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My first year of early retirement starts in about 7 months. Thanks, friend! Best wishes for to you, too. And your ER will absolutely be just as fun, especially because you have the whole family to share it with. New poster. A year plus follower of your blog and podcast. Love it all.

Keep it up and never quit producing. Your content is so real and valuable and has helped me to frame my journey. This past year, I went part-time to pursue my passion area of social work. Funny enough, I actually make more part-time. Thanks so much for commenting, Mariah! And for reading and listening, of course! Huge high five! All the best for Even though I am much more of a homebody, I cannot get enough of these adventures! I am so thrilled that this year is going well.

And I am equally excited for the audio. I had a great time doing it, and think that will come through in the recording. Fingers crossed! Okay your pictures of Taiwan now and on Instagram are definitely bumping that country up on the list of places I want to visit, but selfishly my favorite part of your year was obviously Cents Positive. Not so patiently waiting for your book to arrive now….

11 Trips You Need to Take as Soon as You Retire

You know I will be at any CP I possibly can!! And Iceland is next up for a big trip, but we shall see after that! Gotta get the husband on board for long haul flights. Ooooh Iceland! Also selfishly, Cents Positive was my favorite part of your year, too! ER sure beats tin or aluminum ;.

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What a year for you guys! If you ever make it to the central FL area, look us up. Maybe you could try out a salsa lesson? Whew, it was! And yes, exactly. But life is still waaaay better with all those things. Wow that sounds like a wild and happy year! You really packed a lot in. Still there and going strong. Thank you so much for sharing! Go to Taiwan! And funny you went to Singapore! I am in awe at how much you and Mark did in one year — looks like 5 years of rich life activity when you see it all at once.

Thanks for providing inspiration and demonstrating the potential of a work optional life! Hi Randy! Hope your is off to a great start! Cheers to and may it be more epic than the last! What a great year! Thanks for posting all the pics. Thanks so much, Laurie! I travelled a lot in the beginning of the year, started a new job, started a new blog, and have always had inklings of a book somewhere on the horizon. You will love it.

Also, Pierce St. Fluffy Snow: Noriega St. Snowflake: Dublin Blvd. Packing the car right now! But also, why is it not everywhere?! We bought it! We need Haagen-Dazs to bring the good stuff over! But thank you for doing this homework for me! It would help make the post more substantive given many of us are trying to achieve FI.

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Indeed there is! Bloggers who are anonymous can share numbers with much less risk. Looks like you had a great time in year 1! Heck, you look almost too busy! I really like the more personal feel of this post Tanja. I am happiest doing stuff. And yes, please do a personal annual summary post! This was a ton of work, but super worth it.

Okay of all the amazing photos here, I think my favorites are the ones of ballet performances. Because yessssssssssss. When I go home to visit my parents, my mom and I usually go to a Carolina Ballet performance, but I definitely want a lot more ballet in my post-FI life. You should have that book copy any day now! And yes to more dance! And a move??? Congrats on the title change, too — now make it happen, HR! However, the timing kind of stunk because you both were in Minneapolis when we were gone in August.

Totally would have come to see you as we live a whopping 3 miles from the falls and often attend the State Fair.

All Aboard for a Train Adventure in Retirement

Must pre-order book and try to be one of the lucky few to have a Skype meeting; too much fun that would be. Enjoy those lake trips this year. I love that part of the country, even if I do not miss the mosquitoes. I retired last year age 43! Ok, I can deal with that. We are also finally going to Portugal this year!

Whew, what a year! All of the travels and fun events are exactly the kind of things I love too. I had no idea there was a Beaujolais festival either — that sounds like fun. That sounds like a LOT of travel. Do you want to travel more or less? With roughly 50 days in hotels last year we felt like we overdid it.

Taiwan is high up on our list to checkout too — the food sounds epic there. My wife and my first date was to see Spirited Away which is based on a place in Taiwan that would be great to see. I picked up an Ikonpass this year too! With 5 resorts here in the Salt Lake area, if you want to ski out here sometime, let me know! Deer Valley is my favorite so far, but a lot to see. I absolutely love visiting Asia. There is something so creative and fun about the food over there. Would love to check out more of the natural scenery of the island some day.

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If you think Taiwan is cheap, check out SE Asia. We are off to Australia in February…. I really want to climb the Sydney Harbor bridge this time. It will be interesting to see how evolves for me on that front. Wondering if the holiday season was less stressful in retirement? It seems so stressful from the week of Thanksgiving straight until New Years.

My question! And what are your range of reactions and reflections?

Travel, Adventure and Van Life as a Senior // Adventure Experts

That sounds like the most amazing year ever. Whatever happened with that? Man oh man oh man oh man…what a great first year! Soo happy for you and Mark and look forward to seeing you in Seriously considering this Above the Clouds Retreat. No lie, I feel like I have to take a nap after reading all that and I knew about most of your adventures :D. Made it to Iceland in early Apirl, then headed to the east coast to Williamsburg, VA and explored Jamestown and Yorktown as well as heading to Virginia Beach for a day at the end of April.

Giving up a little bit of your time to help others can be an adventure in its own right. Do I need a car in retirement? Join our community of over ,plus members today and get the latest Over60 news, offers and articles. Retirement Income. Fri, 8 Jan, Michelle Reed 10 exciting retirement adventure ideas. Tags: retirement activities. Join Over60 Join our community of over ,plus members today and get the latest Over60 news, offers and articles.