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Fig 3: Congo red stain shows bright orange coloration under routine bright filed examination - standard conditions X; Congo red. Amyloid refers to the extracellular deposition of insoluble proteins; this deposition may be localized to one area or systemic. Causes of systemic amyloidosis range from infections, genetic mutations, and clonal B-cell proliferations such as plamacytoma or multiple myeloma 1. The gold standard for diagnosis remains observing apple green birefringence of the material on a Congo red stain.

Further differentiation by identifying the specific protein which is depositing in the tissue may be done to help identify the cause of the amyloid 2.

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Common specimens where amyloid may be suspected include along vessel walls in almost any tissue, in the lungs, or in abdominal adipose tissue. Local amyloid deposition in the lung, referred to as an amyloidoma or amyloid tumor, is relatively rare but which may present as single or multiple lung nodules on imaging, raising concern for lung carcinoma 3.

When amyloid is identified, clinical workup should be undertaken to rule our systemic amyloid and exclude plasma cell neoplasm and to evaluate for any resulting organ damage. Skip to main content.

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Read more. Submissions should report on: 1 An entity that is rare, the first of its kind, or a variant of a known entity; or 2 Present a classic example of a lesion which is not infrequently seen in clinical practice, but has not been published on in the recent literature; or 3 Present a case where new diagnostic modalities, such as immunohistochemistry, make a diagnosis more definitive or molecular studies give additional insights into the etiology or prognosis.

James Bauer Walter Longo Alia Nazarullah Michelle Don Tropheryma whipplei endocarditis presenting as chronic valvular disease: A case report and review of literature - Open access Julia R. Naso Davie Wong Jun Miyauchi Taisuke Ezaki Cindy Bossenmeyer Emilie Duchalais Komkrit Ruangritchankul Tikamporn Jitpasutham Veena Gupta Namita Bhutani Julia R.

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