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Long-Term Care

Long term care insurance is an insurance product which pays for long term care services in many settings, such as at home, a nursing home , assisted living facility , and adult day care facility. Many people elect to buy long term care insurance so they will not need to deplete their savings should they need long term care services.

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Long term care insurance can help ensure that financial resources and support are in place when you need them. First, you must apply for coverage. If you are approved for coverage, pay your premiums, and you meet the insurance carrier's criteria for benefit payment, you will be reimbursed for covered long term care services up to the amount of daily benefit after you satisfy the waiting period.

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Long term care is not just for the elderly. Learn more about common long term care myths. The FLTCIP is the largest group long term care insurance program in the country, as well as the largest employer-sponsored long term care insurance program in the country, with more than , enrollees.

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Plus, it will help you save money and time, while protecting your family, with access to these 4 free powerful tools:. Because you can't tell when you'll need help. You may need it in three years or three days; it's impossible to predict how long you'll be in good health or if you'll suffer from long term effects of an accident or debilitating disease.

What is Long-Term Care Insurance?

Medicare provides minimal financial support for LTC services. Medicare was designed to pay for acute medical conditions and post-rehabilitative care; it was not intended to pay for costs associated with LTC. To qualify for nursing home care under Medicare, a three-day hospital stay is required, and care must be rehabilitative in nature. If these conditions are met, Medicare will pay for the first 20 days. Days require a co-payment.

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