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I did like that we have two Lexes now and that the male Lex appears to be the good guy, though I agree the path seems predictable -- Alexandra will stay evil and pull her husband along, or Alexandra will die and Lex becomes Lex, and so on. There were a bunch of seemingly obvious tropes in this book -- Parasite with a killer touch accidentally kills someone he loves; Clark loses his powers right up to but then not quite when he's about to be intimate, etc. Y'know, really make the next one unpredictable.

I haven't been a fan of Straczynski's style in the past, but this sounds really interesting. Might have to take a look. Honestly, I don't like what I've heard about this book. I liked volume one despite its flaws, but this one sounds I'll be reading it eventually - and probably review it - and look to keep an open mind, since I ended up not agreeing with many of the others on volume one, but I have a bad feeling my reaction is going to be different from yours on this one, going by what I've heard.

I'm just waiting for the inaccurate, over-the-top "Superman has sex with a prostitute! Film at eleven! If anything I think it might be delayed because the book doesn't actually hit bookstores until next week, only comic shops this week. I like what Straczynski has done here but I'm kind of a sucker for when writers break taboos with these characters that no one else will touch. In truth his use of Lasalle really comes off as a one-note stereotypical "loose girl" the problem may be in how Davis depicts the scenes -- see "Mmmm. Yeah, sexy" above and I'm curious to see one of the blogs with a greater focus on women in comics give their thoughts on it.

Great review. Out of everything in this book, I actually think I liked the "cat"-bit most. I'm a sucker for that sentimental stuff. Also fun to see another Superman character with the initials L. That couldn't have been a coincidence After reading it last night, your review is spot on. I like the fact the Earth One books are actually different in dealing with types of taboos that never get printed, but are only in casual conversation by the water cooler.

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Why read about the same things ever time? Besides, the Earth One books are set outside of DC continuity, so I think it's entirely us to the writer to writer anyway they see fit, without aggravating the fans which in this sad world of the internet, people will still do. But I'm also convinced after reading vol. I liked that. And because of it, a ton of people thought it was blasphemy. Far more human properties then The Dark Knight we all know, and people hated those aspects.

Then Earth One Superman Vol.

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And being pushed into a corner of using these powers, yet not offsetting the worlds perspective of him. For example when Superman was simply helping other countries get out of a harms way, the General threatens him to leave by killing people who go against him. Superman has that vision of killing the general and his army to show brute force, but knows the world will decree him as some powerful murdering god.

It just shows the heavy repercussions of being Superman in a more realistic world, while most stories portray the world loving Superman no matter what. These are the kinds of things that make JMS a great and controversial writer, as well as the Earth One books. I am hopeful Straczynski has Superman return to that rebel country in the next volume. It is as "American as apple pie" that when Superman sees a crime being committed, he stops it, but the book reinforces the good point that it's not so simple outside Superman's adopted country's borders.

I'd like to see more study of that in Earth One, myself. I admire JMS for wanting to explore so much of Clark's isolation and humanity but it would have been braver to this fan if he had actually taken the time to develop Lois the way the character has earned. Creating Lisa as the sexual figure in this book felt demeaning to me. In the meantime, Lois had barely anything to do.

Look, the bottom line is that Lois isn't just the primary love interest in the Superman mythosshe's also the only other character that has been there for 75 years and she's Clark's foil.

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To me? The braver and more interesting exploration of Clark's sexuality wouldn't be to create an over the top sexual character but to actually have the courage to get to the bare bones of the absolute OBSESSION that Superman has for Lois Lane in a modern context. Lois and Clark have deserved a modern update to the cat and mouse game that is always between them and the new 52 seems determined not to do it.

Something that, imo, has drastically hurt the books. If they wanted to reboot the marriage they should have really taken the time to take the triangle for 2 to a modern place and they have not done it. The thing is Clark only having sex with Lois has actually made sense for alot of reasons. He is afraid to let himself go. He has afraid to let people in. Lois is rare strong figure who when given the chance accepts him fully as an alien and a man and is open to sharing that sexual relationship with him because she truly loves him.

It's actually pretty cool. To me, that would have been the braver route. I would rather see JMS have the courage to depict Lois Lane as a sexual being going forward as opposed to creating this other character. As it stands, it kind of felt like he was regulating the smart woman to the sidelines which felt really off. Also, I see someone asking above if any of the female bloggers have touched on this yet.

Yes, there's been alot of discussion about it and it wasn't well received. I think the general consensus is that if JMS wants to tell a story about sex The character has earned that much after all these years. Writers shy away from the sex between Lois and Superman so often despite the fact that the characters have been sexually involved for over 40 years.

Their relationship is actually intensely sexual it's just that our culture has this weird thing where we always try to separate the sex from the true love. We assume that "True love" isn't always connected to the lust element. Even the original Superman movie from the 70's was loaded with sexual entendre between them. There is an unfortunate trend to try and separate sex from smart, powerful women. It's a detriment to Lois Lane for her to be pushed aside to explore a "sexy" character as opposed to a writer recognizing that strong, powerful career women like Lois Lane might also be intensely sexual.

Instead, what I fear we might get is being shown that Clark loves Lois I'd rather see a writer have the courage to write Lois as the sexual being she is as opposed to creating a new "sluttier" female character to tantalize. Anon: don't mind me asking, where's the discussion been? I haven't seen any, I'm curious what people are saying. Still haven't read this book, but it sounds like people think both female characters need some work.

To be honest, I don't think many people write Lois as well as they could in the first place. Which raises another question I've been curious about: who does write a good Lois Lane? I can't think of anybody off the bat Everyone was disturbed by the book and the gender issues in it.

Elsewhere, Lois discovers melted rods from the bridge and then video footage of an unidentified flying man prior of its collapse.

Superman: Earth One, Volume 2 by J. Michael Straczynski

Zod addresses the United Nations, stating that the House of El caused the planet Krypton to explode, and that Superman is a threat. Zod persuades the delegates that he is an ally and wants to help them kill Superman. Lois receives a phone call from her uncle and learns that Zod is responsible for the bridge's collapse, after which she tries to warn Superman. Zod reveals that he possesses a supply of kryptonite in his ship, from whose radiation his lead-lined skin-suit protects him.

Superman also discovers that Zod has convinced the world's governments that he is an enemy.

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In the Fortress of Solitude, the AI reveals that prior to Krypton's destruction; it was in the middle of a global civil war between Zod and his brother, Superman's father, Jor-El, who had refused to join Zod. Realizing that Zod intends to complete his revenge by hurting those he cares for, Superman arrives to his apartment building and fights Zod, but is no match for his uncle, who defeats him. Luthor and Lisa intervene to rescue him, but Luthor is killed and Lisa is critically injured. Luthor's red solar weapon greatly weakens Zod, allowing Alexandra to kill him.

Superman Earth One Vol. 3

Blaming Superman for her husband's death, Alexandra vows to kill Superman as she did Zod. She subsequently places her husband's corpse in suspended animation and takes Zod's kryptonite from his ship. In the hospital, Lisa recovers from her wounds and professes her love for Clark. Clark reciprocates her affection and they become a couple. Clark subsequently takes her to Smallville, where he introduces her to his adoptive mother.

At the United Nations, Superman announces that although he is disappointed that they aligned themselves with Zod, it will not deter him from his mission to protect Earth.

Earth 2 Vol 4 "Evil Superman" - Complete Story - Comicstorian

Seeing their fear, and noting Lois' her astute insights, Superman asks Lois to be his political conscience. Sign In Don't have an account?

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