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They eventually arrive at Dis, the Hellcity where the palace of Lucifer Morningstar stands.

At the top of his tower, Lucifer greets him. Dream is surprised to learn that Hell is no longer a monarchy, but is now a triumvirate. After the battle between Heaven and the Great Darkness , a civil war sparked in Hell which led to a change in leadership.

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Lucifer now rules in equal partnership with fellow demons Azazel and Beelzebub. The triumvirate convenes before Morpheus, and he informs them that a demon stole his helm of office many years ago, and he has come to Hell to reclaim it. They ask which demon is responsible for the offence, but Morpheus doesn't know his name. Mockingly, Lucifer decides to summon all of the demons of Hell together and asks Morpheus to point out which one has his helmet. Using his magic sand, Dream eventually finds the one in possession of the artifact - Choronzon.

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Choronzon claims to have acquired the tool fairly, and has broken none of Hell's laws. If Morpheus wants it back, then he must challenge him for it.

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Morpheus agrees to the challenge, unsure that he has the strength to win. As the challenged, Choronzon decides upon the rules and setting of their duel. He chooses a contest of wits, in which all of reality is their battlefield. The game involves taking on the identity of an item or animal and using the properties of that item to trump the opponent. After several turns, Dream realizes that taking a defensive approach might serve him better. He manipulates Choronzon into choosing a universe-destroying force, which he believes will leave Dream with no recourse.

In response, Dream explains that he will be hope - the only thing that can remain after all is destroyed. With that, he wins the challenge.

Taking back his property, Morpheus thanks the kings of Hell and prepares to leave. For one, it looks like Netflix is finally getting a Sandman adaptation off of the ground. Let's get started. Today in news that many thought would never come: Neil Gaiman 's Sandman is being turned into a TV series.

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TV to adapt the comic into what sources are calling the most expensive show DC Entertainment has ever undertaken. Gaiman will executive produce the show with David Goyer. No word yet on how many episodes will be made of the live-action series or when it might land on the streaming service, but it's fair to say Gaiman's fans are waiting with bated breath. Welp, you might be able to experience it again! The pop star is currently being eyed to play a love interest to Cooper's Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

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Does this mean that "Perfect Illusion" will be on the next soundtrack? One can only hope. In case you didn't know, there's a new Ghostbusters reboot in the works. And now, it looks as though Paul Rudd is joining the film. Last week, Variety reported the Ant-Man actor was in negotiations to play a teacher in Ghostbusters Rudd later confirmed he was joining the film in a video posted on Twitter.

Jason Reitman, whose dad Ivan Reitman directed the first Ghostbusters , will helm the movie. Netflix has reportedly inked a deal for a live-action adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Sandman comic book series.