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On the Review tab, in the Protect group, click Restrict Editing. In the Editing restrictions area, select the Allow only this type of editing in the document check box.

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In the list of editing restrictions, click No changes Read only. To allow anyone who opens the document to edit the part that you selected, select the Everyone check box in the Groups list. To allow only particular individuals to edit the part that you selected, click More users , and then type the user names.

Include your name if you want to be able to edit that part of the document. Separate each name with a semicolon. Click OK , and then select the check boxes next to the names of the individuals that you are allowing to edit the part that you selected. Continue to select parts of the document and assign users permission to edit them.

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To assign a password to the document so that users who know the password can remove the protection and work on the document, type a password in the Enter new password optional box, and then confirm the password. Use strong passwords that combine uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Weak passwords don't mix these elements.

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Strong password: Y6dh! Weak password: House Passwords should be 8 or more characters in length. A pass phrase that uses 14 or more characters is better. Make sure you remember the password.

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If you forget the password, Microsoft cannot retrieve it. Store passwords you write down in a secure place away from the information they help protect. To encrypt the document so that only authenticated owners of the document can remove the protection, click User authentication.

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To remove all protection from a document, you might need to know the password that was applied to the document. Or you might have to be listed as an authenticated owner for the document.

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If you are an authenticated owner of the document, or if you know the password for removing document protection, do the following:. In the Restrict Editing task pane, click Stop Protection.

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  8. When you open a protected document, Word restricts what you can change based on whether the document owner granted you permission to make changes to a specific part of the document. The Restrict Editing task pane displays buttons for moving to the regions of the document that you have permission to change.

    If you do not have permission to edit any parts of the document, Word restricts editing and displays the message, "Word has finished searching the document" when you click the buttons in the Restrict Editing task pane. If you close the Restrict Editing task pane and then try to make changes where you do not have permission, Word displays the following message in the status bar:.

    This modification is not allowed because the selection is locked.

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    To return to the task pane and find a region where you have permission to edit, do the following:. Information Rights Management in Office. Restrict or permit formatting changes. Add or remove protection in your document, workbook, or presentation. What is File Block? Add protection and mark the parts that can be changed. Unlock a protected document. Make changes in a restricted document.

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