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It does not define me. There are a million reasons why he made that choice, not just one. Most of which we will probably never know. Suicide affects everyone in some form or fashion. A friend of a friend, a child, an uncle, a neighbor. It may be a hokey TV show to many but to me I find it relatable. On a lighter note, I am still working as a Realtor. If you want to go fishing, Colt is your man! They were supposed to visit last October but Maria messed that up.

I cannot wait to host them and for them to see the beauty here and meet the kitties of course. We are so thankful to have family who wants to visit us frequently. Life is good. We are still playing bingo every Tuesday. Colt is busy with everything boat stuff. We have awesome friends. Our cats are spoiled. Summer is here! That might sound like a foolish thing for me to say when summer is seemingly year round in the Caribbean. From about December-April, I might get in the water once or twice!

It is now the perfect temperature for actually staying in it for long periods of time, instead of the usual jump in and pee and get out. The warm water can only mean one thing…hurricane season! In less than two weeks hurricane season will be staring us in the face. I am anxious but I am hopeful. Mainly because we have been super busy with life. Where to start. Well my mom came down in March. She always comes down during her Spring break, so it was great to spend a relaxing week with her.

It was such a nice evening and we were able to see a beautiful sunset. There was complimentary rum punche and snacks. Our friends from Port Aransas, Kim and Phil, were also on island enjoying time in their new condo! We all enjoyed the evening and then went to dinner and met up with friends. I hope Colt had as much fun as we all did. The rest of the week with my mom was laid back but we did decided to go to Cruzan Rum. We went with intentions of not doing the tour but just drinking at the bar and buying rum. She helped plant new vegetables, pick weeds, trim everything up and plant new flowers.

I would work in the mornings doing real estate stuff and she would be outside sweating her butt off. Who does that on a vacation??? She also had a little garden helper…Chip. Where she went, he we went. It was so sweet to watch! Soon after she left it was St. We wore green, caught beads from the parade and maybe had a few too many Heinekens. Like the years past I think we were in bed by 8pm.

Another successful parade day. I met Teresa, Emily and Nikki there as they flew in from Texas. Flying into the city was crazy to see. I went to NYC once about 10 years ago but for some reason seeing the buildings this time stacked next to each was just insane. Croix anymore. Like literally no one talks or even notices one another. How could you with those things in your ears!

Anyone that knows me knows I am a fast walker but clearly not fast enough for New York. Everyone flies by you and seems to be annoyed that you are in their way. I was not in St. Croix anymore but I was ok with that. Having any and everything at your fingertips and so many options for food, shopping, etc. We stayed at an Airbnb. It was great for the location and what we paid. The one downside was that anytime anyone in the building shut a door or walked we could hear it. We stayed in mid-town which ended up being really convenient to walk many places.

For anyone that knows NYC, I believe we were at 30 th and 3rd. Our first stop was to get some snacks and drinks for the apartment. We walked about 2 minutes down to Trader Joes. That place was awesome. Everything was WAY cheaper compared to St. Croix prices. Immediately I noticed the ear bud thing. We then all decided to go to Times Square. We purchased a subway card that lasts for a week. The subway is always interesting. No one really talks in the subways either. I think it was pretty easy to figure out we were tourists because we talked and laughed every time we squeezed in like sardines.

Any time we got the opportunity to sit instead of stand on the subway was great. Waiting for the subway was always nerve-racking for me because they zip by so fast it and this huge gust of wind blows your hair every which way. I made sure not to stand too close to the edge as I was terrified of getting knocked down and ran over. Time squares is bright lights and so many people. I really enjoyed walking around and looking at everything. Thanks goodness I had brought a scarf and gloves.

We soon found ourselves sitting down to enjoy some NYC pizza. I knew it was so expensive because we were in Times Square but geese! The pizza was ginormous and we stuffed our faces in silence. We were tired, hungry and cold and the pizza was just what we needed. We then found our way to the Hershey Candy Store where all of the candy bars are 10X their normal size. Before too long we were exhausted and went back to the apartment. A huge shout out to Nikki for being the subway queen! I think by the last day Emily was getting the hang of it. The next morning we woke up really early as we had plans to go to the Megyn Kelly show.

As much as I wanted to go see Kathie Lee and Hoda that was not an option. In all honestly she really annoys me but we decided the experience would be one to remember. We did get to see Hoda that morning through the window as she was doing the news. We love her! We ended up having great seats at the show. Being in a live audience was fun and the guest speakers were pretty interesting.

But I did learn that Kurt Warner is super cute for a 50 something year old! She loves that show as much as Colt and I love Seinfeld. It was a lot of fun, and we actually almost ended up being interviewed for a quick second at the end of the show about why we were here and where we were visiting from. Emily and Teresa were freaking out and kept asking how I get them into these situations. It was pretty funny. Later we went to the top of the Empire State Building. Seeing the city from that point of view was amazing. How so many buildings can squeeze into such a small space is wild.

It was freezing and the wind was even colder. After the empire state building is when the trip got really interesting and one for the books! Long Story short Teresa had to go to the ER and have emergency surgery. Of ALL the times for something like this to happen it had to happen while we were on vacation, out of state and in NYC of all places.

Can you believe Bellevue hospital was just a ten minute walk from our apartment. It took her ALL day to get admitted and she told us to go out and keep enjoying the city. We felt so bad to leave her but there was really nothing we could do while she was getting checked, etc. She then told me she would have surgery around midnight.

As soon as she was out the doctor called me and said I could come see her. Everything went fine and around 2am Emily and I walked from the apartment to see her. The crazy part was the view from her hospital room was amazing! Teresa was making us laugh as she was kind of out of it and saying funny stuff. After visiting for some time we left and the doctors said she should be able to leave that morning. Luckily that next morning she was released. We went to eat breakfast but she was in some pain so she had to spend the next two days in the apartment resting.

One of the days we went to Chelsea Market. I was also really excited to meet up with my friend Kelly who lives north of the city. She was my very first Island friend. Her and her boyfriend Brandon moved to St. Croix just a few days before Colt and I did. We met just a couple weeks after we moved and have been friends ever since. Kelly met us at the market and it was so great to catch up! We decided to stop at a Japanese taco place. Everything so fresh and delicious. We walked around as the market also has gift shops and other shopping.

We also stuffed our faces with a strawberry chocolate crepe. What an intense few hours that experience was. The museum was done so beautifully and there was so much to see and read. The tears were flowing and it was something I will never forget. The magnitude of that one day is still indescribable. I was in the 5 th grade. I was walking down the hallway and noticed teachers watching TV in the library.

They were watching the news of what had just happened. So many lives forever changed because of that day and the days after. Our country forever changed. As we finished the museum and rode the escalator back up to the ground level it was so emotional. It was almost like we were leaving that day and everyone affected by it down there. It was severely damaged with snapped roots and broken branches.

The tree was removed from the grounds and taken to a park for rehab. It was returned to the spot in It has been there ever since. When we went there it was the ONLY tree that had leaves and flowers on it. There were dozens of other trees around that probably lost its leaves from the winter but for some reason this one had not. It was beautiful. The tree serves as a living reminder of resilience, survival and rebirth. This hit home to me since we had a tree planted in memory of my dad.

Every winter the tree loses its leaves but they always seem to grow back beautiful by each summer. What a beautiful sign that no matter what cruel and harsh conditions this world throws at you, there is always the opportunity for something beautiful to come from it. I really will never forget that day we spent visiting the museum and the memorial. The rest of the trip consisted of doing touristy things.

Soul Food in Spring, Texas - Granny Dee's Kitchen

We rode the Staten Island Ferry and got a close up shot of the Statue of Liberty which was pretty cool. We walked through some of Central Park, went to a Broadway show and ate more pizza then we probably should have. I even ordered a black and white cookie when we went to China Town. Our last full day there Teresa was finally feeling good enough to get out and about. I am so happy we waited to see Kleinfelds with her. We walked in like we owned the place. No one asked us anything so we just pranced in and looked at everything. It was cool to see the consultants working there that we see on TV all the time.

Overall the trip was a great was much needed and a great get away. It totally sucked Teresa was only able to enjoy a couple of the days, but I am happy to say she is doing much better! After the trip, life resumed as normal. I cannot believe he is no longer a baby kitty anymore.

He is the cutest and sweetest cat I have ever had. I think everyone needs a Chip in their life. He really is a friend to me and I am so happy we adopted him last year. Chip and Mango have gotten much better about being around one another. On different ends of course! None the less he ate it all! Speaking of the cats, they sure know how to scare me to death!

The other afternoon I was sitting in the backyard with Chip, just picking weeds out of our flower bed. Chip was right there with me but acting a little strange. He was looking in the bushes. Well he WAS looking at something alright. Next thing I know a huge iguana leaps out of the bushes almost on top of me and Mango is right behind it and ends up chasing it inside the house. I had left the back door open and Mango and the iguana went right in. I screamed and Chip might have been more scared than I was. I raced inside and saw Mango sniffing by the dishwasher.

There is a little section that I knew the iguana must have gone in. I called Colt freaking out and he had thought something really bad had happened. About an hour later Colt comes home and long story short manages to get it out of the house. Colt is still doing fishing charters when he can. The wind has been blowing really hard the last few weeks which has been making conditions for fishing not ideal.

Once again today it is blowing again. Hoping it will die down soon so he can get out there. He has also been working hard around the house. This past week he power washed the roof and resealed it. He painted 4 coats on. Every day he was up there for hours. Right now we have lettuce that is doing really well. I also never thought I would be one to grow vegetables but here I am. The last few weeks I have been studying as much as possible as my real estate exam was this past week. I had to take a National and VI exam. Studying is always stressful and after not taking a test for the last 5 years it was not fun!

I am so thankful Colt was able to help me on the math questions. I hate math and math hates me but it looks like the studying paid off!

New Job?! - Tom Vs. The Soul Sisters! I Tom Daley

To celebrate, myself, Colt and our friend Brad went to Bombay Club in town. It was amazing as usual. We left very full and very happy. Croix, now you know who to call! We are planning a quick trip to Texas in June. I am looking forward to seeing family and friends and eating ALL of my favorite foods. Other than that, life is good but pretty normal. With hurricane season approaching all we can do it hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Here I sit typing away with Wifi, the ceiling fan above me spins and all I hear outside is the wind. I no longer listen to generators buzzing in the background. I can finally use our microwave again or dry clothes in our dryer if I want to. But by far the coolest thing about having our lives back to normal is knowing we made it through. It is now just a memory and something of the past. A past that will never be forgotten.

December 30, power was restored at our house after days without it. We finally had power again. So thankful and so ready to say goodbye to and start a new year.

Texas soul singers

Since I last blogged, a couple months have passed and so many things on the island are looking up! Lineman from all over the states have dropped everything to come down here and help. The trees are greener than ever and we officially have bananas, carambola, sugar apples, figs and guavas growing again in our backyard. This experience is one I never saw coming when we chose to move here two years ago but it is now a part of our story.

I visited Texas at the end of November to exist in regular civilization for 10 days. Colt wanted to stay behind since we were still using the generator and make sure things were ok here. I was really worried. I was worried because when the plane lifted and headed for Miami I wondered if I would want to come back. We have the fishing business and we bought a new house. But life post Maria had been anything but a walk in the park.

I was so worried what the next 10 days would reveal. Croix and to Colt and the kitties. How strange to want to come back to a place where I was living off a generator and was dodging power lines and poles anytime I left the house. I love the people here. I love the climate here. I love the beauty here.

I landed in Austin around midnight and Teresa and I went to Whataburger and stuffed our faces. The next day we shopped and ate some more yummy food. Food and laughter is always what happens when we see each other. I spent the rest of the time with my mom. My grandma made some of her delicious homemade chicken noodle soup.

I also spent a lot of quality time with my mom and Ronald and their farm animals. All of whom I took plenty of pictures with while I was down. We also made some homemade beef jerky for me to take back to St. The weather was actually not too cold while I was there. The funny part is the day after I left South Texas it snowed. Like a lot. The pictures my mom sent me of the house in Inez were beautiful. Back in St. It was the first time Thanksgiving really felt like Thanksgiving. Colt fried an enormous turkey and I made homemade dressing for the first time ever, along with a pumpkin cheesecake, some corn casserole and green bean casserole.

We loaded up the car and headed down to our friends house where we enjoyed the day. We had plenty of leftover turkey sandwiches all that next week. We spent our first Christmas in the new house and this year it really felt like Christmas whether we had power or not. We had our first big Christmas tree and I had plenty of Christmas decorations. It was nice to finally have the space to display everything. Colt had some charters while she was down so Cindy and I enjoyed walking around Christiansted and even managed to eat an entire pizza at The Mill one day for lunch.

It was delish! One afternoon we made sugar cookies. We probably made at least cookies or so it felt! We were in the kitchen for quite a while but boy were they tasty. It was so nice to have Sav back for a few weeks. That night that we invited our closest friends over to laugh at us on National Television.

Our episode of House Hunters International finally aired! Let me rewind some and explain how that happened. I honestly did not expect a response but what do you know, they emailed back. I explained our story, how we moved to St. Croix, what we are doing now, etc.

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We went through a few rounds of interviews and in July we found out we had been chosen to be featured on an episode. They would be filming us starting August 21, for 5 full days. We basically started around 7am until the sunset. The experience was fun but probably something we would never do again. Clearly the house we picked on the show was the one we actually bought but the other two choices were homes we had never seen before and definitely not any houses that we considered purchasing. I am glad we did it because I think it will be cool to look back and say, yea we did that!

There are only 3 crew members, the director, camera man and sound guy. Our sound guy Evan was by far our favorite. He was super down to earth, from New York and loved cats. Right up my alley. With so few crew members we pretty much had to do every scene multiple times to get multiple angles and points of view. I of course came across super dramatic and money hungry on the episode.

Lol It was fun playing the part but those that know me know how much I actually tend to penny pinch. Since Colt was all about the budget they wanted me to portray that I could care less about the budget. I wanted a view so Colt had to go against the view. You get the idea. I think the episode made St. Croix look so beautiful.

The drone shots were so stunning. We filmed 2 weeks before Irma and 4 weeks before Maria. The island looked so green and lush. Thanks to Maria she blew just enough trees down to where I can see the ocean perfectly from our porch now. Overall we had a lot of fun filming it but it was also a lot of work.

We all laughed about the crazy things we said. It was a fun night watching us house hunt in the house we actually picked! Our 30 minutes of fame is over and I am totally fine with that. As soon as the episode ended it was midnight here which also meant it was my birthday. Not one of them was easy, especially considering 2 hurricanes got in the way. Colt is still doing his fishing charters as much as possible and then working some for Pro-Solar installing solar panels and power walls.

January was pretty slow for his charters thanks to Maria I imagine but February has already picked up. Today is his 3 rd charter of the month. The weather is beautiful here, the days are warm and the nights are a chilly 70 degrees! Island Life is still the life for us. We enjoy spending time with our friends in the sun as often as we can. The last couple weeks though have been very windy, like tropical storm force winds. That has hindered the fishing too.

I hope it will calm down soon. Mango and Chip are doing great. We painted one of our living room walls green and have changed out all of the fixtures in the kitchen, living and dining room. Slowly but surely the house is getting there. The next item on the list is a new couch. Yes, we still have that hideous couch from the episode!

Needless to say life here is pretty much back to normal. I think that says a lot about the people here and this island. People love this place. I love this place. Those of you who are thinking about visiting, please do! This island still needs all the tourism is can get right now.

And I know just the place that you could stay at with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, now has a view AND a place to keep a boat! Life has not been easy. Life still is not easy, but we are making of it the best we can. This experience has been an emotional rollercoaster for me. At times I reflect on how thankful I am to still have a roof over my head and that our house has very minimal damage. Other times I get down because we live and breathe by the generator, getting gas every few days, changing the oil, turning it on and off at certain times.

Then I kick myself for thinking those things because how lucky are we to have a generator. This one felt different than Hurricane Irma, who had passed nearly 40 miles north of us less than two weeks prior. Cat 5 Irma wreaked havoc on the islands east and north of us on September 6, Wishful thinking were us Crucians feeling we had dodged a bullet.

Then came Maria. Hurricane Maria came barreling right behind Irma and no one could believe it. Here we go again. Most had already removed the boards from their windows and life had started to go back to normal as St. Croix helped bring aide to the devastated neighboring islands. Colt once again boarded our 20 windows and we picked everything up outside.

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We made another trip to the grocery store and stocked up on even more food, water and gas. Then we waited. Maria had a very similar path to Irma but instead had shifted about 50 miles south which would put St. Croix in the direct path of the eye, or very close to it. My friend Emily from Austin was supposed to visit us during Irma and that of course got cancelled. She then was able to rebook her flight and arrived on island a couple days before Maria.

It was originally projected to become at maximum a Category 3. That changed very quickly as it inched closer to us. We had planned and prepared the best we could. The jazz-influenced stylings set the mood and help get any evening off started right. He's been a regular staple of Richmond's Braman Winery, Katy's Cellar Door Winery, and more recently, MidPoint Bar and El Canton Pizzeria and with each show, he leaves an undeniable impression of professionalism and quality that's unmatched.

Archived Soul - The Texas Observer

Shelia Moore- Piper. Gospel Singer from Houston , TX. Bringing listeners 47mins The two female merged their talents together and decided to create an unstoppable, chromatic but original creation which later became a well known female rap group in the and area code. Hershe Kizz was already known as a up and coming Model that had been booked in more than a few local artist music videos.

Meanwhile, Da Benji Tompkins. He Received his first professional training from world renown choir and symphony director Dwane Wolf of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. He was Seven years of age when he started in the Colorado Childrens Choral and sang for them until he was Twelve. In High School he traveled to many different Cities performing in various swing choirs and voice competitions. In College he began His smooth vocals and background arrangements on his first album will be just a shadow of what is to come in the near future.

He found himself playing on his family piano for many hours, creating melodies while discovering his vocal ability. John Yeager Morgan. I Am An Experienced Entertainer. I Started Singing James Anaya. James Anaya is a soul man with soft hands. Hailing from Seattle, WA, James Anaya is a lover, singer, and songwriter of some of your most favorite genres. Primarily singing and playing sultry soul mixed with a drop of rock n roll.

James has the ability to sing folk, country, jazz ballads, rock as well as your favorite top 40 tunes. You can find James playing around at some of the most popular venues in town. Marie Michele.

She will add a timeless, elegant touch to your event, and will be happy to learn special requests and adapt to your preferences! Je parle et chante en Tiphanie Doucet. On any given weekday, you can hear Tiphanie Doucet's voice echoing over the Hudson and East rivers. Equipped with only an acoustic guitar, a microphone and a tiny mixer, the French songstress delivers hushed and intimate performances for passengers aboard Spirit Cruises, set against the backdrop of an idyllic Manhattan skyline.

Doucet's set list meanders seamlessly between Top 40 staples like Cindy Lauper and The Weekn'd, while discreetly inserting the odd Gallic classic and, of course, a few Acute Inflections. They have even opened for Jennifer Hudson, Sting, and other notable artists at some of these events. Heads of State, Celebrities and CEOs regularly entrust them to amaze the attendees of their personal celebrations.

They also TLO Productions. He is known for his unique, creative style and his humble, professional demeanor.

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He is a preferred accompaniment for many singers and choirs because he has a keen ear that allows him to easily pick up any song in minutes and flow with any singer's style, tempo, and pitch. Texas are the latest in a long list of artists who've passed through the Truth and Soul studio. Adele pitched up in , looking for the perfect way to finish off her debut LP: she wrote and recorded Right as Rain with the Michels-Silverman team. Aloe Blacc's global hit, I Need a Dollar , was co-written by the pair, and was recorded and produced at Truth and Soul.

Silverman and Michels were introduced in the s by Phillip Lehman, a scion of the banking family and an avid collector of rare funk singles. Not content with digging up ancient obscurities, Lehman wanted to make new records in the same style, and set up a label he named Desco, after the vacuum cleaner shop in Manhattan its offices were located above. Lehman learned to play drums and assembled a crew of like-minded funk-fan musicians.

Silverman was DJing in a club when Lehman introduced himself and handed over a stack of Desco releases; among them was Thunder Chicken, an LP by the Mighty Imperials , a teenage band in thrall to the Meters, whose keyboard player was Michels. By the time Lehman and his partner at Desco, Gabe Roth, went their separate ways around the turn of the century, Silverman and Michels were established parts of the label's musical and production team. The same pool of musicians continued to work on releases for both labels, putting out records as the Dap-Kings for Roth, and under names such as the Expressions and the El Michels Affair for Truth and Soul, the successor to Soul Fire which Silverman and Michels set up after Lehman left the music business.

The scene remained an underground one, but that changed after Mark Ronson sampled a Daptone record and began working with the musicians. The Desco dynasty suddenly found they were the makers of pop's hottest "new" sound. And it's not just music buyers who think they're making a pretty decent fist of it, either. They'd be super-competitive. They've got it, man — no doubt about it.