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On the way over he meets Dominic Carroll, one of the characters who is to play an important part in the story, and who, he discovers, is not to be trusted. However, the task of picking up the wanted man and returning him to Ireland proves - mainly for political reasons - to be more difficult and more prolonged than anticipated and in the meantime he is approached by an Irish intelligence officer who wants his help.

It is not long before he finds himself involved in a murder and a kidnapping.

City of Strangers by Ian MacKenzie

The action takes place a few months before the outbreak of war and there are many different opinions in New York about what action if any the United States should take. It is the third biggest Irish city in the world, after Dublin and Belfast, and it is the biggest Jewish city.

Naturally, the various Jewish organisations have a strong desire to see America in the war against Nazism. The IRA, on the other hand, see in Hitler an ally who will help them to bring down the British Empire and smash it once and for all.

A City of Strangers

They have considerable influence in New York, where the NYPD contains a very large Irish element, and the broadcasts of a Roman Catholic priest with a hatred for everything English, have a large following. German immigrants also have a lot to say and have formed the German-American Bund and other violently anti-Semitic organisations.

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There is a vividly-written account of a group of anti-Semites being lured into a trap by Jews who have lost patience with their persecutors. Similarly there is a description of the World Fair and a reminder of the international situation by the fact that Germany is not represented.

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Besides applying the traditional apparatus of historical investigation and referring to a large amount of sources, the special feature of this book is the ample quotes from travelers who passed through the city during their own life journeys. The subtitle refers to the fact that until quite recently, ethnic Lithuanians rarely formed the majority of the inhabitants of Vilnius. Laimonas Briedis is a cultural geographer, who received his degree at the University of British Columbia.

The City of the Jews: Segregated Space & the Admission of Strangers in the Jewish Ghetto of Venice

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