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Everyday Power

Think back to when you were a child going to bed at night. You were tucked in and read a night time story before falling sound asleep. The reason you probably fell asleep so quickly is because you felt safe and relaxed.

2. Take a leisurely magnesium-replenishing bath.

That can still happen. Watching movies or reading books will serve to get you out of your own head and into a great adventure or inspirational tale starring someone else. Reading or watching someone else experiencing trials and tribulations — even if they are fictional — can help motivate anyone who feels stuck or down on their luck. Writing down your feelings is a great way to nourish your soul!

Pouring out your feelings, wishes, hopes and dreams on paper can make them seem more real. It may also help you plan out how to achieve them. Meanwhile, getting your feelings out onto paper can help you let go of or sort out a nasty, frustrating situation. Giving back to others is a great way to nourish your soul.

There are also thousands of charities to choose from. To be happy and healthy , never forget to nourish your soul in the process. You can try the suggestions above, OR think of your own ways.

TOKYO TALES: Izakaya Soul Brothers (Simon and Martina Podcast Episode 1)

Your email address will not be published. Connect with us. Here are my top 10 favorite ways to nourish your soul: 1 Do a Healthy Purge Taking some time to let go emotionally, spiritually, and physically to anything that no longer holds value to you is a great way to nourish your soul. However, there is an art form to breathing properly so you get the maximum benefits: Inhale in through your nose and out through your mouth Allow your belly to expand Hold your breath for at least three seconds before exhaling Repeat as often as necessary The more you consciously breathe deep, the better you will feel.

Even minutes of getting sunlight everyday can help you feel better. It boosts your vitamin levels as well. Gardening: Some people love the feel of digging in the dirt and being one with nature. Most of us are magnesium-deficient, especially when under stress, says herbal expert and consultant Lynda LeMole, former president and owner of Traditional Medicinals tea company.

A magnesium deficiency can put a damper on energy capacity and let depression gain a toehold. Fortunately our skin absorbs magnesium from bathwater containing Epsom salts, aka magnesium sulfate. LeMole suggests adding lavender to the bath and enjoying candlelight during your soak. Or consider a warming mustard bath. Fans of British novels may be aware of these restorative baths, a traditional English remedy for reducing stress and aches as well as ridding the body of toxins, says Cleveland Clinic psychologist Susan Albers, Psy.

Pour in a hot bath and soak.

Soul Eating

Sardines, salmon and walnuts provide omega-3 fatty acids; an omega-3 deficiency can contribute to fatigue, mood swings and depression. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson visits hospitalized children in intensive care and cancer units every week—and goes home inspired. Cathy Goodwin, a career-change coach, favors mysteries.

She led a study that found happy people are less likely to develop heart disease. Patting a furry friend has been shown to reduce blood pressure and stress hormones. Laura T.

Ocean Protocol

This, of course, is good for the soul—and the ego. The mere act of putting a smile on your face influences your feelings, studies suggest. Jim Whittaker endured hurricane-force winds and swirling snow to become, in , the first American to summit Mount Everest.

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Hike the Grand Canyon, LeMole recommends. Dive in Belize. Big doses of Big Nature feed my soul with the basic elements of life on planet Earth: more oxygen, the green of chlorophyll, the microbes in rich soil, the long-view perspectives and panoramas that put us in our size and place, and then the gratitude that comes from experiencing such natural joy. Even five minutes in nature helps boost mental health and mood, a British study found, so go walk, garden, cycle or the like. I answer the fear from this place.

‘I Want to Eat Your Soul’

I often dialogue back and forth between the voices until I feel peace of mind. This technique helps bring me from a place of anxious disconnection to feeling safe, centered and clear about my greatest potential. She measured the intensity of light indoors and outdoors in Seattle for a year—with surprising findings. Indoors, light intensity was a mood-killing to lux. Even in the cloudy outdoors, however, there was as much mood-lifting light intensity 10, lux as offered by a light therapy box used by some people to combat seasonal affective disorder. The true soul-nurturing to me is in the pauses, which I know sounds strange.

Research backs up the happy punch this will bring you: When students were told to perform five acts of kindness a week over six weeks, their well-being increased compared to a control group, according to a study overseen by University of California, Riverside psychology professor Sonja Lyubomirsky, author of The How of Happiness.

In that study, the biggest increase was seen by those who performed the five acts in one day instead of spread over time. Should it be even trusted to? Facebook already utilises what it refers to as AI for ad-targeting, zeroing in on fake accounts, censoring of terrorist content, and most recently suicide prevention efforts. What of the governing mechanisms of managing the platform, and determining how data is collected and stored? It is clear that we have our work cut out for us as a society, not only to reevaluate the way our data is handled, but also to facilitate; no- demand ; accountability for where it goes.

The way ahead will be not through centralized governance and fire fighting policies, but rather a complete restructuring of our whole data ecosystem, through blockchain-derived provenance and associated attribution. This is why we need blockchains like Ocean Protocol.

'I Want to Eat Your Soul' - Boundless

We are active participants, advocates, and contributors to the creation of ANewDataEconomy. Equitable Compensation For All. By establishing provenance throughout the entire platform, actors will work towards being able to understand what data was used when, where, and for what purpose- and this is precisely how the proposed asset control manifests within Ocean.

This virtual paper trail will subsequently facilitate attribution, and transparency will be inherently mandated by design rather than at the mercy of governmental mandate. Regardless of the data that people choose to share, anything that is shared should be fairly compensated. Through the implementation of curation markets.