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Breakthrough to YOUR Success with this Formula

And following God's plan for their lives made them happy inside, where it really matters. What a concept, huh? Do you suppose it could be true for you too? That God wants you to be truly happy and fulfilled even more than you do?


The next step in finding your life purpose is right in the Book. All you have to do is read it. The Bible says Jesus told his disciples they were supposed to love one another as he loved them. And he wasn't kidding. Getting really good at this part of the process is like building the basement of your house.

You wouldn't dream of moving forward without a rock solid foundation. Discovering God's purpose for your life is exactly the same.

Breakthrough to YOUR Success with this Formula

The foundation of the process means getting really good at being a Christian. Yup, that means being nice to people even when you don't feel like it, forgiving people, and oh yes, loving the unlovable people in the world. So, what does all that stuff have to do with what I'm supposed to be when I grow up?

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When you get good at being a Christian, you also get good at hearing from God. He's able to use you. He's able to work through you.

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And it's through that process that you'll discover your true purpose in life. So if you get really great at being a Christian, or at least you think you are, and you still haven't found that true purpose—then what? Getting really good at being a Christian means you stop thinking about you all the time.

Take the focus off you and look for ways to be a blessing to someone else. There is no better way to receive help and direction in your own life than to focus on someone else. It seems completely opposite of what the world tells you. After all, if you're not looking out for yourself, then who will? Well—that would be God. When you focus on someone else's business, God will focus on yours. It means planting seeds in great soil, and then simply waiting for God to bring a harvest into your life. And in the meantime Working with God to find your life purpose means working as a team.

When you take a step, God takes a step. Share Flipboard Email. Be willing to try some things that interest you. You will know very quickly if you've found the right thing for you. Doors will either open or slam shut. Either way, you'll know where you stand. Be Patient. A terrorist bomb and the loss of both legs… SWITCH ON …became the stimulus to leave a job in marketing and be a proponent of peace in the world which then led to the start of a social enterprise focused on peace-building. But it does mean that it is always your choice how to make sense out of all your experiences, both painful and pleasant, so you can focus your attention meaningfully on the here and now.

Only you can weave the story in which you are playing the lead role.

Finding and Knowing Your Life's Purpose

In many myths and movies, the hero or heroine embarks on a journey to find a special object, such as the Golden Fleece or Holy Grail. It symbolizes the search for your life purpose. On the way, dragons and monsters must be overcome—symbols of our patterns, representations of our dark side.

Every problem we face is a call to adventure. Each problem we switch on to reveals another facet of our life purpose. As we chomp down on problems, metabolizing them within, we come back with many boons. It is up to us to join all the seemingly random dots in an empowering, nourishing, and energizing way that galvanizes us into action and adventure. Ask yourself:. From a haze of past experiences a powerful narrative will emerge. We thrive in the world to the extent that we can metabolize the things that happen to us into fresh threads for our emerging story.

The story is alive because you are alive. Treat it as a done deal and it quickly ossifies. While the gist of your story will stay consistent, the details will unfold in surprising ways, as you co-create your life with the Big U. This is like Picasso spending decades exploring, in painting after painting, what it means to be a Modernist or Cubist.

The more problems you metabolize, the more inspired your new story becomes. The world is always presenting us with problems, inviting us to switch on and let go of the assumptions that underpin the old world order. Perhaps the most famous story of this surrender is J. He has to relinquish the controlling nature of the Tiny Me to defeat evil and allow the world to be restored to a state of thriving. Our life purpose is always as much about the world—the people we love and the communities we live in—as it is about us. It is always looking to help or heal others.

However, this is not only about others; it is also about finding our sweet spot, our special sauce, where we blossom. If we are on purpose, then both we and the people around us start to thrive. Rather beautifully, nature has conspired to make service as enjoyable and beneficial to the giver as it is to the receiver. When we contribute, oxytocin is released, which deepens our relationships and inhibits stress. Giving can stimulate our immune system and give us the kind of dopamine-fuelled buzz we get from eating chocolate. Our happiness is massively dependent on how we connect with, and contribute, to others.

In a survey of , adults across nations, people who gave to others were the happiest. That was true whether they lived in rich countries or impoverished ones. When we care, we get a boost to our happiness levels equivalent to someone doubling our income overnight.

Answer the call. Discover your new career today.

Being of service to others can even extend life expectancy and boost health! Caring for others can be more important than having self-esteem when it comes to our own success. Being self-centered also costs us a lot of energy, as we have to keep fighting our natural desire to contribute, which kicks us out of flow. However, we must find a balance between giving to others and nourishing ourselves.

Purpose needs to be grounded in our wellbeing as well as that of others.

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We have to keep rooted and resourced. The Connector wants to give but if we become sick, we are no use to anyone. Drop it and come back to your life purpose. The last thing you want to do is be so committed to others that you neglect your own health and happiness, and that of your loved ones. The world wants us vibrant and vital. Giving must flow from the power and energy of the Great We, as opposed to the limited Tiny Me, which soon runs out of puff.

Compassion, service, and generosity are only authentically of service to the world when they come from the heart and not the head. The Tiny Me, driven by the Protector, will always try and hijack our good works to make up for what it thinks it lacks. Only the Connector can give freely without needing something back, because it already has everything it needs within. Be of service because it comes gushing out of you, because it is inevitable. Do it because it is who you truly are. Then it will be serving you as much as others, even if it is not done with that intent.

All of us live in a complex network of people and places, whether we can see it or not. We are all interdependent. Ubuntu says that our joy is inescapably dependent on the joy of others. When we serve others and collaborate authentically, from love not strategy, we thrive collectively. Purpose is how we connect with the world most effortlessly in love, truth, and creativity; with heart, head, and hands all opened up to what is possible.

It is how you care and share at any time, with anyone. Yes, you may have big dreams. You might have a vision for a business empire or want to make a great movie. You might be desperate to start a family or fired up to end world poverty. Yet none of these are your life purpose. Purpose may inspire them, help define and refine them.

Purpose can fuel an enterprise or a project, but it is just as much at home in the line for the restroom at a nightclub; in the middle of a dull meeting; getting the kids ready for school; or on a first date. The more practiced you are at allowing purpose to flow, when the shit hits the fan, you will be ready to serve others as opposed to play out strategies and patterns.

What's Your Life Purpose?

These are all ways to contribute to the flourishing of others while blossoming yourself. Free from doubts and fears, cynicism and self-criticism, your life purpose is the sum total of every bit of love and wisdom you have gleaned from your life experiences, mixed with the skills and talents that you have honed through engaging with them wholeheartedly.

All of it is then distilled down to a tiny drop of pure essence, which you express as the moment sees fit. Rather than attempting to scrub out the marks, you can harness them. Your scars become beauty spots, your greatest assets. Your life purpose is who you are when you feel most alive, most of use, most awake. This is not necessarily the same as when you feel most approved of. If you think your life purpose is to make lots of cash, be famous or win something, it just means the Protector is doing the talking. Thank it for its contribution and help secure it by appreciating it for trying to protect you.

Then ask your Connector for the real answers. It knows your purpose inside out. In fact, it has always known. Purpose, love-in-action, is the energy that animates it. Your life purpose is unique to you. Purpose is your creative spirit, free from blockages and limitations, as it engages with life and helps you and others thrive. It is exultant, powerful, and inexhaustible. The only person who can stop you from letting it out is you.

Having the exact words to describe your purpose is not nearly as important as feeling it burn like a flame within. You can find your sweet spot no matter what curve balls come at you. Think about your day today. What did you do when were you on purpose? What about when you were off purpose? No matter what your actual career or trade, whether you are unemployed or a hotshot executive, stay-at-home parent or a traveler, your life purpose will help you create meaning out of every moment.

It is the result of the unfathomably complex interplay between genes, experiences, upbringing, and environment. But you do get to choose what you do with it. If your life purpose is to do with family, you could work to create more trust and community within your team. If your purpose is about healing the world, you could help your roommates understand why recycling is important without judgment of course. Anything at all can become fundamentally meaningful and purposeful if you choose it to be.

If you or rather your Tiny Me ever think that your circumstances are just too awful for your life purpose to engage with them, then the Oscar-winning movie Life is Beautiful is an awesome inspiration. The hero, played by Roberto Benigni, is a man whose imagination and playfulness radiates from him.

His purpose is to make people laugh, smile, and see beauty in life. Facing imminent death, he focuses on making his son laugh, even as their Nazi captors are preparing to kill them both.

How To Discover Your Purpose and Calling In Christ. — Symphony of Praise

Your purpose may compel you to change how you act inside your home or in your workplace. It may influence the projects you invest in; even how you like to spend your vacations. Our life purpose is rarely convenient. Often it is not even socially acceptable. Our loved ones may not get it at first. In reality, they may never get it. It can freak them out. It may take a while. It means finding how to join up all the competing needs in your life within a purpose story that comes from your truth, from your connection to the Big U, and nothing else.

Of course, feedback from other people is always useful and coaching can help you to find your blind spots, pesky assumptions, or resistance.