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Day by day, our physical bodies are in the process of dying. Death is a fact of life—something we all must face eventually. We don't typically think about this, though, until we start to grow old. But from the moment we are conceived, our flesh is in a slow process of aging until the day we reach our final breath.

When we go through times of serious affliction and trouble, we may feel this "wasting away" process more acutely. Recently, two close loved ones—my father and a dear friend—lost their long and courageous battles with cancer. They both experienced an outward wasting away of their bodies. Yet, at the same time, their inner spirits shone with remarkable grace and light as they were renewed by God day by day. And their battles dragged on for more than two years.

During the months of suffering, I often talked with my father and my friend about this verse, particularly the "eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison. What is this eternal weight of glory? It's a strange phrase. At first glance, it may sound like something unpleasant. But it refers to the eternal rewards of heaven. Our most extreme difficulties in this life are light and short-lived when compared to the heavy-weighted rewards that will last forever in eternity.

Those rewards are beyond all comprehension and comparison.

Follow Your Heart: POWERFUL Inspiration (Watercolor x Ink Painting)

While my loved ones were wasting away, they kept their eyes on things that were unseen. They focused on eternity and the weight of glory they are now experiencing fully. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts.

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Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. We cannot choose the day or time when we will fully bloom. It happens in its own time. The extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach is the secret of winning. D'Angelo "The difference between people who believe they have books inside of them and those who actually write books is sheer cussed persistence--the ability to make yourself work at your craft, every day--the belief, even in the face of obstacles, that you've got something worth saying. It is usually the same: persistence, hard work and hiring good people.

Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time--a tremendous whack. Knowing grass, I can appreciate persistence. Michener "Keep a little fire burning; however small, however hidden. That's the only way to keep the roads clear. Don't ask. Action will delineate and define you. Now put the foundations under them.

Imagination will take you everywhere. If not now, when? So if you keep losing but you're still trying, keep it up! You're right on track. Happiness is the key to success.

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If you love what you are doing, you'll be a success. Joseph Coffman "What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say. Live the life you have imagined. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. Kennedy "Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood. Evans "The only disability in life is a bad attitude. Evans "Not life, but good life, is to be chiefly valued. But if you learn from them, you'll be a better person.

It's how you handle adversity, not how it affects you. The main thing is never quit, never quit, never quit. Clinton "Life in abundance comes only through great love. Love is maximum commitment. Ferguson "Although love is communicated in a number of ways,our words often reflect the condition of our heart.

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  • A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. Jackson Brown, Jr. Hate is too great a burden to bear. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. And if you miss love, you miss life. Sharma, "Be the change that you wish to see in the world. And friends leave.

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    Life doesn't stop for anybody. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. It's never your fault. But it's always your fault, because if you wanted to change you're the one who has got to change. Dyer "No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you've come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. But you have to forgive yourself.

    Let go of what's bitter and move on. McGill "Forgiveness is a funny thing. It warms the heart and cools the sting. Smedes "Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. Johnson "The great courageous act that we must all do, is to have the courage to step out of our history and past so that we can live our dreams. McGee "The love of family and the admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege. It's everything. Fox "Family is the most important thing in the world. No returns. No exchanges. Not a place. If you go back there after the people are gone, then all you can see is what is not there any more.

    Rowling "Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently. It comes from an indomitable will.

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    Live honorably and with dignity. When you don't think you can, hold on. Mastering oneself makes you fearless. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. Strong men believe in cause and effect.


    Followers think and talk about the problems. Kennedy "To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you. Alder "If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Death alone can seal the title of any man to this honor, by putting it out of his power to forfeit it.

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