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Contact Get Help About Blog. How It Works. Pub Date 23 Feb This title was previously available on NetGalley and is now archived. Curiosity Quills Press. Talking about this book?

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Description The Last Donut Shop of the Apocalypse i s the second installment of the Kelly Driscoll After narrowly preventing the last apocalypse, Kelly Driscoll finds herself with an unlikely day job. About Kelly Driscoll Series The Kelly Driscoll books are a wickedly funny series about a bounty hunter who finds herself thrust into a new role as manager of the luxury condo Amenity Tower, home sweet home to an inventive array of monsters — and prison to fallen angels whose escape will threaten the fate of Pothole City and the world.

The Last Donut Shop of the Apocalypse i s the second installment of the Kelly Driscoll After narrowly preventing the last apocalypse, Kelly Driscoll finds herself with an unlikely day job. Read More Read More. A Note From the Publisher This is a re-release of a novel that was published in Additional Information.

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See all member reviews. Featured Reviews Jerrell T, Reviewer. Forgot to download. But ended up buying it. One of the funniest books I've read in awhile. The story itself is a bit perplexing, but I think that really adds to fun, zany style. Was this review helpful? Stephen O, Reviewer. The US Government is convinced this strange satellite came from somewhere that is undetectable from Earth. They conclude that the only place that would fit that description is the other side of the sun. Two astronauts, Larry Bets and Lewis Pearson, are enticed to check this probability out.

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The sword Do you love all things magick, mystic, witchy and new-age? Then this book is for you! She longs for an escape, unaware of the dark power that flows through her veins…. When Faye casts a spell into the sea one In the 22nd century, part of the world chooses history. When Alexander Kane son of a powerful Metro Senator marries a museum dweller, the young couple becomes the target of a worldwide struggle between the Cities and museums.

Crossing borders into the 12th, 18th, and 20th centuries, The Last Relicuin unravels a mystery that pursues one family Before Sam Baron broke Odin's curse on the witches to become the first son born to a witch and the hero of the Legends of Orkney series, his mother was a young witchling growing up in the Tarkana Witch Academy. In this first book of the prequel series, the Witches of Orkney, nine-year-old Abigail Tarkana is determined to grow up to be the greatest witch of Audrey she prefers Odd lives in a perpetual state of boredom.

She tries to keep busy with small jobs around town and by listening to stories of adventure from a boy in the travelling circus—her only friend, Kite. But Odd has always had one thought in her head: I want to go on my own adventure. It is the kind of thrilling futuristic story only New York Times bestselling author Terry Brooks can tell. Go to Street Freaks. The Red Zone is the But, before long, Lewin begins to realise that all is not quite as it seems and War is on the horizon.

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A story about being young and being brave, and the girl who taught him how to be that way. As the story unfolds, the young man Korea, 22nd Century. So when a traitor betrays his black-ops team, he alone pushes through the torture and escapes with revenge burning in his mind. On the verge of a systems failure, he taps The Lord of the Rings meets The Power of Now — a fascinating read that will make you question the nature of reality.

Many will lose the memory of all that made them strong, their Light within, integrity, loyalty, and honour. Many will stray from their path, tortured by their own fear and blinded by the Shadow. Should he save the woman he loves but can never have, protect humanity, or avoid a prison sentence that would stretch for eternity?

Archer is a half breed, caught between two opposing heritages - the Jacks, a bloodthirsty race who kills for sport, and the Readers, a docile race trying to save humankind. Two years ago, he betrayed the Eleanor's progress is a fantasy novel set in the future, against a backdrop of World revolution.

5bat! Review: The Last Death Worm of the Apocalypse (Kelly Driscoll Series #3) by Nina Post

This New Revolution has been caused by the expiry and the inability to extract any further fossil fuels from the modern world which has led to a complete overthrow of accepted world order and a regression into a mix of Medieval and Victorian times. Ethan Roam suffers from night terrors and vivid daydreams, which lead him to the doorstep of the eccentric Dr. Grady Hunter, who thrusts him into a world of supernatural misfits. As Ethan unravels the truth behind his nightmares and falls into his first experience with love, he The plot continues with Kelly Driscoll acting as interim manager of Amenity Towers and attempting to stave off the apocalypse.

I loved the wackiness of the residents and various complications that involve trying to house monsters in a condominium.

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  • While their issues are at times petty, I really did start to sympathize with them at times. My favorite parts involved any part dealing with the death worms. I had a bit of a hard time trying to figure out how big they were considering their owners could ride them. Are they the size of small ponies? Does that really matter when you have fallen angels acting as the condo board, a death worm talent show, and complaints about occupants leaving their molted skin everywhere? No, no it does not. Af gets into his own hilarious situations in his story and while I liked what happens with him, I was more interested in Kelly's situation at Amenity Towers.

    There are also a few fun smaller stories involving residents that are pretty funny and really help to bring the environment of Amenity Towers and its occupants alive. I absolutely love books that are just so utterly wacky, and fun yet have a compelling and strong core story-line. Journey of a Bookseller.


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