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Shaking is imminent in a way that no human has yet experienced in this country and this is very alarming to many who live more in the natural realm compared to the supernatural realm.

Introduction: Fabulous kingdoms and supernatural dimensions

Additionally, that is part of why I believe the shaking is impending. That occurs naturally and supernaturally with the earth as history records. He wants a people who live to serve Him! God's severity may be viewed often as humanity turns from their hardened hearts into the will and ways of God's heart! It is that simple. How much do we want? However you do not need a prophetic word to know that-it must occur because God declared it in the written Word of God called the Bible.

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We do not voice God's covenant and promises by our selfish desires to have our own Kingdom made of hay, wood and stubble! Soon the Fire of God will melt all the idols of human's desires into an ash heap. What is left is God's own that purifies, tried by fire and have no divided or selfish, carnal agendas. God is waiting on us!

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We are not waiting on God! He is always on time! Will His people be on His time is the question!

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Therefore I decree you will be awake, watching, ready, fully prepared and waiting in the powerful name of Jesus Christ! Choose you this day whom you will serve!

Mind Over Matter - Telekinesis: 5th Dimension (Paranormal Documentary)

As for me and my house, the Christians must decree, we will serve the Lord! Serving the Lord does not allow my own personal luxury of what I want over the declared covenants and both logos and rhema Words of God. Often the words are tagged "doom and gloom" prophecy, but to those who feel this way, it is a call for you to abandon your carnal mindset and look up for your redemption is very, very near! When the Lord gave instructions for His servants, the prophets, to deliver-more times than not-words that could not be comprehended in the natural minds require a people to therefore turn to our God who is always Supernatural.

Yes, we will indeed be forced soon to depend completely upon our "Spiritual Eyes" to comprehend what God has been speaking for generations. God always takes care of His own who serves and worships Him in Spirit and in Truth!

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  5. What will the future hold for those who are sold out to God? God has always taken care of His own! He will never let you go! Yes, hardships will come and go, yet God has never left us nor forsaken us. He promised us a "land of Goshen" as our land of protection for those who passionately pursue the heart of the Father and obey His will.

    Immanent worldview Belief that supernatural powers or beings dwell within the individual.

    Monotheism Belief that there is only one god. Polytheism Belief that there is more than one god.

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    Supernatural dimension Belief in a divine being or power greater than humankind and the natural world. The supernatural dimension Belief in the supernatural dimension is central to all world religions Religion by its nature defies precise definition. However, the central commonality to all world religions is the belief in the supernatural dimension.

    Thus, it can be said that the most significant element of a religious worldview is this belief in a divine being or power, which is greater than humankind and the natural world. This being or power is believed to be responsible for the creation of the world, for providing a moral framework for human life and being the ultimate destiny of a human person at the end of their mortal life.

    Different responses to supernatural dimension Different religions have their own unique responses to the question of the exact nature of the supernatural dimension. The Semitic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam believe that the supernatural dimension is a single divine being or power. This doctrine or belief is known as monotheism. The two Eastern religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, derive from an understanding of a number of divine beings or powers, a belief known as polytheism.

    Despite these differences, the belief in the existence of beings or powers beyond the realm of the natural world is an important defining element of a religious worldview. Transcendent religious worldview A transcendent worldview is one which has a belief in a divine power or powers beyond the human. The three Semitic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam emphasise the idea of God being revealed to humankind from beyond the human spirit.

    For example, Muslims believe that the will of Allah has been revealed to the Prophet Mohammed and is contained in the writings of the Koran.


    This is a transcendent worldview because the divine being is seen to be separate and outside of the human and revealed to humankind through an intermediary. Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. In this publication, Apostle Frequency Revelator explores the divine revelation of the Seven Dimensions of prosperity.

    As a new creation believer, you are therefore strictly cautioned to explore these divergent ways of manifesting this special grace in the natural realm. In this critical end time season, some believers will receive supernatural wealth through miracle money, others will receive it through wealth transfer, others will become billionaires through financial multiplication, and others will have their business flourish through miracle repairs, while others shall receive untold wealth through supernatural angelic deposits, supernatural debt cancellation, supernatural financial rain and the golden rain.

    These are what we call the Seven supernatural dimensions of financial prosperity. This is because they are the current means through which God is sending prosperity to His children. Therefore, if you are to receive money from Heaven today, expect it to come through any one of these seven dimensions or a combination of some.

    In essence, when Paul reiterated the voice of David that No eye has seen nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for those who love Him 1 Corinthians , He alluded to these manifestations of the Spirit which shall characterise this end time season.

    Supernatural Dimensions

    As the glory of God is revealed more and more, things are going to be more exciting as miracles of such a heightened magnitude never seen before shall be unfolded from the Throne Room of Heaven. Depending on the gravity of manifestation, some shall breed awe, wonder and amazement while some shall trigger or provoke just cries of joy and celebration.

    Believers have indeed been plunged into a season of new things where there shall witness the unspeakable as the spirit realm manifest itself in the natural in intensity. Although there are many ways through which this grace shall be unreservedly poured upon the masses, there are key ways through which it shall manifest in its intensity and viscosity.