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Vp Vamp. E Ending. Verse 1 When the solid ground is falling out From underneath my feet Between the black skies And my red eyes I can barely see And when I'm feeling like I've been let down By my friends and my family I can feel the rain reminding me. Chorus In the eye of the storm You remain in control In the middle of the war You guard my soul You alone are the anchor When my sails are torn Your love surrounds me In the eye of the storm.

Verse 2 When my hopes and dreams Are far from me and I'm runnin' out of faith I see the future I picture slowly fade away And when the tears of pain And heartache are pouring down my face I find my peace in Jesus' name. Bridge When they let me go and I just don't know How I'm gonna make ends meet I did my best now I'm scared to death That we might lose everything And when a sickness takes my child away And there's nothing I can do My only hope is to trust You. Chorus In the eye of the storm You remain in control In the middle of the war You guard my soul You alone are the anchor When my sails are torn Your love surrounds me.

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The Eye of the Storm

More like 4. Eye isn't quite what I expected. My favorite White novels are plutonium-dense, deeply flawed in some way i. Eye , on the other hand, is only moderately dense reading it's kind of like sipping a Burgundy when you're expecting an Australian Shiraz , involves lots of character interaction on both planes, and has only one very slightly gratuitous event.

So it's 'better' in that way. It's just not as interesting. But 'not as interesting' as, say, Riders in the Chariot is still plenty interesting. White's ability to hold black comedy, cynicism, and mysticism together in a novel centering around three of the most horrific human beings to ever "grace" the house of fiction is amazing for the record: a mother who intentionally undermines her children, a daughter who can't decide if she's a French aristocrat or an ocker ozzie, and a son who's a famous, aging actor.

The people in the book talk to each other, and they don't go on huge mystic travels, and they don't get crucified. They're just people. In that way, this is much more humane than his other work, and that fits nicely with the conclusion, which should be trite, but somehow works.

Though why you should expect it through the person of a steamy, devoted, often tiresome Jewess standing on one leg the other side of a veil of water which is all the human vision amounts to you could not have explained. Unless because you are both human, and consequently, flawed. Not to say the horror doesn't have its moments, too: "Alone, Dorothy was already quailing for the kind of sentimental weaknesses a raking of the past might uncover.

At the Judgement, too, you stand alone: not only Basil [her brother], all other sinners will contrive to be late. Your only hope in the present lies in indignation for whatever disgusts most: from faecal whiffs, breath filtered through mucus, the sickly scent of baby powder. Not quite stream of consciousness, not quite direct address to the character, not quite the character addressing herself. Dreaming to inherit big money a son and a daughter return to their terminally ill mother but even on her deathbed she remains a tyrant and keeps ruling with an iron fist.

Oct 14, Czarny Pies rated it liked it Shelves: australia-oceania , nobel-prize-winners. Possibly because I was in my early twenties when I read this work, I simply could not understand the personal dynamics between the protagonist a nasty matriarch and the various people in her entourage that she bullied. My reaction was that the victims had only themselves to blame.

One never needs to live in Sodom and Gomorrah. One can always leave. There is always an angel to help you flee. View 1 comment. Feb 05, Mark rated it it was ok. I'm on page and, while not exhausted, I feel dishevelled. This is my first Patrick White book, although I've seen a few plays and so I knew to expect a pithy serving of wordplay mixed with a jaded and disappointed view of humanity. But, he was a Nobel Prize winner as well as the holder of numerous literary prizes and a one-time Australian of the Year, so I knew that I was supposed to approach the altar with the right amount of respect.

And, he's good. His writing and observations, when they hi I'm on page and, while not exhausted, I feel dishevelled. His writing and observations, when they hit the mark are fabulous and nearly hum with resonance and truth. The stream of consciousness interludes often add clues to behaviours and help to flesh out some of the characters.

His writing is so dense and full and lush and intense and convoluted that I feel like I am struggling with a really rich meal where the flavours are oh-so-fabulous, but too-too-rich.

It feels like truffles and dark meats and millions of flavours and cream and And, he doesn't seem to like people very much. Like, not at all. I get the feeling that he barricaded himself in his house at Centennial Park, Sydney against the great unwashed. The grasping hordes of philistines, try-hards, social climbers, wishy-washy do-gooders and the lesser classes.

I will persevere, but I need a cleansing sorbet of hope and redemption Page and no sign of the storm that we are supposed to be in the eye of. A couple of unlikeable siblings poncing about in the mother country - all sniffy and precious because the coffee is crap and the people act as mirrors that reflect their own sense of hollow fraudulence.

They want mummy the equally unlikeable and unloveable Elizabeth Hunter locked up in a nursing home and have tried to enlist the aid of the old family solicitor who, it seems was jumped on many years ago by Lizzy. Why he didn't just tell them to get lost is beyond me.

But, nobody is saying what they really think, everybody is sputtering about and I'm bored with the lot of them. But like an explorer in the jungle, I progress in the hope of finding gold at the end Page and I am still following round Patrick White's monsters as they flog themselves with guilt and self loathing. Elizabeth's two brats are especially tedious - self pitying and overwrought they see the world around them as a giant stage apon which they can act out their self hatred and unhappiness.

They are so awfully self absorbed and self reverential, but without anything that could make them humorous or entertaining. Elizabeth is a frill necked lizard - with her neck expanded and ready to attack. Too monstrous to die yet apparently. Oh no. I was wrong. Page and she's dead We're on the homeward stretch and I am still shouting for a good editor and a scotch whiskey. Page and it is done.

I feel like I deserve a bloody medal. The last chapter was a celebration of misery, loneliness, alliances dashed, exposed weaknesses plastered over and covered with pearls. Positions of class were restored. Nobody escaped without having a large scabrous scar carved out of their happy place. All around was sighs, death, dull duty, loss, loss and more loss. Poor old Patrick was indeed a "shit" - a cynical, unhappy talented soul who used his powers for evil glee.

Where is the hope? After much effort and commencing this book several times I managed to finish. She loved her husband Bill in a way, as she nursed him in his last days.

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My partner who saw it with me wanted his money back. Stick with the book, as White is a great intellect, and his prose style is sweeping and sublime, rather like a painter with his brush painting broad strokes, but sometimes you want to come close and take in the details or the way the strokes create the illusion, and White allows you that. But would they have pursued it? I finished reading this just in time for the release of the Fred Schepsi film. Alas, no, hardly anybody has tackled it so at this stage I am free to interpret it any way I like and few but experts skulking in academia will be any the wiser.

Patrick Whit I finished reading this just in time for the release of the Fred Schepsi film. She was a journalist who started in fashion magazines and a royal watcher, so make of her vehemence what you will. Nobody could say that Patrick White was not ambitious. Feel a bit hesitant to write much on this book since it's the territory of my dad and am more than happy to leave the territory to him.

That said I'm in the habit of expressing my opinions here so I'll go on—though a warning, not that I believe anyone reads these reviews, don't comment with stuff about my dad's book about Patrick White. Moving on. One can see why White was such a big deal in Australia. This is a big ambitious novel w Nobody could say that Patrick White was not ambitious.

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This is a big ambitious novel with plenty of hot literary topics: sex, death, ageing, family, incest, infidelity, gratitude, inheritance, drama, reality, immigration, labor, love, it goes on. You know when somebody is trying to write a book in the mold of King Lear it's going to be pretty hardcore. And it is. It's also really long.

But White does things that probably no Australia writer had done before—mainly experimenting with his writing. There are plenty of nonsensical, stream-of-conscious paragraphs here. Narrator switches that one has to read carefully to figure out what is going on. And blurring between reality, dreams, and memories in the mind of whatever narrator is on at the moment.

Things which fit in well with modernist writing, but there aren't too many modernist in Australia before I bet. But I can see why my dad would criticize White. For one thing, it goes on way too long. For another, though there are some moving scenes and moments of sympathy with characters, generally the tone is hateful, the characters appalling, and there is no redemption at all. These isn't a criticism in itself but one does have to ask why read a page book filled with people that are hated by the reader, writer, and the other characters in the book.

And the writing is a bit longwinded I must say. Some of the modernist experimentation mentioned above feels a bit dated nowdays not that many authors do it.

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And the long, descriptive but metaphoric sentences do seem to be too much fun and play for the author and his ego, not enough editing to make it easy, fun reading for us as well as reduce the size of the novel. Not always a bad thing believe it or not. However, I do appreciate ambition. And though it could have been reduced I did find plenty to ponder in the relationships between dying mum Lear, yes and no her incestuous children, and the crazy staff that look after her. Kind of like The Corrections without the humor.

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But dying and ageing isn't funny, is it? Apr 15, Bruce rated it it was amazing. As we follow elderly Elizabeth Hunter on her journey to her death, the people around her, nurses, lawyer, servants, middle-aged children, are on their own less final journeys.

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White's style turns the story of their journeys into a kaleidoscope of color and emotion. Sometimes, individual characters become intensely unlikable, but not for long. Soon, we come to understand that person just enough to at least temporarily change our feeling, even if we don't necessarily approve of him or her. I read the book slowly, allowing time to appreciate the style and to absorb the emotional context around the action.

It's not an easy book, but a powerful one. Oct 17, Ashley Bettencourt rated it did not like it. This was a boring read, I felt like I was forcing myself to read it and that's normally my que to stop reading it. Don't get me wrong well written, but as I am reading it I keep thinking "Ok, get to the point". For me, it felt like ramblings of everyday life rather than an actual story. May 06, Tricia rated it it was ok Shelves: reading-challenges.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I was a bit unsure of what rating to give this book. It started out really, really slow. The scene setting for each character, from the old matriarch through to the nurses, cook, her children and solicitor, was pretty long winded. You do get an overview of this woman and how she has manipulated her family over many years. Then the rest of the book wasn't took bad.

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Card Text:. Whenever a player casts an instant or sorcery card, exile it. Then that player copies each instant or sorcery card exiled with Eye of the Storm. For each copy, the player may cast the copy without paying its mana cost. Ravnica: City of Guilds.

Eye of the Storm | Kyshadow

Card Number:. Hideaki Takamura. That player then chooses which of those copies to cast, if any.