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As senior leaders we spend an inordinate amount of time, energy and resources trying to squeeze every drop of juice out of the lemon when it comes to the concrete, tangible elements of business.

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We look for cost efficiencies, value accretive mergers and acquisitions, growth projects, product innovation, and greater capital productivity. However, we often ignore one of the greatest sources of untapped value — the people who work for the organisation day-in, day-out. They have an incredible impact on company performance, and the only way we can realise their full value is through providing the strong leadership that creates a high performance culture.

Interestingly, this is the one area that most leaders tend to avoid. Sometimes a leader has to let someone go, either because of the choices an individual makes around their behaviour and performance, or through no fault of their own when their role is made redundant. This episode deals with termination for performance reasons, and gives a brief but practical outline of these difficult situations.

The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation, andFinancial Services Industry held in Australia over the last year or so uncoveredsome incredible breaches of law, of regulations, of ethics, and of trust. It haspoured fuel on the fire of the growing discontent that the general public has forbig business and large institutions.

So how do we fix it? This episode looks at the findings of the Hayne Royal Commission hopefully, witha slightly more balanced perspective than some of the hysterical politicaldiscourse surrounding the Commission. The issues uncovered are not confined to the finance sector, and certainly not toAustralia. Hey guys Em here! Marty and I have been thinking about how we can thank and celebrate our podcast listeners - a few weeks ago we reached a milestone of over 35, listens, and this wouldn't have been possible without your loyalty and dedication to the podcast each and every week.

So instead of doing what a lot of podcasters do and read out iTunes reviews, we wanted to turn the microphone over to YOU, our incredible community of no bullsh! We put the call out for you to send in your best No Bullsh! Leave us your tip at www. The topical case study of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos provides an excellent backdrop for asking some pointed questions about leadership and culture.

One of the great failings of Theranos was its culture of secrecy, and suppression of bad news from people who could clearly see the problems with the business. If you can manage to establish a climate where your people trust you enough to contribute fearlessly, without fear of repercussions, it is like rocket fuel for your team!

Russell Simmons writes open letter to Donald Trump: ‘Quit the bullsh*t’

If you want to dig deeper into the Theranos story, I highly recommend listening to The Dropout podcast. This week we cover a great question from our listener James about how to motivate people when the shine of consecutive pay rises and bonuses either wears off, or becomes unaffordable. Although remuneration policy is the domain of HR, accountability for understanding remuneration structures and making smart pay decisions sits squarely with leaders. This episode combines remuneration theory and leadership skill, providing a holistic guide that will help leaders to negotiate pay matters with clarity and confidence.

Everyone is driven by self-interest. It is an intrinsic part of the human DNA, so we can never overcome it entirely. However, we can learn to put self-interest aside for the greater good which, ironically, often results in better long term outcomes for us as individuals. This episode explores how we can fight our basic instincts with long term vision and belief. The benefits of being able to put self-interest aside are many, and if you can manage to overcome this natural human instinct, the return over time is incalculable.

I'd love to hear your feedback on this episode, so send me an email to hello yourceomentor. We have spoken in recent episodes about leadership attributes and competencies. During your career, you will come into contact with many people who are smart, well educated, experienced, shrewd, politically astute, and even some who are downright Machiavellian.

So what is it that is going to make you stand out? This episode is all about empowerment, which is the flip side of the accountability coin. Accountability and empowerment should be inseparable, but often leaders don't understand that. Let's face it, execution is tough, but there are a few secrets that aren't often spoken about. You can use this episode to first evaluate your team and what you actually practice as a leader, and then rank which of these elements you should start implementing in order of where you believe the most value will come from.

I would love to hear what you thought of this episode, and whether it enabled you to see your culture and team in a different light, so please send me your feedback at hello yourceomentor. These 7 pillars are designed to unlock the real, practical strategies and focus areas that we believe will make or break your leadership journey. These are the things that, in my experience, differentiate leaders from the incompetent, through the mediocre, to the great.

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In this episode I talk through the 7 Pillars of Leadership Performance in detail, covering why I believe they are so important, and what you can do to develop yourself in each of the below pillars: Deliver Value - This is the object of the exercise and this is where it all begins and ends for a leader, with a value creationHandle Conflict - Conflict aversion is one of the biggest career killers and it will basically dilute your effectiveness in pretty much everything you do as a leaderBuild Resilience - As we know, anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.

You don't find out what a leader is made of until they're put under pressure and many leaders foldWork at Level - It's so common to see leaders through all levels of an organisation working at the wrong level, sub-optimising their performance and effectively crippling their peopleMaster Ambiguity - One of the foremost jobs of a leader is to sit comfortably in ambiguity and to translate that into certainty of direction and action for their peopleDrive Accountability - If you want your people to execute well, nothing enables this more than clear, well-defined, single point accountabilities.

Make Great Decisions - Leaders get paid the dizzy dollars to make hard calls and being a leader who can make timely, well-informed decisions, will put your team and organisation in a winning position. Together these 7 Pillars of Leadership Performance are what make up our online leadership program, Leadership Beyond the Theory, and hopefully you can see after this episode why that is! Check out more details on the program at courses. Or Does He? Our mission is to give fitness professionals the confidence, courage and knowledge they need to become top class instructors and to create a successful career within the fitness industry.

Unit 5 Brookfield Terrace, Blackrock, Co. I get crazy mad when I see people being suckered. Especially where their money, future, or career, is put at risk. Click image to download prospectus Are your certificates recognized internationally. I would guess nobody would. Not intentionally anyway. I want to make this point very clear.

Just like all the big hitters in this business we have been put through the same rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures as the others who offer the same Fitness qualifications that we do. SO why do I hate this question?

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They try to argue that their certificate is recognized in more countries than mine. My thoughts are this. When you now know the truth. That the certificates are the same. You are left with the only question that matters. Am I going to learn what I want to learn on this course? And listen up…. They just get bums on seats and work on numbers and profits. When I was qualifying as a trainer I was horrified at what kind of education was out there.

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I just wanted to help people get their Goals: be healthier fitter leaner… you get the idea …. It was not what I was expecting. Not with the clients I wanted to train. We worked hard with the governing bodies to get it accepted. They started to try to add in the same stuff we teach to their courses. Because we changed the way courses were taught, we made the big guys sit up and take notice. We always wanted to change the standard of education from within the industry.

If you have read this far then you will already know what to do. Previous Post. Share this!

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  • Are Personal Training Courses Useless? (Here’s the TRUTH)!

Related Acticle. Download Course Prospectus. Step 1: Choose Your Location. The Academy is only two years old and has an July 8, I was talking to Sean on the phone recently in regards to developing my business as a July 8, Join the Elite. Get Inspired. Contact Contact Elite Today! Email Info elitefpa. Fitness Instructor Courses in Blackrock.