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This means that the individual facts of each case will decide the outcome. Common sense dictates that there are certain private facts, which a person would not want shared with the public. If a good friend had given up a child for adoption, and you were the only person she told, then disclosing that in your memoir would open the doors to an invasion of privacy lawsuit. The same would apply to sensitive information such as private health matters, abuse, addiction, or any information would not be readily accessible to the public.

Certain public or high profile individuals may have less protection against invasion of privacy. The legal theory is that because they have opened their lives to public scrutiny, then the bar is lower for privacy protection. If unsavory facts can be classified as public interest, then you may be able to disclose certain things about public individuals. There are several ways to avoid invasion of privacy lawsuits. Our first tip is to get written permission from your characters.

Our second tip is the same as with defamation: Change all identifying characteristics. Give your characters a different name, different job, different wardrobes—anything you can change to prevent them from being recognized by your words affords you a degree of protection. Some writers like to create an amalgam of characters to mix up identifying facts. Our third tip is tell the truth. Our fourth tip is carefully weigh the impact of disclosing inflammatory, sensitive, or embarrassing information.

Are such disclosures essential to your story? If so, tread carefully and use our rules for how to proceed with caution.

Fanny Hill (18+) Fanny moves to London to get rich, but soon she is drawn into the dirty world

Paying for an hour or two of legal time is far better than being a defendant in a court case. The best memoirs are brazen, open, and honest about life, even when the facts are tough to write about. Your obligation as a memoirist is to tell your story and honor the truth. Like what you read and want to learn more? Click here to save your spot now! Join Chandler Bolt at his FREE Webinar Training as he reveals the exact tactics and strategies he used to write and publish 6 bestselling books in a row — and how he used them to build a 7-figure business in less than 2 years!

Click Here to Save Your Spot. This is especially true when it comes to celebrities. We know that their lives have to be so much more interesting and scandal-filled than our own boring, monotonous lives. So hold on to your hats and get ready to dive into some really scandalous chatter.

Who Cares About Your Life? The Overabundance of Memoirs

The dirtiest detail: Shirley Jones spent her entire Hollywood career playing wholesome characters on screen. You know her from Oklahoma! But in her memoir, which covers her entire year-long career, she shares a not so wholesome story. Apparently, she was once invited to a dinner party by fellow actress Joan Collins.

6 Celebrity Memoirs that Reveal ALL the Dirty Deets

As he turns forty, Mario looks back on his life with a humorous sensibility of how things have changed with age, telling his fun, honest, emotional and triumphant story in intimate detail. His first-ever memoir candidly accounts never-before-told stories of his life and career, from the role that catapulted him to childhood stardom as A. The dirtiest detail : People often forget that Mario Lopez has been in the Hollywood game since the tender age of In his memoir, Lopez details what it was like to have a very mature experience at a very young age—the loss of his virginity at years-old.

I remember a lot of kissing and touching, but past that, I was clueless. At ten she took up marijuana, and by twelve she began snorting cocaine. Here is her gripping, heart-wrenching story—a story of a childhood gone awry and a young woman battling to restore order to her chaotic life. The dirtiest detail: Drew Barrymore was a child star and a wild one at that. Her first stint in rehab came at 14, and she covers that as well as everything that lead up to it in her memoir. Writing a book takes a long time.

Make sure you've got a great story that's going to blow your readers' skirts up.

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Who Cares About Your Life? The Overabundance of Memoirs.

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Who Cares About Your Life? The Overabundance of Memoirs

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