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Rhythm and Tempo and Adjusting the Stride

The treadmill used for the experiment was tricked out with a visual and auditory feedback system for cadence and vertical displacement. The researchers gave each runner a target cadence and vertical displacement to aim for in a second go at running at 16 kph with a breathing mask on. The runners were able to hit these targets with relative ease with the aid of the visual and auditory feedback provided. In the initial testing, the researchers found a positive association between natural stride rate and running economy meaning the most efficient runners tended to take more steps per minute and an inverse correlation between natural vertical displacement and running economy meaning the most efficient runners tended to bounce less.

Changing Strides Therapy

These findings gave the researchers some cause to believe that forcing the runners to increase their cadence and reduce their bouncing would improve running economy. However, just the opposite happened. Past research has generally found that consciously forced changes to running form reduce economy regardless of the specific nature of those changes.

This appears to happen for two reasons. First, through training, runners tend to automatically find the most economical way to run for them individually given the present realities of their body structure and biomechanical constraints. Second, as runners become more practiced, they are able to run with less brain activation — that is, more unconsciously. Forcing runners to think about how they are running increases brain activation and reverses the economy-boosting effect of being able to run half-asleep thanks to experience.

But it does mean that runners have to let these improvements unfold automatically by simply running a lot, running consistently, and running hard. Nisha is also a very capable relationship manager, and has demonstrated an ability to develop relationships at the most senior level.

Flying Lead Changes Explained

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Changing Strides: The Pose Method and Newton Shoes | Breaking Muscle

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