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Sony An interstellar war between humanity and an alien theocratic alliance, the Covenant Time, Still video game aesthetics as such have been unexplored in video game studies Picard, However, can you play a work of art? Holleman, Maybe games and history also? The Report also includes an evaluation of a steady grow of the global video game market 12 Nintendo, a Japanese multinational consumer electronics company, introduced his Entertainment Sys- tem in and since then people brought games like Mario and Zelda into their homes.

More, the advance that personal computers owe to the game industry, with the design of sound and graphics cards, 3D graphic accelerators, faster CPUs, and dedicated co-processors like Physx just to mention a few of the more notable improvements Wong, making the en- vironments more realistic and complex Wang, et al. As we said before, the video game industry has a major impact, not only in the economy of the US, but internationally, through the sales of major systems and games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The name of the series derived from a term referring to motor vehicle theft and is set in fictional locales heavily modelled on American cities, while an expansion for the original was based in London. Predictions for this year go for the launch of hardware that is more powerful and more experimentation on the side of game developers Bourgie, Cloud gaming services who sync games across devices are not so long away, with the support of small developers —indie games- from the big corporations like Microsoft, new consoles showing the hardware evolution and more narrative-driven games are on their way Hatmaker, Simplification of the human behavior and isolation from society makes us become more dependent on the media, including of course, video games Jenkins, and by effect, we become better consumers.

First published in , has a botched launch last year due to server problems Stapleton, Individuals who play games to get away from their lives or to pretend to be other people seem to be those most at-risk for becoming part of a vicious cycle. Trolling is an online phenomenon that people may witness without necessarily knowing what it is and appears to have been first reported by Dr.

After all, it isn't that different than blasting away at your pals in a shoot- em up video game However, in children and other civilians when applied to violence may be harmful for them and society. Studies suggest that as little as twenty minutes of playing a violent video game can cause less physiologically arousal by real violence Sabella, Taking into consideration that games are becoming more realistic, sophisticated, and vivid and the worst and violent characters are portrayed as stereotyped minorities, the consequences are evident.

Examples like that one show us that the Internet is really not color- blind Daniels, , when white supremacy predators promote online target individuals or groups, showcase racist propaganda, or offer online community for white supremacists. In addi- tion, cloaked Web sites intentionally seek to deceive the casual Web user, immersing in digital media their hateful message Ibidem: That specific research confirms what other studies presented as anger against other ethnic groups Kuppens, et al.

Cultural noise or bias? Let us leave this for the future communication and game studies scholars. Stereotypes The games become a result of human interest of consumption of users, but also of the stereotypes promoted by the media. The importance of family involvement, control and parental knowledge about these new technologies, that may by novelties in which they appear on the market, but are out of the scope of the average parent. We have to remember that racial perception take root at a young age Everett, A further enhanced version was released in with the Xbox One.

So, be categorized as deformed and backward society, deserve to be suppressed and at- tacked. That proposition is a little more complex, because despite the fact that all video games are not designed in the US and race and ethnicity are in fact marked by geography, language, and specific cultural practices within virtual worlds and multiplayer game spaces. Therefore, how those markers might provide insight into the way race functions in cyberspace as well as in the cultural imagination of those who inhabit these worlds? Thomas, Why Blacks and Latino play more games than whites do? However, if African Americans and Hispanics play and purchase video games more than any other ethnic group in the U.

Why yet the overwhelming majority of characters in games is young white males why they play? Packwood, It is normal for people of any race want to be represented in the media. Still, how children and young people of minorities feel when, for example, games, especially produced for them fea- ture only white characters Glaube et al.

Racism and misrepresentation of blacks and Latinos, like the ones in the games Grand Theft Auto like Vice City with Haitians and Cubans portrayed as criminals and Resident Evil 22 are evident Munro, This pattern was echoed in a sam- ple of 20 computer games examined by Dill, Gentile, et al. Is evidence that repeated exposure to racial stereotypes about Latinos, African Americans, Native Americans and other minorities in violent video games as any other form of media, create in the minds of users and participants associations with danger and violence Routledge, Focuses around a series of video games, comic books, novelizations, sound dramas, live-action films and animated sequels to the games, and a variety of associated merchandise, such as action figures Wikia, c.

Instead, Sony introduced in the Play Station Tyson, Results of a study of television characters, showed The conclusions were that both, video game and television char- acters, underrepresented minorities compared to the actual U. However, why there are no more minorities in the industry? Small steps, but could be a beginning of hope for the future of the industry.

Violence against women and sexism Another important aspect of negative content of video games is the frequent depiction and sexual objectification and violence against women Miller, , some of the popular video games, such as Grand Theft Auto GTA , portray and even reward sexualized violence towards women without emphasizing any negative consequences to the perpetrator Henning, The game's playable characters originate from around the world, each with his or her own unique fighting style McLaughlin, More direct examples of a repulsive game that appeal to darker instincts of users, like RapeLay 31 a hentai32 that offers players a platform to literally molest and rape women in public places Thomsen, The possession of these games could be a federal offense, as considered illegal pornography material ECA, The game centers on a male character who stalks and rapes a mother and her two daughters, attracting international attention and controversy for its content for its depictions of glorification of sexual violence Parsons, Supreme Court, this time for hate speech and violence Kocurek, Compared to male characters, females are represented in a hypersexual way: partially nude, featured with unrealistic body shape and wearing sexually revealing clothing and inappropriate attire, in games that have no different ratings for children, so they could see voluptuous women images as frequently as adults Mou, That negative depictive way, marginalization and lack of importance to tame play produces the result that game players —of both genders- are more likely to select the male character Shirley, Individuals, like actors in a stage production, occupy particular roles.

The reality that violence and hatred in video games with no consequences for violent or aggressive attitudes, or hate speech, sets a dangerous practice Anderson, Who set the limits for the exploration of rules in human interaction? While in real life, murder is a crime, in a violent video game, murder is the most reinforced behavior.

A recent survey conducted in 50 U. They for long time, blocked the CDC and other fed- eral funded scientific agencies from using funds to advocate or promote gun control Crecente, GOV, The cultivation effect of video games Long-term exposure to video games can create addiction and strong dependency in the virtual reality of the gaming society. A game player, on the other hand, plays an active part in the video game.

Introduced in Japan in as part of the Bemani series, released in North America and Europe in Considered the pioneering series of the rhythm and dance genre in video games Liu, In the hands of the designers are the consequences of aggressive attitudes, racism and prej- udices of the players Rogers, Conclusions Video games set off as a simple entertainment concept for small shops and fan out like wildfire, consuming their own humble initials to get beyond itself the product of a multi-billion dollar industry, a reality of a complex electronic art and a worldwide space for social participation beyond his name.

Nevertheless, users crave to recognize themselves in these virtual systems created to satisfy and above all, to please those who consume. The danger of this mirror is not in their designs and programs, but in ourselves, because they reflect the ills of our society, social constraints and demons that are anymore in dark corners, but to the center of our everyday lives, with each connection we do on the Internet. Assuming control of the Internet and the games as media, when as players we can ascertain to be creative.

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Not fear indiscriminate youth access to games, but the decay of education and re- spect for the individuality of others. We need look more to players than game rules, because in the demand and in satisfaction of the user needs is where the answers lie. Being blind is not an excuse for racism. The effect of video game competition and violence on Aggressive behavior: Which characteristic has the greatest influence? Psychology of Vio- lence, 1, Do video games promote positive Youth De- velopment?

Journal of Adolescent Research, March , Published on line before print. Racist groups using computer gaming to promote violence against Blacks, Latinos and Jews. Anti-Defamation League report [Web Page]. Gears of War 2 vs. Halo 3. A clash of two classic titans. IGN Enter tainment [Web page].

Halo (series)

Effects of violent video Games on aggressive Behavior, Aggressive Cognition, aggressive Affect, physiological Arousal, and prosocial Behavior: A meta-analytic review of the scientific literature. Psychological Science, 12 5 Video Games: 14 in the Collection, for Starters. In Fox News Latino. Selling points: What cognitive abilities are Tapped by casual video games? Acta Psychologica, Violence against women in video games: a prequel or sequel to rape myth acceptance?

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Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Arizona State University. Ann Arbor, MI. Cultivating Virtual Stereotypes? Howard Journal of Communications.

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Hardware-Revolution [Web page]. Media Psychology, 14 3 Feilitzen, C. We need to stop misrepresenting minorities in video games. VB Gamesbeat. Venturebeat [Web page]. Reuters, pm EST. The Pulse, 6 1. Undergraduate Journal of Baylor University. The effects of priming racial stereotypes through violent video games. By Julie F. Theorizing Noise in Online Game Spaces. New York, NY: Routledge. Coyne, S. Game on Journal of Adolescent Health, 49 2 Obama calls for research into link between video games, 'media im ages' and violence. Polygon [Web page]. Video games are losing the culture war in America, scientific vi sionary says.

The complete history of Grand Theft Auto. Games Radar [Web Page]. Youth and Digital Media, ed. Anna Everett. The John D. Anarchy on-line. Sex Roles, 38 Agres sion and Violent Behavior, 3 4 : Communities in Cyberspace. London, UK: Routledge. Published in , Nov. Virtual Reality, Scientific and Technological Challenges. Committee on Virtual Reality Research and Development.

EA Sports News , Feb. Game Poli tics.

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L, Conteras-Espinosa, R. Cuadernos de desarrollo apli- cados a las TIC. Twenty-five years of research on violence in digital games and Aggression: Empirical evidence, perspectives, and a debate gone astray. European Psychologist, 19 1 Essential Facts about the computer and video game industry. In The Ecology of Games. Connecting Youth, Games and Learning, ed. Katie Salen. The Art of Video Games. Everson Museum of Art [Web page].

National Public Radio. Taken from Associated Press. Gamasutra [Web page]. Taked from Associated Press. Growing up with Television: Cultivation processes. Fair Play? Violence, Gender and Race in Videogames. Oakland, CA: Children Now. Fernando Ortiz. Video Game Violence and Aggression. A Review of Research.

In Feilit zen, C.

The Evolution of Electronic Games

For Whom the hell trolls: Harassment in online gaming. Mark Griffiths [Web page]. Even in the virtual world, men judge women on looks. New Scientist, How minorities can enter the gaming industry. Readwrite [Web page]. Be tween brand new consoles and blossoming indie development, this is a year to watch the gaming industry. Gender Studies. Oxon, UK: Routledge. Henning, S. Adolescent Perspectives. Children, Youth and En- vironments 19 1 Individual differences in mo tives, preferences, and pathology in video games: the gaming attitudes, motives, and ex- periences scales GAMES.

Can Videogames be Art? The Game design forum [Web page]. Live Science. Tech Media Network. IGN Entertainment [Web page]. Jenkins, H.

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