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It can persuade you to play it safe rather than taking risks because deep down you feel like you were not enough. You need to take action with that in mind and avoid fear and pain. It can show up in thoughts that you think about your health, your personal relationships, the way that you respect and take care of yourself.

Do you put yourself first or do you put yourself last?

Every Thought Has A Vibration – Always Be In Control Of Your Thoughts

It can show up in the way that you think about money and your financial situation. Your body is rocking.

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I want to teach you to think of it in a different way. This is what I want you to do. I want you to decide what you want your thoughts to be. What do you want to think about yourself? Choose what you want to think. These are things that you want to believe about yourself, but simply they start as thoughts.

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They sound a lot like affirmations. My booty is not too big. I am beautiful. I am bootylicious. Skinny is better, perhaps.

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Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Choose your thoughts. Click To Tweet. I want you to then prove that your new belief is true.

Thought Vibration - The Law of Attraction in the Thought World - Thought Waves & Mind Building

Think about all those people out in the world that are shaped differently and are very attractive and have this amazing, incredible glow about them. They have amazing energy and that energy is magnetic. Their body does not determine their worth.

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They do and so do you. You are sexy. You are looking hot today. Look for the attributes about you that you do admire. What is it about your body that you appreciate and you love? By proving it and backing it up, you are adding something solid to the backend of that information. My arms are shaped very nicely. My legs are lean or tan or my toenails are gorgeous.

Sit in and find as many things about yourself as you can and appreciate them.

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That is what resonates. That changes your vibe and that helps you to manifest what you like, what you desire, what you want. It all starts with your vibration and that vibration is determined by your thoughts.

Raising Your Thought Vibration

I see you. The Law of Mental Control 9. Asserting the Life-Force Training the Habit-Mind The Psychology of Emotion Developing new Brain Cells The Attractive Power - Desire Force The Great Dynamic Forces Claiming your Own There is an invisible energy force around every one of us and it's full of infinite possibilities - you just have to believe it is there, tap into it and make your life work for you by consciously creating what you want. This belief is empowering because it puts you in control of your own life so you won't be buffeted about by life circumstances.

What you believe will come true for you because that is the vibrational energy you give out and attract. So make sure you give out positive energy and then expect the best. When you harness the power of a positive perspective in your own life, you get to make every day a great one! I believe your everyday approach to life can move you to a higher level of consciousness. You can do this through visualisation, affirmations, finding stillness and peace with meditation and spiritual study; with gratitude and forgiveness and letting go of unexamined perceptions because what you do on a daily basis creates your life and your future.