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Seminar Program December 13, 2015

Also I realized that my work schedule can not become compatible with my family life. I have a seven year old daughter and I could barely see her during my late shifts. At first the job seemed like a personal challenge to test my capacity to adapt to a radically different and extremely rigid and constraining work environment. I found myself in a factory world as part of a global digital proletariat.

I was part of a cohort of more than people, in a closed environment with no communication with the outside world. My productive time and breaks were precisely calculated, I was stuck to my workstation, could only leave the production line for several minutes. I don't know whether we were producing anything, but I got the sense that we were helping to keep a multi-billion industry running.

The content moderator performs a serious job of analysis. The task is actually difficult and context sensitive. The moderator has not only to decide whether reported posts should be removed or kept on the platform but navigated into a highly complex hierarchy of actions. The mental operations are evaluated as being too complex for algorithms. Nevertheless moderators are expected to act as a computer.

Some examples of current projects:

The search for uniformity and standardization, together with the strict productivity metrics, lets not much space for human judgment and intuition. The intellectually challenging task tends to become an automated action almost a reaction. Repetition triggers a sense of frustration and alienation. Such standardization is meant to contribute to objectivity. The agent should not make any assumption, should refrain questioning the intentions of the person behind the post.

The abuse needs to be clear and in the frame. I nevertheless think more human judgment could have helped to prevent cases that led to press fires.

Moderating for the success of your event

The tight work schedule limits social interaction to a minimum level among staff. Although the moderator is part of the team and sits in an open office. The virtual space is encapsulating and engenders a feeling of isolation. The impact of the content viewed is therefore amplified. The agent, in the queue production line receives the tickets reports randomly.

Texts, pictures, videos keep on flowing. There is no possibility to know beforehand what will pop up on the screen. The content is very diverse. No time is left for a mental transition. It is entirely impossible to prepare oneself psychologically. It takes sometimes a few seconds to understand what a post is about.

The agent is in a continual situation of stress. The speed reduces the complex analytical process to a succession of automatisms. The moderator reacts. An endless repetition. It becomes difficult to disconnect at the end of the eight hour shift. The task creates a kind of dependency, even addiction. Even in my dreams I started repeating the same task. I was glad enough I did not visualize the content.

During the long hours at my workstation, I wished I were a social worker or a psychologist. I sometimes had the impression that I was working in the emergency services and at other times in law enforcement. I felt powerless, as I couldn't intervene. Was this a digital reflection of society? I tried to convince myself that I was exposed to the most marginal and radical segments of it. Violence seemed so widespread. Good that I was not working on reports sent from the society I lived in. I felt even more sorry for my colleagues working on German languages reports.

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And this is not a job that everyone can do. We are asked in the recruitment interview which took only 15 minutes if we thought we could handle the content. It is not easy to know beforehand. I was probably not the least prepared one: I worked previously under stressful condition in peace building and humanitarian. Above all, I was more experienced and older than most of my colleagues.

I felt much more sorry for my young colleagues. This system is based on a migrant and young workforce. My colleagues were 28 years old in average.

I understood that the service hasn't been available from the very beginning. I found the workshop not focused enough. It is of course a positive development, better than nothing. It gives at least the possibility for the worker to leave his workstation and talk to someone.

I didn't ask for any personal consultation. Exome sequencing uncovers multilocus genomic variation and unexpected molecular heterogenety in patients with retinal degeneration and hearing impairment. About us. Scientific Programme. Awards and Honors. Genetic Centers. Quality Management. Quantitative Proteomics as a complementary diagnostic tool for Mendelian disorders R. The transcriptional landscape of mammalian organogenesis at single cell resolution M. FBXO11 defects cause a variable neurodevelopmental disorder in humans and neuronal deficits in Drosophila melanogaster A.

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RAC3 a novel gene for a distinct neurodevelopmental syndrome H. Gabriel Praxis f. Humangenetik, Tuebingen, Germany. Biallelic mutations in MADD cause a multisystemic disorder including severe developmental delay, hypotonia, and metabolic, hematological and gastrointestinal anomalies F. Activating mutations in PAK1, encoding pactivated kinase 1, cause a neurodevelopmental disorder FL. Two-hit inactivation of GPR leads to medullobastoma and reveals a novel tumor predisposition syndrome M.

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B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia: Atypical chromosomal patterns of aneuploidies indicative of masked hypodiploidy M. Integrative genomic profiling elucidates key pathogenic pathways in primary mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma A. Comprehensive molecular analyses of rhabdoid tumors treated according to the consensus regimen of the multinational European Rhabdoid Registry EU-RHAB identifies genetic and epigenetic outcome predictors S.

NEK3 dysfunction is associated with impaired tubulin phosphorylation and causes primary microcephaly in human and mouse T. In vivo and in vitro characterization of microRNA, a candidate for orofacial clefting R. Unexpected phenotypes and novel pathomechanistic insights in mouse models for autosomal recessive cutis laxa type 2A G. Multisite de novo mutations in human offspring after paternal exposure to ionizing radiation Fabian Brand Institute for Genomic Statistics and Bioinformatics, Bonn, Germany. Exploring unknown genotype-phenotype relationship by next-generation phenotyping approaches T.

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Identification and characterization of disease-causing genes in non-5q-SMA by next-generation sequencing technology: Lessons learned from NeurOmics study M. A scalable framework to identify regulatory variants at non-coding GWAS loci and its application to orofacial clefting F. Capturing epistatic effect with deep learning — a comparison with polygenic risk score on trait prediction from SNP-based genetic data M.

Inference of tumor cell-specific transcription factor binding from cell-free DNA P. Scientific yield of diagnostic exome sequencing and systematic scoring of candidate genes in neurodevelopmental disorders R. The genetic landscape of mitochondrial disease: exploration of over cases by whole exome sequencing SL. Aberrant DEGS1 sphingolipid metabolism impairs central and peripheral nervous system function in humans N. Disruption of CLRN2, a gene encoding clarin-2, causes autosomal recessive hearing loss in humans and zebrafish B.

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