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It prevents road rage. As people listen to it, they can be affected. They respond. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours. Music makes you feel. A song makes you feel a thought. Each one of us has experienced an emotional connection with music. Music can make you feel happy or sad, in love or angry. In short, music is therapy for the soul and mind. Hopefully, these quotes about music have fueled your soul and reminded you of the impact it has on each one of us.

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Solitude with God was a way Jesus remained in touch with his true identity in God. Most of us can identify with the intoxicating feeling that comes when we are the center of attention. Solitude is a discipline that gets behind those feelings to who we are when we feel invisible and unrecognized. Who are we when productivity and recognition fall away and God is the only one watching us? Without the oxygen of doing and the mirror of approval, our feelings of being real and important evaporate.

Hollow places open up in our heart, and our soul feels empty and bare. We can feel agitated, scattered and distracted. These disconcerting feelings do two things for us. They reveal how much of our identity is embedded in a false sense of self.

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And they show us how easy it is to avoid solitude because we dislike being unproductive and unapplauded. But we need solitude if we intend to unmask the false self and its important-looking image. Alone, without distractions, we put ourselves in a place where God can reveal things to us that we might not notice in the normal preoccupations of life. Solitude opens a space where we can bring our empty and compulsive selves to God.

God longs for us to be our true self in Christ. He wants us to be who we arc meant to be.

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In solitude we sec how little we embrace our true identity in Christ. And we find the truth of who we arc in Christ.

We arc the beloved, and God is pleased with us. This identity is given; it is not earned. Many other voices pull at us, seeking to own and name us, but in solitude we learn what it is to distinguish between the voice of God and the voices of the world. Times of solitude can be sweet times, but they can also be dark times when God seems to remain withdrawn and silent. Stay with God. The light will eventually dawn.

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Solitude: A Practical Guide

Created with Sketch. Excerpt from Spiritual Disciplines Handbook Though we may be unfamiliar with the discipline of solitude, most of us recognize it as something we wanted when we were first in love. What tends to pop into your mind when you are alone? What do you resort to doing when alone? What troubles you or makes you antsy about being alone? When have you felt most comfortable being alone? Most uncomfortable?