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Reynoso said. The people believe image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a that. The indigenous at first saw Our their family as a guest. The apparition led to the the ruins or the museums or the conversion of millions. The people are welcoming Guadalupe at the base of Mount despite a history of invasion. It Tepeyac, where the Blessed Mother began with the Spanish conquest appeared. Scientists cannot explain and continued with incursions by why the cactus-fiber cloak still exists.

Such fabric usually disintethe United States and France. So many are in great need there. Yet David Shirk, who teaches at the Catholic university, said the institute tries to keep things in perspective. Yet only U. Savings based on a 3 night stay. Add on additional discounted tickets for your kids.

Martinez noted specifically the without incident. He also brings tourists to Mexico silver mining town of Taxsco, in the state of Guerrero, where thousands City, Oaxaca and Puebla where have been killed. Tracking Code: Pricing is subject to change and is based on availability. Peak rates and dates my apply. The beauty of the churches and chapels rivals that of Europe. Through the pyramids, visitors come to see how faith and religion were a part of this land since its inception.

Christianity replaced the Native gods, but faith and belief in the supernatural remain essential. The Cristero War, or Cristiada, was waged against a government that persecuted Catholics from The government prohibited the celebration of Mass, so priests celebrated them in secret. Faith is so close to the heart of the Mexican people that they were willing to die for it.

The Flight of the Feathered Serpent

This rich history, which can serve as an example to Catholics across the world, is on display throughout Mexico. The history, too, is part of every day life.

The church was built in the 16th century from the remains of the Aztec ruins. The ruins lie before it while modern buildings sit behind it. Being mestiza, Our Lady of Guadalupe also embodies these three cultures; she reflects the indigenous, the Spanish and the fruit that came from the union of the two.

She facilitated this union. Mexican artwork reflects this coming together as well. Tourists will see it in the murals of Diego Rivera and in the dances of the Ballet Folklorico. But nowhere will they see this union more than in the Mexican people themselves.

The afternoon event, which happened to coincide with Earth Day, offered members a chance to be part of the construction progress beyond pledging funds. It also celebrated the site that holds memories for so many — and will create untold more once the building opens in November.

Members of all ages signed the wall behind the altar. They did the same thing just over a year ago before the walls of the old Newman Center came down. Her college was three hours from home so she started to attend Mass closer to school at the Newman Center. Goode said. Now, a piece of their home will always remain at the Newman Center. Goode and her husband brought dirt from their vegetable garden and placed it on the future altar.

Other members followed suit. Rob Clements, director, and Fr. John Muir, assistant director, added dirt from places such as Ss. Clements also poured a small bottle of water from the Jordan River onto the mound. He spoke mainly of their endurance to withstand the degree heat and uneven construction site. It will feature an adoration chapel, social hall and seat church.

The second phase of the project will provide administrative offices, student ministry space and classrooms, which the University of Mary will share. At the site of the future altar, Pederson reminded the small crowd gathered about a matching gift opportunity that ended April Meanwhile, the walls at the construction are expected to go higher any day now until they peak at 43 feet.

Concrete should be poured in mid-May. As Manny Yrique prayed before the Blessed Sacrament, his heart was burdened with concerns about the United States and the level of animosity in American discourse. He remembers being 8 years old, kneeling with his 6-year-old sister to pray the rosary while their mother was undergoing surgery. Each of. The first three decades are prayed for the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government.

The fourth decade is dedicated to state and local governments as well as police and fire fighters. The fifth decade is devoted to U. Johnrita Adegboyega, parochial vicar at St. Mary Parish in Chandler, said the Virgin Mary is always ready to listen and intercede for her children. Adegboyega said.

God will bless America when Americans remember to bless God. Along with the rosary, people can order a prayer booklet or prayer card that lists all the intentions as well as the names of the 50 states. The booklet also lists other intentions for the rosary, depending on the time of day in which it is prayed. From midnight to 3 a.

Queen of heaven Mortuary is a place for you, a place for families, for faith and not for profit. I thank Queen of Heaven Mortuary for giving us so much peace and comfort through such a difficult time. I visit the cemetery often and pop in to see Harry and staff to thank them. Denise Bortnyk Proud Providers oF. For more information about pre-planning your Catholic funeral call and ask for Mr. Monday through Friday a. For years, the Poirier family has toured the country, visiting almost all 50 states, sharing music, stories, and testimony in hopes of encouraging renewed faith in the lives of those they meet.

The photo was the day both boys were confirmed. Michael also leads songs of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. The Poiriers often revisit the same areas around the country and Mary said they are encouraged by the feedback they receive. Phoenix, AZ Call Farewell concert concert at 7 p. For more information, call Louis, Mo. He said one of his favorite memories is singing at the Basilica over the grotto at Lourdes, France and in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

PortAventura Park

Mary, who said she comes from a business-oriented background that fostered a go-getter approach to life, said living month-to-month and embracing utter dependence on God has been a radical change for her. Instead, they pray God will inspire subscribers to their website, PrayerBreaks. Tickets for the concert will also be available for purchase at the door. Money raised at the May 21 concert at Xavier College Preparatory will support the work of Holy Family Apostolate, but some of the funds will be set aside to help children in need.

Catholics locally and nationwide will participate in the annual collection, taking place during Masses May He said that some 65, people tune in each Sunday to the live television broadcast. The Mass is also simulcast on AM, as well as over the Internet, reaching thousands more. The national campaign ensures that the voice of the Church is broadcast over television, Internet, radio, newspapers and podcasts. The local audience includes , Catholics, 92 parishes.

A Catholic voice The diocesan Communications Office is well versed in providing informed news, thoughts and perspectives on matters of faith and the intersection of Church and society. It has a distinct Catholic voice that offers unique Catholic perspectives locally, nationally and internationally. Each Sunday, the Catholic Mass is broadcast live from Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral at 9 a. Rob Clements. Ana Sill, media relations specialist with the Communications Office, said social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have helped the mission of the Church.

Hosted by Michael Dixon, it is broadcast at 11 a. Listeners can catch an encore presentation every Thursday at 9 p. Information is available at www. The Catholic Sun newspaper is published once a month, with timely updates on the Web at www. We can post things from our phones, too, and share news and pictures in real time. Rossana Menna, D. Corner of E. Williams Field Rd. Visit us at www. Mary Catholic Church. Got A Business? Join Us! Networking Meeting: 2nd Monday of the month. Central Ave. CCNA: Your local c 6 non-profit business association.

In some cases, battered spouses return to their husbands or wives because they have so little support, DeSantiago said. Catholic Charities deals with such domestic violence situations every week. While the Senate recently reauthorized the legislation, H. Of the more than 3, immigrants that came to Catholic Charities for a consultation last year, only 1, had reason to open a petition. Crosier Brother Jim Lewandowski, who has worked with immigrants in Phoenix, Nebraska and Minnesota for years, has come across domestic violence issues in his work.

He says abuse also happens when undocumented men marry women who are U. Women in these situations sometimes take advantage of their undocumented husbands, benefiting from their income. Jim said. She and her husband conceived their first child when her husband was married to another woman. He and his mother came to White and suggested she have an abortion. She refused. Abortion was unthinkable. That was in Fewer restrictions made it easier to enter the country then.

At first her father cleaned houses, but then learned to be a mechanic. Her sisters got married early. She was interested in college, so she would babysit and clean houses to afford community college. Her father was disappointed in her when she began dating a Caucasian man. Connie White poses for a photo with her two boys, Joshua and Isaiah, in her Phoenix apartment. White felt trapped in an abusive marriage. So White lived on the streets for months. She gave birth to Joshua before her husband came to her promising to divorce his current wife.

He even quoted Scripture to convince her to marry him. They dated for eight months and were married Dec. When Isaiah was conceived, her husband, again, demanded an abortion. And White refused again. One afternoon — she was four months pregnant — her husband made her a cup of coffee. She drank it. The next thing she remembers is waking up in an emergency room. A nurse asked her what had happened. She believes her husband had beaten her badly, likely in an effort to kill their unborn child.

He held on for a couple months, but then was born prematurely. He had to stay in the hospital for several weeks after his birth. When she threatened to turn her husband into the police, he threatened to have her deported. She would never see Joshua or Isaiah again, he told her. The culture among the undocumented community is one of silence and fear, he said.

White conceived again. This time her husband and his mother enlisted the help of the pastor of their. He too urged her to have an abortion, but she refused again. Her husband came back from work one day and started kicking her in the stomach. It was Thanksgiving. She and her husband conceived a fourth time. At first, her husband acted normal. But then she caught him with another woman in their house. After the woman left, he beat her again, and she lost the child. The police officer brought her to the mirror to see herself. The police report notes a bloodstained towel near the entrance, another on the washing machine.

There were bloody, smeared finger prints on the front door. White lost a lot of blood and was rushed to the emergency room. Once there, she met people who would help her leave her husband. She had rights, even as an undocumented immigrant. She divorced her husband.

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She did that. White, who supports herself and her boys with a full-time job, plans to return to school to become a nurse. But the scars remain. Her ex-husband, who used to introduce her as the house cleaner, would make her look at herself in the mirror. There are no mirrors in her apartment now. Bemis, who coached football and girls soccer, lost a battle with lung cancer earlier this year. The diocesan program, sponsored through an endowment by David Katzin, introduces underprivileged elementary school students to classical music.

Just ask Sarah Valles. The year-old, well known at St. Jerome School for having long hair, has never let it go to waste. So did some of her peers. Valles was one of 13 students — largely from St. It was the second time Chris Birnbaum, librarian at St. Jerome, organized such an event as her own hair approached a length suitable for donating and the first time the school partnered with Cutting Edge, a student style academy in Peoria.

The salon reserved seven stations for the event. She made her third donation during morning announcements. Some were nervous about having so much cut off, but were all smiles by the end. Isabel Love, a second-grader at Ss. Simon and Jude, could relate. She felt her longer hair was often. Two donors were twins with two other sisters part of a triplet set.

Jerome held a haircut benefit in Six students donated eight to 12 inches of their hair to one of three organizations that make. Funds provided St. Agnes with a mobile lab, St. Louis the King in Glendale with asbestos abatement and St. Fundraiser success St. Agnes and St. Gregory schools announced successful spring fundraisers. Gregory school celebrated its 25th annual dinner and auction with a record attendance of more than Funds will help update school technology. The third- through seventh-graders donated simply to help others and, for some, in honor of family or friends who are cancer survivors.

Eleven students, two moms and a 4-year-old sibling had their lengthy locks cut off in front of the whole school. Shopping at a St. Vincent de Paul thrift store is always an adventure. We have 17 locations throughout central and northern Arizona to serve you.

Your purchases help fund our programs for those in need. So get shopping! Bullhead City Marina Blvd. Arizona Ave. Fir St. Phoenix N. Bell Rd. Lake Havasu City N. Lake Havasu Ave. Watkins Rd. Beale St. During her 28 years as principal, students, parents and teachers at St. Mary-Basha Catholic School have learned to rely on the leadership of Sr. Mary Norbert Long, SC.

On May 25, the school community will bid farewell to the longtime principal as she takes on a new role in her religious community, the Sisters of Charity, in Greensburg, Penn. Mary Norbert was elected first councilor of the community in March. Daniel McBride, pastor of St. Mary Parish, broke the news to parents in a letter, informing them that she would finish the school year, then assume her new position in Pennsylvania. We would not be the highly effective school we are without her tireless and strong leadership. MaryBasha since , sent all five of her children — including a set of triplets — to the school and said Sr.

Mary Norbert has been a driving force in her life. Mary Norbert often helped her and her husband when their triplets were born. Mary Norbert is the head and the heart. Farewell, Sr. Mary Norbert A Mass to honor Sr. Mary Norbert will be held at p. June 8 and will be followed by a reception. She will also be available from 8 to a. May 20 in Hurtado Hall during a meetand-greet reception. For more information, call the school office at Mary-Basha in , the school,.

She met with teachers, parents and students and formulated a plan based on their recommendations. Within three years, there was remarkable improvement. Beginning Experience is a weekend program to help single-again persons begin to deal with the grieving process. It offers an opportunity, through God, for turning the pain of loss into an experience of positive growth.

We specialize in providing services for families through Foster Care and Adoption. We have offices in Mesa, Glendale and Tucson. You, too, may be called to be a life-giving, reconciling presence in our fractured world. Left: sisters visiting Guadalupe, Arizona.

Cartoon Series on Native Americans of Central and South America

Enrollment peaked at students during and is still high at In the mids, parents were camping out in line for two nights just to be able to enroll their children. Though there have been many highlights through the years, Sr. Mary Norbert said. She said those findings influenced her decision to open a new chapter in her life by becoming first councilor and relocating to Pennsylvania. She outscored more than of her peers across 11 schools throughout Arizona. Sixth graders at 15 other Catholic schools nationwide were also state champions this year. This marks the second year that sixthgraders were allowed to compete.

The American Scholastic Achievement League, formed by middle school teachers, initially created the competition as an entertaining and challenging enrichment activity for eighthgraders. The question online test went national 10 years ago. Roughly 6, sixth-graders competed this year. Students had one hour to complete the test. The Xavier girls completed their first home makeover May 5 through St. The month-long project started with meeting the single-parent family of six to discuss their needs and desires.

Corporate volunteers, church and community groups have been responsible for most of the 61 home makeovers since St. Vincent de Paul launched the program over a year ago. Some brought groups of volunteers that seemingly rivaled the crowd doing a home makeover for the longrunning television show.

They spread word about their project to the school community who purged personal belongings from. She spoke about them as if the kids — ages 10 to 22 — were her cousins and was among several volunteers who willingly got up early the day after senior finals to help the St. Vincent de Paul family. Comfort is something the family has lacked in their rental home for the last year. A portion of the old couch was usable, but barely.

Irene, the mom, is without a job and uses the living room as a master bedroom.

See a Problem?

Her adult son, 22, has a disability and is the only one to have his own room. Irene knew she would be returning to an improved home and began doling out hugs at the driveway. Once indoors, they were astounded by the transformation. Gabriela Bova, director of outreach programs for St. Vincent de Paul, said pride has been a common theme among the makeovers. The family lives near a Boys and Girls Club, but hoped the makeover would lend itself to more family time at home.

When people come together in His name, Ahern said, the result is much great than the sum of its parts. The family, displaced by flooding in the Midwest, was rebuilding their life in Arizona. Let me quote you our low rates and fees! No application fees or up-front fees. Today more than a third of U. By , that number jumps to 42 percent. Obesity is a serious issue that brings with it an increased likelihood of health problems, including heart disease, diabetes and stroke. It can be remedied, though, by talking with a doctor, eliminating fast food intake from the diet and through regular exercise.

In recent years we have witnessed an astonishing collapse in civil discourse, characterized by scathing, vitriolic and callous exchanges, with seemingly few looking for the truth. There are many who continue to stand by and fight for the institution of marriage, who firmly believe that marriage between one man and one woman is the cornerstone of society, and efforts to modify or ignore this unique relationship will only further erode the culture.

Viewpoints contrary to messing with marriage are met by many in the mainstream and social media spheres, sadly, with accusations of bigotry, discrimination and homophobia. Another example involves a private Phoenix school that forfeited a state championship baseball game last week because its opponent refused to bench its second baseman — who, by all accounts, is a very talented young lady.

This was front-page news in Phoenix and was featured all over the evening newscasts. Pius X, an organization that is not in communion with the Roman Catholic Church. Our school aims to instill in our boys a profound respect for women and girls. But small, important details such as these tend to get lost quickly. War on women! At the heart of the matter is a recent mandate by the U. Department of Health and Human Services that compels all private employers to provide contraception, sterilization and abortafacients as part of its health care coverage for employees.

This requires religious organizations, such as Catholic hospitals and universities, to subsidize the costs of drugs and procedures that the Catholic Church considers intrinsically evil. In a very real and concrete sense, religious organizations are now faced with violating this law — and facing penalties — or violating their consciences and deeply held moral beliefs. Abortion is an affront to God and the miraculous gift of life. As Americans, all of us should be be deeply troubled by these events. Today we are confronted with many weighty issues that demand analysis, discernment and healthy discussion.

We ask you to delve deeper into stories and fully explore issues of importance, and not to succumb to lethargy of the heart and breathlessness of the spirit. Is the third question really necessary? Certainly, we must be all about freedom, and unconditional love, yes, and even fidelity is an attractive ideal if not realistic for most humans , but a promise to be open to children?

Is this necessary to promises of marriage? At the center of the beauty of marriage is the gift of children, and of being a mother and a father. It is the high call to married couples to reject the stultifying, fear-based shadow of marriage encouraged by the contraceptive mentality of our age; and, instead, to embrace the fullness of the call to marriage in all its life-giving splendor and dignity. He fears the suffering that will of necessity accompany becoming and being a father.

And yet in the play, God calls him to become who he truly is by becoming a father. It turns out that there is no other path to human fulfillment than the path of fruitfulness, of motherhood and fatherhood.

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He knew the all-too-human fear to which we are subject in living our vocations, and he knew the antidotes. But the union of persons is not the same as sexual union. This union is raised to the level of the person only when it is accompanied in the mind and the will by acceptance of the possibility of parenthood… Neither in the man nor in the woman can affirmation of the value of the person be divorced from awareness and willing acceptance that he may become a father and she may become a mother… If the possibility of parenthood is deliberately excluded from marital relations, the character of the relationship between the partners automatically changes.

This quote from Blessed John Paul is theologically rich; let us focus only on one specific element of it. For the marital act to truly be a personal union it must include the activity of the powers of the soul which identify us as being human: intellect and will. For the marital act to retain its full meaning the spouses must rationally accept the full potential of the act: the possibility of becoming parents this does not negate the legitimacy of abstaining during fertile periods, when there are good reasons for doing so. To deliberately not include this possibility would be to negate one of the essential goals of the marital act and to render the entire act sinful.

Such is the pattern of contraception in a marriage, and we see it in the brokenness of countless marriages today, in the radical cultural disconnect between sex and children on display everywhere, from soap operas to abortion. As priests, we feel the weight of it in the confessional and grieve the losses. Yet, for those who generously accept the potentiality of motherhood and fatherhood in their marital love, benefits arise which our world desperately needs. Blessed John Paul II insisted that if a couple wants a virtuous, happy, generous, awe-filled marriage, they must remain open to the natural end of the consummating act of marital love, open to the possibility that a child, a new person from God, might come into being through that act.

The drama and beauty of this calling is not lost on many of our young couples currently preparing for marriage in the Diocese of Phoenix; they share their gratitude for the clarity of Church teaching and for the witness of the couples who presented it. These couples are on a path to a joy-filled marriage, which deepens like any Christian vocation authentically lived.

In the final part of this series, I will consider the mission of the fruitful life of marriage, including the couple struggling with infertility. Feedback: letters catholicsun. Box , Phoenix, AZ twitter. As we went through marriage preparation some 10 years ago, we questioned whether this was a reliable method for spacing pregnancies.

We needed proof that the science was sound and that the moral arguments made sense. We were blown away by not only its effectiveness, but its greater benefits — like achieving concepSteve and tion, enhancing the intimacy of our relationship, Becky modeling virtues of chastity and self-mastery for our children, and deepening our Catholic faith. For Greene us, the Church gained all credibility on this issue, Guest Opinion reaffirming our trust in her to lead us lovingly in all www.

As a result, NFP has become one of the pillars of our marriage, integrally defining us individually and as a couple. In surrendering to His will, we became more classes. We concluded we had two choices: trust and intimately tuned to nudges from the Holy Spirit. One night in particular stands out. We knew we That self-knowledge created a mutual respect for were fertile, but with a month-old still waking at our feminine and masculine dignity and compatibility, and instilled awe for the profound significance night, financial stresses, and the question of whether we were ready to be pregnant again, of each and every act of lovemaking, lovemaking would have to wait.

We profoundly But then a revelation overtook us, We realize that in becoming one, recognized that one we would have been deaf to we may not just be witness to, but without the insight Natural Family participants in, a miracle. There is we could conceive Planning affords. If we NFP virtually eliminates the pos- tal embrace.

If we abstained, the possibility of that sibility of seeking selfish sexual satisfaction because it demands appre- abstained, the poslife would cease… forever — we of ciation for, not resentment of, our sibility of that life course could have other children fertility. Our communication and down the line. NFP helps us see that children when the act does not produce a would never exist. We are divine gifts entrusted to us. This have the opportunity to renew our wedding vows was further highlighted for us with the recent loss of every time we enter the marital embrace — truly becoming one flesh.

That bond resets our intimacy, our fourth child to miscarriage. We have integrity. Humor for me is important. I have to have fun and I have to be able to hear people laugh. But It gets serious and then it goes back. I see myself as a performer and as a poet. We had like a year to write this, while wondering what is happening in the country since Trump took office. The military has been sent to the border. Loco Culebra somehow for me is the right way to say my piece. Directed by B. Tags: B. January 20, Chapters: 1.

Departure for El Dorado 2. Goodbye, Indian village 3. Circus boy Chooch 4. Cross the evil lake 5. Kena in the mist 6. Dangerous rope bridge 7. White cliff with condors 8. Puma lullaby 9. Capita temple disappeared Illusory white horse Jupiter The mysterious Narua treasure Song of the golden condor Goodbye, Titicaca The black eagle gang Hurry Pepero! To wolf valley Anaconda the man-eating great snake Baby stolen by an eagle Queen of the crystal temple Revive, city of the sun Chooch's sister An Amazon tribe of women only Golden temple under the lake Mysterious kingdom under the earth Demon captain's daughter El Dorado the city of gold Capitulos: 1.

Salida para el Dorado. Muchacho de circo Chooch. Cruce el malo lago. Kena en la niebla. Puente de cuerda peligroso. Arrullo de puma. Narua misterioso atesora. A valle de lobo. Anaconda el comer de hombre grande. Reina del templo de cristal. La hermana de Chucho. Templo de oro bajo el lago. Reino misterioso bajo la tierra. Dorado el-la ciudad de oro. Tesoro secreto de el Dorado. Six episodes of about seven minutes each present the lives of six children from the Rapa Nui, Aymara, Mapuche, and Hilliche cultures: their food, homes, animals, holidays, and games.

The computer animation is bland and lifeless. Full episodes available here: infantil.