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Not as good as The Lion Triumphant , but I still enjoyed this one. While all three of these books focus on fictional characters and their personal stories, they have a strong historical background covering all the major events of the sixteenth and early seventeeth centuries. I had fun reading these three novels, particularly The Lion Triumphant , though I suspect I would probably have enjoyed them more when I was younger and just starting to get into historical fiction.

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I would definitely like to continue with the series — but not immediately as even with their different settings the books do all seem to be very similar and reading three in such a short space of time was a bit too much for me. Victoria Holt was always my favourite author. I have recently discovered these books and am enjoying them so much — I am at the moment on book I am also learning a lot of history and old Cornish customs!

Thanks for commenting, Ginny. I enjoyed the first three books in this series and really must continue with the next one soon! Hope you enjoy the rest of the series!

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Thanks for your comment. The way the heroines are treated by the male characters and the portrayal of rape in both books does feel very dated and uncomfortable for a modern reader to read. I have real all the books in this series…twice!! I enjoyed the earlier ones better. Coming to the end like just about the last five books or so, the theme changed. It was still related but not in the order of the original plot.

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All in all I love these books and will probably read them in ten years again. Osman returns to Khartoum before the British, and after convincing the Mahdi not to punish him for losing the battle, he leads an attack on Khartoum, killing General Gordon and taking the city for the Mahdi. Saffron is able to escape with Ryder aboard the now repaired Ibis , but the Mahdists kill David and capture Rebecca and Amber. With the help of her Arabic servant Nazeera, Rebecca is able to convince the Mahdi to take her and Amber into his harem , ensuring their survival and wellbeing.

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Penrod, who has deserted from the British due to his impatience at Charles Wilson's slow organization, returns to discover what has happened and begins planning to rescue Rebecca and Amber, but he is captured by Mahdist forces and becomes a prisoner of Osman. When the Mahdi dies, Osman supports Abdullahi al-Khalifa to ensure his succession, and takes Rebecca and Amber as his own, and then leaves to make preparations to make war with the Ethiopian Empire , bringing them and Penrod along with him.

Penrod reunites with Ryder during this time, and the two of them are able to organize a rescue of Penrod and Amber. Rebecca, who had seduced Osman to ensure the continued safety of herself and Amber and is now pregnant with his child, chooses to remain behind, knowing that she would now be unwelcome in British society. Saffron chooses to remain in Africa, and she and Ryder marry.

Penrod marries Amber, and is recruited by Horatio Kitchener to help train a new Egyptian desert army for the Anglo-Egyptian conquest of Sudan. After the Battle of Omdurman , Penrod tracks down Osman and kills him in a swordfight.

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Rebecca, now broken by her captivity and the mother of two of Osman's children, commits suicide upon seeing this, entrusting her children to Penrod's care. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Works by Wilbur Smith.

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Young Angelet is fascinated by the haunting rumors surrounding the Pool of St. Branok—superstitious tales of its cursed, bottomless waters. The innocent Cornish girl shares the ghostly story with Benedict Lansdon, the handsome, illegitimate grandson of a family friend, and promises to show him the spot. But tragedy strikes when they meet at the pool, and Angelet and Ben become complicit in a crime that could send Ben to the gallows.

Ben returns to Australia, but the pair feels bound by their terrible secret. After a whirlwind season in London, Angelet marries Gervaise Mandeville, a charming rogue with a weakness for gambling. As the casualties from the Crimean War mount, Gervaise decides to try his luck in the Australian gold rush. Angelet travels across the world with him, only to once again be ensnared in a fatal act of violence.

Alone in the outback, Angelet faces her own day of reckoning from a long-ago crime—and gets a second chance at love. Three young women bound by ties deeper than blood are swept up in a web of intrigue and betrayal in this haunting gothic tale. When tragedy strikes, Rebecca struggles to move on, and becomes inextricably linked to two young girls: her half-sister Belinda and an orphan named Lucie. Teeming with scandal and murder, The Changeling is at once an atmospheric ghost tale and a gripping story of familial betrayal as powerful as the woman at its haunting center.

The riveting Cornwall saga continues with the story of Lucie Lansdon, the sole witness to a horrifying crime much too close to home. Reeling from the deaths of the two men she loved most, and convinced that her life is cursed, Lucie finally finds happiness when she marries the gentle Roland Fitzgerald. But her domestic life with Roland and his sister is not all it should be.

Someone is watching—and waiting to carry out a cunningly orchestrated plan of retribution. On the verge of uncovering the truth about a long-ago night, she places her trust in the wrong person. In , with war looming on the horizon, thirteen-year-old Lucinda Greenham is sent to an exclusive boarding school in Belgium. Her joy in sharing this adventure with her best friend, Annabelinda, is cut short when Annabelinda has a clandestine affair leading to pregnancy.

But someone in the household has uncovered the truth about Annabelinda and the lively baby called Edward.

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Now Lucinda, who has lost her heart to a decorated soldier, is faced with keeping another secret. As a blackmail plot erupts in murder, and war eradicates a way of life forever, Lucinda discovers that there is a time for love. With World War II on the horizon, a British woman risks her life to uncover the truth behind the disappearance of her twin sister. Violetta Denver and her twin sister Dorabella are inseparable—until Dorabella falls in love with Dermot Tregarland.

When she hears that Dorabella went swimming one morning and was swept out to sea, she refuses to believe that her beloved twin is really gone, so a grief-stricken Violetta travels to the Tregarland estate. When death claims another victim, Violetta knows the answer lies in the history of the Tregarlands—and a haunting legacy of madness and bad blood. The German army is advancing through Europe and the Battle of Britain is grimly underway.

While Violetta waits for news, her sister Dorabella finds herself torn between two men: her French ex-lover Jacques and the heroic, mysterious Captain Brent. But James Brent may not be what he seems—and soon both Dorabella and Violetta are caught up in a dangerous game of espionage and treason as they travel to wartime London.

With their fates hanging in the balance, the twin sisters are bound by a shocking secret. Dorabella risks her life to follow her heart. Daughters of England by Philippa Carr. When fifteen-year-old Sarah Standish runs off to London to be an actress, she discovers a city beyond her wildest dreams. But the most exciting fantasy of all is the real-life stranger who sweeps her off her feet. Sarah marries Jack Adair, the thrillingly handsome Lord Rosslyn.

Her father is desperate to retain control of Rosslyn Manor. To do this he needs a strategic alliance and the proper heir, but Kate has promised her heart to someone else.