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The correct play of suit contracts is a skill which the top players acquire only after many patient hours of study and play. When the opposition are lurking with their small trump cards ready to pounce and ruff your winners, you must exert great vigilience. There are countless factors to take into consideration when planning the play and difficult decisions arise on almost every trick: should you clear the trump suit early? Written by a leading bridge author and journalistUser-friendly layout enables the reader to quickly absorb the key ideasAn ideal bridge book for players looking to improve their card handlin.

Paul Mendelson. Many bridge books feature magical and inspiring hands but hands that are never seen in day-to-day play at the bridge table. Bridge: Winning Ways to Play Your Cards concentrates on the type of hands that will make a real difference to your scores and which will help you improve your game. Vitabu Pepe vinavyofanana na hiki. The Seven Deadly Sins. Joe Blatnick. As new players continue the learning process, they try to follow all those clichs and myths with which they are inundated.

As they progress through the learning stages, they begin to appreciate why these guidelines have exceptions, and get better at recognizing them. But once they reach a certain level of competence, there is a fork in the road.

Those who dont wish to learn any more or those who feel that more learning is either beyond them or a waste of time take one branch of that road. The others become so enamoured or addicted, if you will, that they cant get enough of the game, take the other road. They want to play as often as humanly possible. They want to learn every convention which has ever surfaced good or bad and they read every bridge book that has been written. They endeavour to play with those from whom they can learn and never hesitate to engage their local experts in conversation about this wonderful game.

However, even after reaching a level which is not far above the beginner stage, they feel that they are ready for advanced classes. There are others who can play a respectable game and are still a long way from expert level who feel that they too, belong only in advanced classes.

Yet there is a common denominator for all these players regardless of the group to which they belong. And that is the basics. Very few bridge players truly know the basics. All this preamble brings us to the point of this book.

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And that is that all those experienced players who play regularly but seldom win are guilty of committing the seven deadly sins of bridge. If those aspiring to become experts really want to reach the pinnacle, they must learn the basics and stop committing the 7 deadly sins.

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As we are all aware, this game breaks down into bidding, declarer play and defence. Each of these sections, if a more complete examination were made, would reveal many troublesome situations. However, this book will deal primarily with errors of omission and not commission. And since the title suggests only seven, the authors omissions might be considered as errors. The seven deadly sins of bridge will highlight what would appear to be the most lacking aspects of the average players game, oops 8.

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Pocket Posh Tips for Bridge Players. Downtown Bookworks. Bridge: Oddz and Endz. Bridge books on all aspects of the game are plentiful. However many times reference is made to a specific technique, a rule, a law, different terms and their definitions. The better player in a partnership should make the weaker player feel at ease. When you judge that partner is going to play the hand, bid somewhat conservatively. A weaker partner will feel good to know that you, the stronger player, make errors as well — and are a big enough person to admit them.

Bridge For Dummies, 4th Edition

When the session is over, win or lose, tell your partner how much you enjoyed playing with him no matter how you feel. It also shows class. The same applies to bridge. Make fewer mistakes and win more often.

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It's the players who make the same blunders, time and time again who seldom win, and then bemoan their bad luck or blame the bridge gods. Covering those little things in the bidding, declarer play and defence that too may players mess up , is the thrust of this book. The game of bridge has changed a great deal in recent years.

This book will help you with those little things that you aren't doing well or aren't doing at all. Joe was introduced to this marvellous game while attending the Toronto Teachers' College in the fifties.

During the next two decades he played some rubber bridge but found duplicate more challenging in the sixties and became a club director. Having run a successful club north of Toronto for a few years, he was invited to train as a tournament director in However, after officiating at a Regional, he decided that it held little interest for him.

During the next twenty years he and his wife Tanya, literally disappeared from the bridge scene and only resurfaced in At that point, Joe really became a student of the game, teaching many classes up to the present, with Tanya's unwavering support, running a very successful club and writing a great deal about this game we all love.