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The Second Sexism: Discrimination Against Men and Boys

Just as women are assumed not to be able to transfer suddenly, or participate in late night client entertainment, so organisations expect that men can and should perform — or withstand — those duties and pressures by dint of their gender, if they are to succeed and earn more.

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Do men really want to work extremely long hours, be separated from their loved ones for long periods, damage their health by drinking excessively in smoke-filled environments, and suffer physical and mental stress from lack of sleep, just because they happen to be men? Why do organisations assume that it is okay to drive their male employees routinely to forsake full participation in the opportunities and duties involved in household formation?

Are not these assumptions, and the workplace and societal outcomes they produce, also sexist? The Japanese workplace has long produced sexist outcomes against women, and efforts have correctly focused on establishing equal opportunity for women.

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  • Does it mean that, alongside the achievement of equal pay and access to core and senior roles, women will gain the opportunity to work unreasonably long hours, or be posted for years to a distant location? Is this a form of equality that women want, or is it something that neither women nor men would wish for? Similarly, many men would participate more in family formation, but feel unable because of workplace demands and the responsibilities of being principal earner.

    Technically and legally core and senior roles are open to female employees.

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    In addition to trying to establish equality for women, why not also work from the direction of trying to establish equality for men, with the intention that the workplace becomes more attractive to both genders? David Benatar. Russell Blackford.

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    The second sexism : discrimination against men and boys

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    Description Does sexism against men exist? What it looks like and why we need to take it seriously This book draws attention to the "second sexism," where it exists, how it works and what it looks like, and responds to those who would deny that it exists. Challenging conventional ways of thinking, it examines controversial issues such as sex-based affirmative action, gender roles, and charges of anti-feminism. The book offers an academically rigorous argument in an accessible style, including the careful use of empirical data, and includes examples and engages in a discussion of how sex discrimination against men and boys also undermines the cause for female equality.

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