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Pretty satisfying. I would definitely say all my questions about lace were answered in this section. Next comes the stitch directory which contains around 70 edgings and traditional Shetland motifs displayed very clearly and knitted in beautiful yarn in delicious colours. At the end of the book you get seven patterns to practice your skills, which of course can be knitted in a different lace pattern to the one shown using the stitch directory. Overall I would definitely say this is a fabulous buy if you are a beginner or an intermediate knitter looking for a new challenge.

Lace isn't so difficult, and the only thing you may struggle with is reading charts but Elizabeth expected this and solved it with her page on reading charts. She also has full website details at the back of the book. That's not to say I am traditional when it comes to knitting, I like my knitwear to have a contemporary twist. This book looks at Shetland lace - those incredible shawls that are so fine they can pass through a wedding ring. Of course, many knitters these days opt for the quicker, the better, which means chunky yarns and big needles. Yet there is something special about Shetland lace.

Intricate, delicate and so fine. I would put the Shetland shawl at the top of my list of accessories every woman should have. It's refined and a true heirloom. Shetland lace patterns can look so complicated, that none but skilled knitters would attempt them, so Elizabeth has set out to show that even novice knitters can.

Techniques are clearly shown, with clear step by step instructions and charts. There is a stitch dictionary, so you can design your own items.

Knitted Lace Shawl with Christa Hedstrom

There are projects too, not just shawls but socks, fingerless gloves and a baby set. I love the Crescent Shawl, but I can't work out the pattern and I have knitted many lace projects in over 40 years. I like the stitch directory and techniques sections and the fact that there are variations on the stitches for the projects. Charts are not always easy to follow, especially when a book closes on itself, it needed to lie flat.

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I would much have preferred row by row written instructions. Living in Orkney and frequently travelling to Shetland, Elizabeth Lovick has spent many years researching and knitting Shetland lace. A teacher by nature, she enjoys giving knitters the help they need to expand their horizons. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls.

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Notify me. Description Timeless and beautiful shawls from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales inspire this volume of stitches and shawl patterns. Shapes include triangles, squares, circles, and half-circles, with openwork, textured stitches, and lace edgings to combine as you choose. Not impossibly complex, and therefore not overly intimidating to a beginner.

It spells out calmly and confidently exactly what a shawl is, what you need to make one, and then all the tools you need to do so. It explains the basic math necessary, how to choose and insert lace patterns, and what you need to do to finish it off.

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The written patterns at the end—good though they are—are almost irrelevant. In fact, as much as I liked the Kerry Blue shawl, when it came time for me to start my own shawl, back in , I still preferred to browse through the stitch patterns and pick my own rather than use the Kerry Blue pattern as written—even though I had never knit a lace shawl before. She made me confident enough to tackle the challenge on my own—and while I was on vacation, nonetheless. What are the main differences between the two editions?

Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls

The layout of the Interweave Press book is tighter, and a little slicker. The text is edited more closely, so that some sections are a little shorter. The Table of Contents sticks to just the main headings, whereas the older edition had sub-headings. The only real difference, apart from the illustrations, is the way the stitches instructions are given. Ultimately, this book might not be for everyone.


If all you want are ready-to-go shawl patterns, yes, there are some here to look at and they are good ones, but you can find better pattern collections elsewhere. This book is perfect. I will say, though, that the Interweave Press edition left out my favorite line from the Dos Tejedoras edition. But then, most of you would probably only buy one copy anyway.

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