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And true to "Woz," you can change your world without the high cost of traditional degree programs. This education is for the masses; it will elevate standards of higher education and what you can expect from it, meaning that you too can be an innovator with action and hard work. Working with High Point University students on an autonomous vehicle.

Read More. Crypto Summit in LA, October, Digital Summit Phoenix — February Woz Speaking in Saudi Arabia.

Working with High Point University students on an autonomous vehicle.

Woz on Conan. NAMM Conference. Innovation Summit in St. Louis, Missourii Not sure which career best suits you? We can help you find the right path for you. Let our mentors be your guide.

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We offer mentorship with all our courses, be it online or in the classroom. Our instructors have all worked successfully in the field and many of our mentors excelled through our programs themselves, so they know firsthand how to help. We'll teach you how to code using the programming languages you'll need to know based on the software engineering job you want. Fill out this simple form to get started.

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We'll set up a call to discuss your goals and answer your questions. A quick technical quiz will guide you to the ideal program and may help you qualify for grants through one of our partners. Whether its full-time immersive or part-time online, we'll choose the program that fits your lifestyle. Powered by Woz programs begin with the end in mind - to help you get a job! We will help you prepare each step of the way. Graduate and be qualified for entry level jobs in high paying, high demand careers!

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The Financial Literacy Grant, is awarded to students who commit to particular payment plans prior to enrolling. Offers financial assistance to students in all programs who may not qualify for the other grants listed here.

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Our Powered by Woz U graduates receive career Service assistance to help guide you through the career selection process. Here is how we do it:.

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We specialize in technology and career-based programs designed to get people into the workforce quickly and affordably. Our goal is to educate and tool the masses to fill the multitude of quality tech-based jobs that are currently open and projected to grow in the coming years.

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This will not only help individuals and families sustain financial stability, but also help spur innovation and growth in business and government. Woz ED: joining forces to create K-Employment pathways for students. Pathways Students are introduced to engineering and coding careers starting in kindergarten and by shortly after high school could earn a post-secondary certificate in their chosen career. Woz ED prepares students for a number of coding industry jobs.

Collaboration Students work together and are allowed to experience failures and learn from those failures.