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Ian Carr Sent down from Oxford in disgrace, staying with his mother Anne. First appearance in strip in the Ebb-Tide story. Returns in the [Edgar Tracy] story, which begins with strip Ian is played by David Wright's son Nicky. Played by actor Al Mancini First appearance in Appears in Problem Child and Ebb-Tide. Joe Wilson Australian photographer who "knows his stuff but isn't exactly a tactful type", according to his editor.

Becomes engaged to Carol at the end of [Simon Ware] , proposing in Mark Lovell Nora's brother and a jazz musician.

30 Days of Carol: Day 19 – The Best Lines from “Carol” Fanfic

Appears in Paris Episode and Cross-Currents. Max Kessell Mark Lovell's roommate and fellow musician. Appears in Ebb-Tide and Cross-Currents. Nora Lovell Carol's schoolmate and early roommate in London. Marries Paul Egan. Returns in The Prophet story. Paul Egan Head of a fashion house and Carol's primary modeling employer in the early years.

Marries Nora Lovell. First appearance around strip Peter Castle Friend of Paul Egan who has plagiarized a hit play.


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Buy It Now. Signed see all Signed. Not Specified 5. So Bob played Maple Leaf Rag and continued to reach his hand into the piano to pull back the hammers.

While he was playing he felt something crash against his limbs. A rod on the right side of the piano had come toppling down and the rod was thrashing and banging and Bob was still reaching in to pull out the piano hammers and a guest saw the piano falling apart and crawled along the floor to clear out the rod.

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Bob finished out his third song with much relief as he had worked so hard and was so glad the performance was over when George Bush Sr. And that was the worst piano he had ever played in August of As Bob played the audience members danced in their seats. Frank Pine wiggled in his squeaky seat in time, his elbows flopped and the audience smiled and hooted and cheered as each time Bob would play a song. His smallest..

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He never has. He tried to study nervousness. He plays everything by ear. He has difficulty reading piano scores, they baffle him. Privately he wanted to know how badly he was offending the music teacher in the audience because he knows he breaks every traditional rule in the book about rhythm and timing. He learned about the history of ragtime through attending Ragtime Festivals and meeting the greats including Euby Blake in and he was lucky enough to learn and study him for the last ten years of his life.