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German Romantic composers

Fantasies on Nine Familiar Hymn Tunes 7. Quotations for Organist, Assistant, and Narrator 8. Adoration 3. Morning Song 3. Victory 3. Octo Fantasiae Super Themata Gregoriana 4. Organoedia Kohlmann, Clarence Chanson du Soir 3. Three Chorale-Variations on Hebrew Hymns 4. Walter Intermezzo 4. Walter Morning Song Op. Ludwig Ausgewahlte Orgelwerke, 1. Folge 9. Biggs, E. III: Four Preludes 7. Pastorale 6. Biblical Sonata No. Nevins 4.

Six Biblical Sonatas for Keyboard Broude Elegy: Chant Solennelle photocopy 2. Elevation in G major Lang, E. Meditation Prelude Religieux fragile 3. American Suite Langlais, J. Deux Offertoires 7. Folkloric Suite for Organ 7. Four Postludes for Organ 6. Huit Chants de Bretagne Bornemann 5. Neuf Pieces 6. Poem of Life 3. Poem of Peace Langlais, J. Vingt-quatre Pieces pour Harmonium ou Orgue Vol. Chorale-Toccata and Fugue 4. Four Organ Preludes on Chorale Tunes 4.

Hymn Preludes for the Church Year 7. Three Marches 4. Meditaciones religiosas, Op. Pastorale in C 4. Sortie and Bolero de concert 6. Sortie and Bolero de concert copy 2 Lemaigre, E. Twelve Pieces for Organ 5. Andantino in D-flat 3. The Organ Music of Edwin H. Lemare, Series I Original compositions , Vol. Pastorale in E 3. Romance in D-flat 5. Fanfare Lemmens, J. Sonatae Pascale in A minor 6. Rhapsody on Old Carol Melodies 4. Rhapsody on Old Carol Melodies cover loose 4. Allegro Molto, Op. Romance sans Paroles ed. Suite for Holy Week Liszt, F. Liebestraume St. Series 74 4.

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All-Organ Selections trans. Heaps 8. Orgelwerke, Band I 5. Orgelwerke, Band I 6.

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Orgelwerke, Band I copy 3 Liszt, F. Orgelwerke, Band I Kalmus 5. Orgelwerke, Band II 5. Orgelwerke, Band II 6. Chant Angelique 2. Dominus Regnavit 3. Festival Postludium 2. Toccata for organ 6. Orgelwerke Peters edition — hardbound Orgelwerke Peters edition 8. Fantasia M Macdowell, E. Transcriptions, Series 1 5. Transcriptions, Series 2 5. Meditation MacMillan, E. Cantilene Mailly, A. Invocation 2. Three Plainsong Preludes 4. Intermezzo in E Maleingreau, P. An Evening Meditation, Op. First Symphony for the Organ Five Marpurg Fugues 5. Beside Still Waters 2.

Aria, con Variazioni 4. Martinson, J. Toccata a la Gigue for Organ 5. A Cloister Scene 4. Angelus, from Scenes Pittoresques E. Kraft arr. Angelus, from Scenes Pittoresques Celebrated Comp. Angelus, from Scenes Pittoresques Mark Andrews, arr. Cantilena in D Matthews, H. Chanson du Soir 3. Communion 3. Melodie Matthews, H. Paean Matthews, H. Ave Maria Mauro-Cottone, M. Dreams 3. Twenty-four Divertimenti, op.

Two Organ Compositions, I. Adoration McGrath, Joseph J. Two Organ Compositions, II. Choral Prelude McKay, G. Benedictions 6. Suite on 16th c. Hymn Tunes last page missing 2. Hymn Tunes 4. Harbach Mendelssohn, F. Compositions for the Organ Op. Lemare, ed. Oeuvres Completes, ed. Marcel Dupre Bornemann 5. Organ Works Kalmus 6. Organ Works Presser 6. Organ Works Presser 4. Organ Works Schirmer, Warren ed. Organ Works Schirmer, Lemare ed.

Orgel-kompositionen back cover missing Mendelssohn, F. Orgelsonaten, Op. Three Preludes and Fugues Op. Three Unfamiliar Organ Compositions 3. Barrett, cover loose 2. Les Corps Glorieux, Bk. Coronation March Walton 3. Perpetuum Mobile arr. Fantasie Cramer ed. Meditation for Violin, Piano or Harp and Organ 2. Three Improvisations Milhaud, D. Pastorale 3. Berceuse Bretonne 3. Prelude on a Traditional Melody Mooz Zur 2.

Rondo Saltato 3. Rondo-Fanfare trans. Murray Mouret, Jean Jos. Sinfonies De Fanfare rondeau; air; fanfares 6. Adagio for glass harmonica, K. Biggs; marked 3. Adagio and Rondo, K. Biggs 5. Fantasie en FA minuer No. Dupre edition 7. Fantasia in F Minor for a mechanical organ K. Emery, ed. Fugue in Ut Mineur brittle, pencil marks, pages loose, Dupre ed. Prelude on the Ave Verum 3. Three Pieces K. Laudamus Te 2.

Grand Trio in E Minor - Op. 86, No. 1 - Kuhlau

When Shadows Deepen cover missing 2. Apparatus musico-organisticus Peters 4. Apparatus musico-organisticus Kalmus 6. Esquisses Byzantines Leduc 7. Esquisses Byzantines Marks 4. Tu es petra et portae 4. Carillon for Organ 3. Reverie for Organ 2. Passacaglia 3. G Smith 6. Four American Carols 4. I Wonder as I Wander 2. A Chinese Christmas Carol pastorale prelude 2. An Elizabethan Idyll loose covers 3. Free Organ Accompaniments to well-known hymn tunes hardbound 9. Free Organ Accompaniments to well-known hymn tunes hardbound 7. Introduction and Passacaglia for Organ 8.

Easter Melodies Norris, H. A Christmas Fantasy Paraphrase on Antioch 1. Toccata, Op. Berceuse, Op. Three Liturgical Improvisations, No. Three Liturgical Preludes cover loose Oley, J. Four Chorale Preludes 5. Mason Slade 3. Eight Fanfares and Intradas 4. Toccata alla Marcia for the Organ 5. Venetian Nights 2. Improvisation for a Requiem 3. Ausgewahlte Orgelwerke, Band 1 Barenreiter poor cond. Ausgewahlte Orgelwerke, Band 1 Barenreiter 4.

Ausgewahlte Orgelwerke, Band 1 Barenreiter loose front cover 4. Ausgewahlte Orgelwerke, Band II 5. Ausgewahlte Orgelwerke, Band IV 7.

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Ausgewahlte Orgelwerke, Band IV 5. Ausgewahlte Werke Harpsichord 5. Canon in D arr. Brimhall 3. Canon in D setting Hopson, H. Chaconne in D Minor ed. Devereaux Pachelbel, J. The Fugues on the Magnificat Pachelbel, J. Selected Organ Works, vol. Sieben Choralpartiten Paine, J. Leupold 9. Lucis Creator 4. Sicilienne 2. Five Sketches, No. Introduction and Fugue in e minor W. Osborne ed. Romanza Schirmer, cover loose Parker, H. Sonata in E-Flat for the organ, Op.

Alcock copy 1 Parry, H. Alcock copy 2 Parry, H. Organ Album, Book 1 Parry, H. Seven Chorale Preludes, set 1 Seven Chorale Preludes, set 1 binding broken Parry, H. Seven Chorale Preludes, set 2 Jubilate for Organ 3. Quietude 2. Four Chime Preludes 1. III 6. Triptych copy 1 Perera, R. Auden Variations for organ Op. Persichetti, V.

Dryden Liturgical Suite Persichetti, V. Parable for organ Persichetti, V. Sonata for organ copy 1 Persichetti, V. Sonata for organ copy 2 Persichetti, V. Sonatine for Organ, Pedals Alone; op. Sonatine for Organ, Pedals Alone; Op.

Three Grand Trios, Opus Volume I (E Minor): Flute Book: Daniel Friedrich Kuhlau

Song of David Op. Basso Ostinato for organ Porter, H. Album of trumpet tunes arr. Henry Coates 3. Bell Symphony 3. Ceremonial Music for Organ blue 5. Ceremonial Music for Organ ed. Fantasy on One Note C. Simkins, arr. Keyboard Music transc. Prelude, Chaconne, and Finale trans. Edmunds, J. Sonata for Trumpet and Strings 4.

West, J. Purcell, H. Trumpet Tune Purcell, H. Trumpet Voluntary 2. Trumpet Voluntary 3. Trumpet Voluntary Purcell, H. Two Trumpet Tunes 3. Voluntary on the th Psalm Tone 3. Communion Purvis, R. Divinum Mysterium Purvis, R. Eleven Pieces for the Church Organist 7. Greensleeves from Four Carol Preludes 3. Romanza 3.

Spiritual Q R Rachmaninoff, S. Grusenian Song G. Federlein, trans. Cavatina 3. Grand March from Leonora Symphony, arr. Masses of the 1st and 2nd ton for the organ Kalmus 3. March in C 2. Offertoire in A-flat 8. Supplication 2. Little Pastorale 3. Bedell Reger, Max Invocation 2. Prelude on a Chorale of Bach ed. Bedell Reubke, J.

The ninety-fourth psalm ed. Caspar Koch poor condition 3. Caspar Koch copy 2 Reubke, J. The 94th Psalm ed. Ellingfor, H. Noble 4. Forberg Musikverlag 5. John Doane Ten Trios Op. The Flight of the Bumble-Bee Transc. Hymn to the Sun 3. Romance ed. Song of India Rinck, J. Rondo from the Concerto for Flute Stop 2. Selections from South Pacific 4. Suite for Organ 3. Concert Overture in B Minor 7. Concert Overture in B Minor 5. March 3. Miniature Suite for the Organ 5. Reverie Rogers, James H. Sonata in E Minor 5. Organbook II Rorem, N. Pastorale Roseingrave, T.

Ten Organ Pieces P. Williams, ed. Fantasia e Fuga Rosenberg, H.

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Overture to William tell transc. Lemare cover loose 4. Lumen Christi: A meditation on the Festival of Easter 9. Bride chorale prelude 3. Hugh chorale prelude 3. Kammenoi Ostrow arr. Barnes 4. Gaul 3. Anne de Beaupre 3. Lawrence Sketches cover falling off Russolo, A. The Chimes of St. Clair, Floyd Memories 4. Adagio de la Symphonie en Ut mineur, Op. Barcarolle, op. Benediction Nuptiale Op. Fantaisie pour Grand Orgue Durand ed. Fantasia ed.

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John White 3. Sept Improvisations Pour orgue Op. Six Preludes et Fugues pour Orgue Durand ed. Prelude Improvisation for Organ 3. Prelude Improvisation for Organ 2. Music for a Church Service Salvador, M. Scherzo Sanders, Bernard W. Passacaglia 4. Five Organ Sonatas ed. Douglass Greene 5. Quattro Sonata transc. Vignanelli 4. Suite in Five Movements 5. An American Wedding Program 4. Buszin Schiske, Karl Variationen, op. Fantaisie Op. Marche Russe 2. Exercises in pedal playing 2. Fantasia Schreiber, F. Solemn Prelude St. Three Preludes 5. Kleine Intraden 5. Kleine Intraden 4.

Orgelsonate 4. Orgelchorale im Kirchenjahr 8 choral preludes 5. Pezzi Piccoli Schroeder, H. Sechs Orgelchorale, Op. Septinarioum 5. Short Preludes and Intermezzos 4. Zweite Sonata 6. First Mvt. Lemare 6. Postlude in G 3. When Jesus Wept transc. Samuel Adler Schumann, R. Canon in B Minor arr. John E. Series: Educational Instrumental Collection. Softcover with CD. Arranged by Ervin Monroe.

For Flute Choir - Flute Trio. Classical, Chamber Music. Score and parts. Trios for Strings.

Part book. With Standard Notation. Published by Greenblatt and Seay GS. Arranged by Joel Lish. London Trios series. Set of 4 parts. Woodwind trio. For Flute, Flute, Flute. Flute Trios. For Flute. Woodwind - Flute Trio. Sheet Music. Published by Chester Music. For Flute Trio. Arranged by David Tickton. Score and part s. With Standard notation. Falls House Press 3F-T8. For 3 flutes. Edited by Albrecht Imbescheid. For 3 Flutes. Universal Querfloten Edition. Standard notation. Edited by Marty Winkler.

Marty Winkler. Flute trio. Published by Warner Brothers. By Georg Philipp Telemann Edited by Michel Giboureau. Arranged by Nora Kile. For flute trio. Chamber Music. Grade 2. Duration Arranged by Ricky Lombardo. Grade Flute Ensemble. Arranged by Robert Rainford. Grade 5 - 8. By Various. Arranged by Himie Voxman. Size 9x12 inches. Published by Rubank Publications. By Hector Berlioz. Petersburg , Vienna and in to Prague where he met Carl Maria von Weber , [5] with whom he was friendly until his death. In he went to Denmark , following to Bavaria in again on tour.

In he continued with his concert tours in Paris and then to London with von Weber, [3] who was already seriously ill at that time. His etudes, often reprinted in England and France, remain used in many classrooms. Through his published works for flute, including twelve solo concertos, many variations, rondos and similar items, as well as duos, trios, a quartet for four flutes and compositions for flute and piano, he created new characteristic literature for his instrument.

His music is based on that of his contemporaries, notably Carl Maria von Weber. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Conversations: Lexikon der neuesten Zeit und Literatur Vol.