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So boring. So political. An amazing read through the tragedy of an emperor fated to become a horrid murderer. I think I like Racine better than Shakespeare, does this make me a pleb? I love the way Nero is captured as a growing man: morally repulsive, but not yet a tyrant.

Interesting to learn about this, but not my cup of tea.. Britannicus by Jean Racine Excellent play- 9 out of 10 What a relief! I was thinking that I am unable to enjoy a play by Jean Racine. Or indeed, many of the other major playwrights. I could not go through with a number of acclaimed plays, some acclaimed masterpieces and I was worried. But Britannicus and a number of other works that have been up my alley may alleviate those anxieties.

The plot of the play is somewhat familiar. It is inspired from the history of ancient Rome, the times of the infamous Ne Britannicus by Jean Racine Excellent play- 9 out of 10 What a relief! It is inspired from the history of ancient Rome, the times of the infamous Nero to be more precise. We know that he acted as a tyrant and this aspect of his personality is evident in this very good adaptation. As emperor and the most powerful man in the world, Nero is abusing his position, making those around him suffer. He wants to prevent Britannicus from marrying the woman he loves.

I had an idea about the complicated and villainous deeds of the emperors from history and, more recently from I, Claudius.

La chanson de Roland

It is appalling to read about the acts of some of the most powerful men in history- especially the likes of Nero and Caligula. But from a different perspective, we must look at the times, their standards, morals and the way of life. We are horrified by the gladiator fights and the cruel fate that waited fighters in the arena, prisoners and slaves. But years from now, descendants will be appalled by the way we treat, kill and eat clever animals like pigs. I was reading today that companies in Silicon Valley are working on new foods that will taste and smell like meat, eggs, but they will be made only of plants, proteins and enzymes carefully studied and used in amazing products.

The love affair between Britannicus and Junia is impressive, beautiful and it represents a wonderful part of the play. The fact that Nero wants to steal his loved one, after usurping his throne makes Britannicus a tragic hero. The play is long, the dialogue at times difficult to follow. This makes me even more surprised of the success this play had with…me.

I was in fact going through half of it barely hearing what the characters said, then reached a part that caught my attention. I realized that I like the subject and the play and went back to the beginning. Lucky me. What a lovely play!


Jan 01, Jack rated it liked it Shelves: francophone-literature. However, once I understood everything and the action got going more act 3 onwards , it was an enjoyable read and just as i 3. Definitely eye-opening and relevant. Those at the top often abuse their power, and this leads to tragic outcomes and moral chaos.

This is the first classic tragedy I've read in French when I'm actually old enough to understand its intricacies. I read many books from my father's bookshelf when I was little, but obviously a lot went over my head. I was able to understand Britannicus, or as well as a year-old can.

elegant french film Bel Ami 2005 authentic Guy the Maupassant interpretion Part 5

I'm a lot more familiar with Shakespearean plays: Macbeth , Othello , and the others we read for school. But the focus on the one action was what made the play stand out. I've heard a lot about Nero, the evil emperor, but his burgeoning evil here was remarkable. In Britannicus, he is just a man looking to separate himself from others, and it is striking the way that he does not. Full of intrigue and politics, this glance into the assasination of a Roman prince by his adopted brother is another masterpiece of the theater.

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Racine skillfully weaves a tale of how good can not survive in a world where corruption has poisoned a society from the roots up, showing us how even the most powerful people become victim to their own machinations when they have allowed for too long whimsey and lust to be their standard. The usual Racine archetypes- the virtuous maiden, the doomed nobl Full of intrigue and politics, this glance into the assasination of a Roman prince by his adopted brother is another masterpiece of the theater. The usual Racine archetypes- the virtuous maiden, the doomed nobleman, the monarchs blinded by their passion- are joined by two deft characterizations- domineering and compelling but woefully short-sighted Aggripina, and two-faced, selfish Narcissus, whose death at the hands of the people as they protect Junia's walk to salvation would end the play on a triumphant note, were it not that we all know Nero's worst crimes were yet to come.

My new favorite drama play! I originally only bought it because it was really cheap and I wanted to read some classics. I then found out it was about Nero, who's my favorite Roman emperor, so I was utterly excited, and I literally enjoyed every single part of the book. The story was incredible, beautifully written and the end was breathtaking. I already loved Racine, but I'm definitly going to read more of his work. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Jean Racine.

Jean Racine. Racine's dramaturgy is marked by his psychological insight, the prevailing passion of his characters, and the nakedness of both plot and stage. Although primarily a tragedian, Racine wrote one comedy. Orphaned by the age of four his mother died in and his father in , he came into the care of his grandparents.

At the death of his grandfather in , his grandmother, Marie des Moulins, went to live in the convent of Port-Royal and took her grandson with her. Port-Royal was run by followers of Jansenism, a theology condemned as heretical by the French bishops and the Pope. Racine's interactions with the Jansenists in his years at this academy would have great influence over him for the rest of his life. At Port-Royal, he excelled in his studies of the Classics and the themes of Greek and Roman mythology would play large roles in his future works.

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