Drame, the volumes are illustrated throughout with mononchrome plates and vignettes. A bibliography of the private library of Canadian book collector Phileas Gagnon. Author's presentation copy, with a neat copperplate inscription to front blank, to Monsieur le Comte Pierre de Bacourt from Gagnon. A history of the people of ancient Egypt and Chaldea.

With chapters on clothing, agriculture, religion, art, warfare and many other topics. Bookplate of William Waldegrave to With a preface by Gaston Beregeret. In a Hatchards of Piccadilly, London, binding as indicated from the binder's stamp to the verso France was a successful novelist, with several best-sellers. Ironic and skeptical, he was considered in his day Louis-Nicolas Mnard was a French man of letters also known for his discovery of collodion. He was born in Paris An interesting work on England by Hippolyte TaineIllustrated, with twenty-four plates.

Hippolyte Taine was a French critic and historian. He was the chief theoretical influence of French naturalism as well as A half blue leather hardback with gilt lettering on the spine. One of a printing of , this edition of Ma sur Henriette was printed after Ernest Renan's death and was edited by his wife.

This book was previously owned by Ronald An affordable edition, in a decorative calf binding, of Gyp's Petit Bleu. With illustrations by Marold.

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  2. Sous le pont - Féérie pour les ténèbres 4 (French Edition).
  3. Se constituer des souvenirs;
  4. Bagatelle No. 9;
  5. Mazarine Pingeot, la fille tranquille?

A collection of Alfred de Musset's poetry. Alfred Louis Charles de Musset-Pathay Leatherbound volume with gilt title to the spine, marble paper covered boards, and engraved frontispiece. He made A book on the science of agriculture. Illustrated with five engraved plates. Two volumes bound in one.

The complete three volumes of Clement Marot's works. With a portrait frontispiece of Marot to volume I. In the original French. Clement Marot was a French poet of the Renaissance era. He began his career in the time of the Rhetoriqueurs, A scarce French language volume on the regulation of waterways by Alfred Daviel.

Daviel was a French lawyer who was later appointed Minister of Justice in the last cabinet of the Second Republic. He was a noted supported of the Bonaparte Louis Philippe, comte de Segur was a French diplomat and historian, broadly sympathetic to the Revolution of As such, he would become a An early nineteenth century Parisian edition of Scarron's picaresque romance. Avec une notice sur la vie et les ouvrages de l'auteur; Nouvelle Edition ornee du portrait de Scarron et d'un fac simile de son ecriture.

Complete in The first volume in a French language, thirty volume set on French history. Written by Guizot during his tenure as Professor of Modern History at the Sorbonne, this particular volume focusses on the founding of the French monarchy in A collection of French songs from the early nineteenth century, with sheet music to the rear. With engraved frontispiece and vignette title page. Prepared in secret by the three children of Lady Francis Wedderburn and performed in the Theatre at L'hotel de Noailles in October An attractively bound collection of the works of Plutarch, in French.

In a cathedral-style Thouvenin binding. Including Fabius Maximus, Nicias, Ciceron and many others. Printed in two columns. A french medical text, detailing the use of Chemistry in relation to medicine. With numerous illustrative diagrams to the rear. Volume One of Two. An Italian translation of a French romantic novel. The author of this work is not known. With an introduction by Giovanni Rosini. Rosini was an Italian writer and Professor of Italian Literature Divided into two parts. This is Foulan's best-known work. Corneille 20 August 8 December was a French dramatist.

With a presentation bookplate A scarce Nineteenth Century guide to Falaise, France. Situated in the Basse-Normandie region of northwestern France, the town is notable for being the birthplace of William the Conquerer, and has a castle of his in the area. A scarce history of the reign of Charles X and his family. A scarce work of French literature in a decorative calf binding. Complete in Two Volumes. With the armorial bookplate of William Phillips to the front pastedowns. Leon de Villeran is associated with French playwright Armand-Jean Written by Amedee Pichot, a French novelist, With an illustrated frontispiece and an additional two plates.

Jean-Nicolas Bouilly was a French playwright, librettist, children's writer. Some of Bouilly's work has been Including information on anatomy, pathology, surgery, childbirth, botanical and medical therapy, A new edition of this short novel from Swiss author, Isabelle de Montolieu. With an engraved frontispiece.

Bound by R. A finely bound edition of the picaresque masterpiece Gil Blas illustrated by famous French lithographer and illustrator Jean Gigoux. With illustrations by Jean Gigoux. A nineteenth-century edition of the picaresque masterpiece Gil Blas. Gil Blas is considered to be the last masterpiece of the picaresque genre. Gil Blas is related to Lesage's play Turcaret With small vignette illustrations throughout. The scarce fifth edition of this collection of poetry from celebrated French authors. With engraved frontispiece. Including poems by Horace, Racine, La Fontaine and many more.

The eighth volume of the works of Honor Gabriel Riqueti, comte de Mirabeau. Mirabeau 9 March 2 April was a French revolutionary, as well as a writer, diplomat, journalist and French politician. He was a popular The first edition of this dictionary of recipes, ingredients, and cooking techniques. Complete with the eleven engraved plates to the rear Vicaire only calls for eight. Needs a rebind ideally as this is a very important Bound in half leather with gilt detailing to the spine, marble paper covered board, marbled foredge, and marble paper pastedowns.

Les sciences racontées à ma petite-fille

This is a dictionary of Latin words with French translations. This is volume 1 only of a 2 volume The book tells the true story of Marie-Aimee Gillet, born in Richelieu in Charles Paul de Kock was a French novelist. His bibliography was extensive having written over A full mottled leather binding, with engraved frontispiece, illustrated title page and full page plate internally.

A french short story, referred to as the new Robinson Crusoe, written in fourteen chapters. Fragonard has drawn intricate borders for every page of the book, alongside a frontispiece A nicely bound copy of this famous novel by Xavier-Boniface Saintine An early edition of this novel, which was first published in With a vignette to title page.

In the original French A fourth edition of Nougaret's scarce Aventures les plus Remarquables des Marins. Bound in leather with gilt lettering and decoration. Fourth Edition. Pierre-Jean-Baptiste Nougaret, , was a French man of letters A novel by French author Frederic Soulie Complete in two volumes, bound as one. Frederic Soulie was a popular French novelist and playwright. In total his bibliography With an illustrated frontispiece to each volume.

Two volumes bound as one. Written by Francois Mignet, a French journalist and historian of the Text is in French. With a life of Le Sage by Jules Janin.

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Includes a frontispiece and a decorative half title. First Edition. An English translation of this story of a condemned prisoner from Victor Hugo. With observations on capital punishment by Sir P. Hesketh Fleetwood. A two volume set of this work by Alphonse de Lamartine. Complete in two volumes. With a note in French signed by LamartineAlphonse Marie Louis de Prat de Lamartine was a French writer, poet and politician who was instrumental in the Two volumes of the works of Alphonse de Lamartine. Two volumes of eight only. A scarce early French language edition of this novel by Balzac.

Contains ink inscription The beautifully illustrated edition of L'Ane Mort, with engraved plates and illustrations by Tony Johannot, in a decorative binding. Bound in half paper-vellum and marbled paper-covered boards, with gilt lettering and decoration. A Nineteenth Century travel book, describing the author's journeys throughout Normandy. First edition. With a handwritten letter tucked inside, in which the writer sends her best wishes to a Natalie and her brother, An uncommon copy of Etienne Cabet's Communist utopian novel.

Second edition. Both enduring classics of Greek literature, the volumes here are embellished with illustrative plates and vignettes throughout, many The hero of the novel is the mysterious A mid nineteenth century key to M. Bound in the original wraps, with a decorative border and cricket insignia. The titles and prefatory note are in English, with the rest of the text in French. An attractively bound copy of Pascal's magnum opus from the library of Elizabeth Greenly, here in the original French. Elizabeth Greenly, born A copy of this collection of Spanish folk songs and stories, translated into French with notes.

Two volumes bound as one, complete. A charming little set of Joseph Marie Eugene Sue's popular serial novel. A very scarce French language Nineteenth Centrury slave account. The book is an account and plan of the French Chamber of Deputies, including portraits of the main speakers of the chamber, as well as a pull out plan. Contains bookplate Leatherbound volume with gilt title to the spine. Elisabeth of Hungary German: St. She was born A very early edition of Bouillets iconic work, which enjoyed so much popularity that Bouillet became a synonym in French for a dictionary.

The work ran to a total of 34 editions between and Its low price and accessibility A set of French memoirs of numerous important and influential people, compiled and edited by Jean-Francois de Barriere. Including Memoires de Mme. A French language lexicon in attractive leather binding.

Dealing specifically with the work of Moliere, and his use of language, the volume also details similar usage found in the work of Fontaine, Pascal, Racine and La Bruyere. An illustrated edition of this work by Xavier Boniface Saintine. PIcciola is a novel about the Comte de Charney, a political prisoner in Piedmonth whose reason was saved by his cultivation of a tiny flower growing between the paving An uncommon edition of this French language religious work by Jacques Joly-Cretineau.

A French Catholic journalist and historian, Joly-Cretineau gained a reputation in Nineteenth Century France and elsewhere as a religious-political Gilt tooled leather bound books with marbled boards. Contains four volumes bound as two. Written in French. Ledru-Rollin's analysis of English society after his exile from France to London in He had Volumes I, 3, 5, 7 and 8 only of the original 8 volume set. Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, known by his stage name Moliere was a French playwright and A scarce edition of this essay on the importance of education. He was a distinguished educationist who fought for the retention Bound in marbled paper with gilt title to the spine, and four foldout plates.

This is a French textbook. A French report on the decree of building a naval fleet. Containing several tables in the text. Half-title is dated the 15th of August Including a vignette title page. A French account of the spectacle of The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of all Nations, the first in a series of World's Fair exhibitions of culture and industry that were to become a popular 19th-century feature.

A mid-nineteenth century collection of French stories from Joseph Mery. Mery was born at Marseille. An ardent romanticist, he collaborated with Auguste Barthlemy in many of his satires and wrote a great number of stories, now forgotten With an illustrated frontispiece. A handsomely bound copy of this piece of literary criticism on the times of Shakespeare by Francois Guizot. Franois Pierre Guillaume Guizot was a French historian, orator, and statesman.

Guizot was a dominant A novel by Madame de Stael. She influenced literary A copy of Debay's Nineteenth century work on health and fitness. Second Edition. A scarce novel from Madame Marie Clemence. Illustrated with seven coloured plates. An uncommon edition of this work by H F Riviere. A work on commerce containing the statement of general principles, analysis of the opinions of many professors and authors and case law on controversial issues and a proposed A collection of tales of monastic life and the story of Anselm of Canterbury.

Anselm sought to understand Christian doctrine through reason and develop intelligible truths interwoven with the Christian belief.

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He believed that A fascinating single volume with two of Harembert's works bound within, the first being the copy of 'La Verite, fusion du materialisme et du spiritualisme operee par la connaissance simultanee su magnetisme et de la phrenologie Four books of Guizot's history of the English Civil War in uniform fine bindings that need a little care and attention.

With the interesting Written by Louis Alfred Becquerel, a medical researcher and physicist, and Marie Rodier, the book applies pathological chemistry to medicine. Six uniformly-bound volumes, containing a French history of the English Civil War. Consisting of three parts:Histoire du Protectorat de Richard Cromwell et du Retablissement des Stuart first edition, Histoire de la Revolution A study of the French penal system In French. A handsomely bound set of collected poetry and novels by Sophie d'Arbouville. Sophie d'Arbouville was a French poet and novelist who held salons where she discussed politics and poetry with guests such as Charles Augustin A copy of this work by Napoleon Roussel.

With eleven head piece vignettes and a frontispiece. Napleon Roussel was a French Evangelical Protestant who wrote a series of works for the education of young people. Jean-Baptiste Massillon was a French Catholic bishop and famous preacher who served as Bishop of Clermont from until A copy of this tragic love story set in French Mauritius shortly before the French Revolution. A copy of 'Les Grotesques' by Theophile Gautier. Pierre Jules Thophile Gautier August 30, October 23, was a French poet, dramatist, novelist, journalist, art critic and literary critic.

Nouvelle Edition. Two volumes in one of Casimir Delavigne's poetry. This is the Charpentier edition, two volumes bound as one, as called for. Bound in half leather with gilt lettering and spine decoration. Alexandre Dumas, fils, , was a French author and dramatist. He was the illegitimate The Confrences de Carme de Notre-Dame began in , were suspended in , and resumed in , continuing The result of eight years of research, the monumental De la prostitution dans la ville de Paris is not only a history of prostitution A charming copy of 'Charles-Quint; son abdication son sejour et sa mort au Monastere de Yuste' by Franois Auguste Marie Mignet, a french journalist and historian as well as an elected member of l'academie francaise.

Charles Quint A work of military fiction by Henri Conscience. Based upon the Peasant war of the seventeenth century. Translated into French. Consicence was a Belgian author who is considered Complete in four volumes. With 38 engraved plates including four engraved frontispieces. Alphonse de Lamartine was a French writer, poet and politician A copy of 'La Chute d'un Ange' by M.

Alphonse Marie Louis de Prat de Lamartine 21 October 28 February was a French writer, poet and politician who was instrumental in the foundation of the Second Republic A scarce edition of this important work on epidemiology. With an introduction and notes by the translator. He is Zschokke was one of the most distinguished public men A medical thesis on midwifery and childbirth from the Faculte de Medecine de Paris.

Written by medical student Charles-Michel Ducellie. Published for the Faculte de Medecine in Paris. The Faculte de Medicine formed on of the four Sixteen volumes of work by Alphonse de Lamartine. The history of the first three centuries of the Christian church, in French. He was a powerful preacher and political orator; from Madame Guizot was the mother of Francois Guizot - , a French historian, orator, and statesman. She had great The third edition of Crtineau-Joly's history of the Society of Jesus, or, as they are sometimes known, the Jesuits.

With frontispieces of notable figures from the history of the Society of Jesus to each volume, as well as other With an introduction from Xavier Marmier. A guide to the public galleries of Europe which displayed Roman antiques and artefacts. Illustrated throughout with numerous engravings. D Armengaud was a French historian, who published a series of guides Three parts complete in one volume. Augustin Thierry's complete history of the conquest of England by the Normans in the eleventh century. With an engraved frontispiece of Thierry to volume I.

Tenth edition, revised and corrected. Thierry's main Lamartine was a French writer, poet and politician who was instrumental in the foundation of the Second Republic. Lamartine is famous for his partly autobiographical A study on the history of Ireland. Illustrated, with an engraved frontispiece and three further plates.

Written by Hippolyte de Chavannes de La Giraudiere, a writer of educational works for children. A lot of A nicely bound copy of Marceline Desbordes-Valmore's poetry. In a decorative, gilt stamped quarter morocco binding. Marceline Desbordes-Valmore was a French poet and novelist. Her first poetical work was her Elegies Three volumes of Plutarch's Lives of Famous Men.

Edited by and in the French of Alexis Pierron.